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  1. If you buy at 25 then you wouldn't pay off the mortgage until 75. You can't pass it on to the kids or they'll be with you until then.
  2. I'll probably wait another 12 months and see what unravels. If there is no change then I will probably start looking, if interest rates go up and houses start to come down then I'll wait.
  3. No Change in Jan. Due to better than expected christmas retail sales (best since 2001) and euro and american rates seem expected to increase. Petrol prices seems to be creeping back up as well. :angry:
  4. I'm also in North Wales and I've also noticed that houses just aren't budging. I saw a article somewhere recently saying that Halifax said that houses had raised over 30% in Holyhead this year but other local estate agents were disagreeing with those figures. Houses have also doubled where I live but the money isn't here anymore for people to be able to afford them, especially the ftb. Hold tight, something has to give.
  5. I agree with some of the other posts as well; can't see you getting much off the asking price. If you get it £10k down then you have done very good. It all depends on your circumstances and whether you have to buy now.
  6. I will use the x3.5 average house/average salary as a guide. In the meantime I will just keep pumping money into a high interest earning account. Where I live the average house / salary ratio is about the 5.5 - 6.
  7. If it was £103k in 2001, I wouldn't pay no more than £103x1.025^4 = £115k for it now. Of course you won't get it for thim much now, but in a year or two..... Historically and on average, houses always rise slower than wage increases, because a 4% increase on a £30k wage is not the same as a 4% increase on a mortgage of £115k.
  8. Nice to hear somebody actually admit to something that I have been thinking for some time now.
  9. All the best to you mate. As you say each persons circumstance is different. goodluck
  10. Plan to continue saving like mad for the next 2, 3 even 4 years, for how long as it takes. Then buy a nice property and try and pay it off as soon as I can.
  11. Everytime I seem to look at the BBC website it has something new on it with job losses, today 1300 to go at The Learning and Skills Council. click me
  12. Why call you though? He probably wants you to beg him to stay on the list!
  13. Buses and trains will also be effected by higher fuel costs. I'm all for cycling and am an avid mtb'er but this is impractical if you have a small family to take to places with very patchy public transport or if you live quite far from work. It's easy to live in a city where you have good (ish) public transport and bang on about not using a car!
  14. Yeah I have also been watching house prices in my area for a couple of years now and it is fairly recently I have just noticed the volume of houses that has been for sale for quite some time but hasn't sold. Some 18 months back they all had SSTC on them. There is a few of them reducing prices now as well, citing 'Reduced for quick sale'. One of them is by around 15%, whereas the others are around 5%. None of them have sold though. From a first time would be buyer I'm encouraged by this and wait patiently to see what happens over the winter months. I haven't seen it like this since the mid nineties!
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