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  1. What I would dearly love to know, and would appreciate if someone could answer, is why does Joe Public not get up in arms about dentists, who can make impressive salaries in private practice soon after qualifying? There are hardly any NHS dentists available, and those which are, generally tend to be of a lower standard. If doctors are provided by the state, so should dentists be. Do they not provide as essential a health service as doctors? Or do the rules simply not apply in this case? If you've ever suffered toothache you will pay anything to be cured of it. For all the complaints I hear about GPs, I NEVER EVER see or hear a word of complaint about "greedy dentists". For the record, I think dentists do a very skilled job, I just wonder why this strange double standard applies.
  2. when you have to resort to tagging a piece of fish in a plastic tray with a sachet of sauce it might be an indication that it is just too expensive
  3. Accurate and hilarious, sums up the vibe perfickly. Almost felt sorry for Gordo grinning and bouncing around like a boy scout on a trip to a themepark, how unstatesmanlike do you wanna be? Did Obeyme not also say "Gordon wont disagree with me [on the economy], at least not in front of me." I'm sure I heard this.
  4. Am I right in thinking inflation is the rate at which prices are rising. Therefore prices are still rising, just not at as high a rate as they were before? So we are not in deflation (negative inlation) yet, but some deflationary forces, eg oil, are feeding in and taking "the heat off" price rises?
  5. Thanks for posting, heather5. Fascinating story. Sorry to hear about your experience with Seymour, he sounds an utter creep! I know you are trying not to post, but can I just ask you briefly-Can you give an example of the kind of weird technique your manager tries to pull on you? So as to know what to watch out for. If it is not upsetting for you to relate, what kind of scenario did Seymour put to you and what do you think he was hoping to find out from it?
  6. This is exactly what I'm saying, but most books seem to start from this premise, which just turns me off them completely. I am not denying that Milton made a huge breakthroughs into psychotherapy with his pioneering techniques. Nobody likes to admit that their choices are influenced by TV commercials, yet companies spend millions on campaigns. It must work somehow, and it's interesting to find out why. Don't worry, I won't feel bad just cos something is craply explained and commercially diluted down.
  7. Thanks for the input and thanks to everyone for the links and points of view regarding this. Thanks injin for that link about the "magic book". Reading the first page was uncanny. I met someone a while ago whose communication would absolutely fit this description, however they were not using these techniques in any kind of therapeutic context. You are aware they are attempting to manipulate you, you are just not sure how they are doing it! It doesnt make me angry, as I said, it takes two to be conned. It would be great to know exactly how this sh!t works. Actually, it was this Tony Robbins book I had a read through a while ago. The problem that I've had with reading this and other NLP books is that they start off with the premise "every human being sees the world through primarily one of the five senses". Some are primarily visual, some are tactile, etc. Even intuitively this is boorlocks, on some days you may feel very tactile and physical, on others more visually stimulated. This even changes hour to hour for chrissakes! Most people are a mix of all these things. Therefore I think the initial premise is flawed.
  8. Thanks for the info, I will cast an "eyeball" over it , then maybe sign up to Chain Retailer's course! Not taking the p, am genuinely interested.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate your reply. As far as I know, Eriksson was an expert hypnotherapist. It would be impressive if NLP could help treat schizophrenia as this is a very serious psychiatric condition. As I say, I have an open mind and am not denying the efficacy of these treatments as I am sure companies are not sinking thousands of pounds into NLP training for nothing. However, as far as I have seen, it has been all to do with peoples eyeballs waggling about, and american frat boys trying to become pick up artists. Where would you suggest as a reliable source to learn about NLP, and which courses would you recommend?
  10. As I read your post, I actually thought you were for real for a minute! I think it does take two to be conned. It is very difficult to con someone who makes an effort to see things objectively, and like you say goes away to think before splashing out. But if these jedi techniques work, surely it is better to know about them as "forewarned is forearmed". I know this is a bit OT, but I really see the whole NLP thing as being like the above. If someone like Smith could tell us about the positive side of NLP, perhaps people would be less inclined to think of it as smoke and mirrors trickery.
  11. I've always been curious about NLP. From what I've read about it, it was all about watching people's eye movements to read their mind and other such boorlocks. However, I do recognise that a lot of firms use it with apparent benefits so I'm guessing it must have some efficacy? I would like to know about it so that I know when people who are trying to use it on me, from someone who's been on the course. What kind of "creepy things" do they tell you to do?
  12. I just did a double take at your avie
  13. Soup please, I've had enough of inflation.
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