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  1. Loved that. No hysteria, just an elder's wisdom. Something that's been in short supply politically for a very long time! Thanks for posting the link.
  2. Could you clever peeps explain something to me? I know that every time the notion of governments printing more money comes up, fears of hyperinflation are raised... but... What is the problem with governments just printing enough (and then stopping) to relieve the tax payer and bank customer of the costs they will unfairly incur under the scenario currently on the table. Is that a totally infeasible idea? I know very little about such things - and just want to understand.
  3. Article from The Guardian today (sorry if already posted): http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/ma...et.houseprices1
  4. Not sure of the exact years, but I know someone who'd bought in the 80's boom for £85k and sold it for £40k in the early 90's because he was close to suicide with the weight of negative equity. Took him ten years to get back on his feet. That was in the 'affluent South East'.
  5. Ditto. Was also at uni at the wrong time (but met lovely partner there, so that was a bonus!) Moved to location where we thought we'd want to settle forever. Decided to rent for six months or so to be certain it lived up to expectations (had never rented or bought before so were aware of and fearful of our ignorance and 'nooby-ness') - pondered longer than we should have (due to the fearfulness of taking the big step) and during our first year here, prices rocketed out of our reach - and never stopped rocketing (obviously).
  6. Neither probably. I'm not the seller here mate, I just thought the item might be of interest because it states that they're specifically not selling to developers. Never been to Tyne and Wear and have no idea about the place.
  7. Yes I think it is still a lot. Too much for us, anyway, but that's the highest price I think (personally was more drawn to the £90k, but it might only be a shoe box). It's hard to judge without more information on the size of these places.
  8. Sorry if this has been posted before, just spotted it for the first time: Ikea Village
  9. Congratulations on the kiddie, and thanks for the insight. Amazing what you learn on HPC. I don't think I'll ever understand why anyone would pay so much for such a small space (the buyer, I mean).
  10. Did anyone see the programme on BBC1 this morning where a very small 2 bed flat in Adelaide Crescent was sold for £478,000? They'd bought it for £200,000 about five years ago. Just wondering how long ago the programme was made before broadcast. Sweet little flat - but that price was unbelievable(!!!)
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