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  1. i'm renting and will carry on doing so while prices are falling in my area. means my deposit is getting bigger every year and im also saving a further 3 thousand pounds as the value of houses fall at least that price every year. i'm laughing in the renting market i could buy my house out right in 10 years time while renting i dont have any children or girlfriend to pay for. just means i dont go out if i wanna stay in all the time and save up but im definatelly laughing in the renting market while house prices fall and my savings get higher im also renting some where cheap its a 2 bedroom apartment
  2. I come from Grantham, Nick boles is my local mp. i'm an eample that house prices are still expensive and cannot afford my first home yet ive been working 14 years since i left school and pushed into the renting market. Grantham is a very expensive town because we "commute" from london via A1 motorway or our Train Station takes you their and back so hosue prices here are very expensive You can watch tonights show here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01p67nw (Allow 24 hours to update)
  3. what helps me save is the fact im not greedy. i have the same cars, they run fine why should i buy a new one and get it on finance, if i want something i save up for it sadly i cant save up to pay for a house in full so it will only be the debt ill have on a mortgage. i have spares repairs on my car because i kept my old car too. also working in catering saves me spending money on shopping and heres the best bit i dont have a girlfriend to pay for so im saving a fortuneeeeee as i live by myself. always looking for deals or how to save money. really punnishing myself this year and staying in putting my feet up infront of the tv instead of going out on the piss. I hope to god this will all be worth the wait as i feel i dont have much of a life this year.
  4. Im a first time buyer im so proud of myself for being patience and sensible as price's are falling and didnt buy in the last 5 years at high prices like everyone else who did. eventhough i want it now god damm it i know ill get screwed over in the long run and heres why i said to people DO NOT BUY!! . ive saved myself at least 1 years mortgage just waiting patiencely in the last 2 months as prices in my area fall. thats 10 months mortgage i would of wasted and longer retirement i would of had just like everyone else who brought a property in the last 5 years, more fall them. and what gets me people say buy now because its going to be your home anyway. meh think i'll wait that a little more as prices keep on falling slowlyyyyyyyy and ill retire at an earlier age and save up more for a bigger deposit as i carry on renting
  5. http://www.itv.com/news/2012-10-11/itv-tonight-the-property-trap/
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19757836
  7. "Halifax desperate to get people buying & say its cheaper to buy than it is to rent" Should we rent a house? or should we buy?. Usually the answer would be Buy but now people think otherwise as there "Too Nervous About Price's". more people are renting or pushed into the renting market with out a deposit saved stopping them buying there dream home taking them longer to save up for a deposit while renting at the same time and banks are strict to lend. "Low interest rate is making it cheaper to Buy than what it is to rent" But would you buy a House today when their going to be cheaper tomorrow? NO! Are you safe buying a house now? NO! Interest rates will only go up from here and your mortgage's start to go up unexpectedly making you pay more than what you are actually paying for the house. Watch Today's BBC video here
  8. No i'm renting a 2 bedroom flat for £420 a month and looking at buying a 2 bed Repossessed Property for 60 grand next year. some going for that price now but they are a shit hole but with house prices are falling and Repossessed Property has got to kick in soon as more people keep on strugglin because they was stupid at buying a property at high market value in the boom years and i don't want to do that mistake and work till the age of 85 when i can get a repossessed property and slowly do it up myself. If i have to wait longer for repossessed propertys then i will, gives me more time to save but its so hard for people to have a deposit to save up when your in the renting market i'm being tight and want my dream to come true to own my own home....one day!!
  9. Whoops i ment house value to 60k with 8k deposit. So why is the mortgage so cheap? obviously it doesnt come with building insurance so thats something extra to pay out seperately, personally i think its cheap mortgage i want people to wake me up as its only a little more than my rent why is this??
  10. If i was to buy a Repossessed Property next year lets say for 60 thousand pounds and i put down 8 grand deposit giving me 6 more months to try my hardest to save while im in the renting market id only need to borrow 52 thousand more to pay the property. So this is where i'm stuck & need peoples help as i want to know who would be best to go with to lend me the money to me for my mortgage as i'm a first time buyer who doesnt want to get robbed and i want the best mortgage deal out there just so i don't give the banks too much money away when i can get the best deal that i aint aware off that you all can tell me about and who to go with for my mortgage just it stops the banks robbing me for my money.. according to moneysupermarket.com my mortgage wil only be £477.67 a month on a 5 year fixed rate with a company called Britannia Purchase, thats only a little more than what my rent is and thats for a total of 10 years to pay it off http://www.moneysupermarket.com/mortgages/results.aspx?enquiryid=7364845&passcode=fcce18bd-7234-4045-86b1-87aafa093bb5 so come on and wake me up guys whats the catch i don't understand as its cheap!!
  11. http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2012-08-27/house-prices-see-summer-fall/
  12. http://www.independent.co.uk/property/house-prices-squeezed-8082280.html
  13. http://www.myfinances.co.uk/mortgages/2012/08/28/hometrack-house-prices-down-as-supply-demand-balance-widens
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