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  1. You married well. Make sure you keep some cash spare to pay for the Malaccan or Somalian ransom. Oh, and read this book first: Survive the Savage Sea: by Dougal Robertson.
  2. It sounds as if you have very different views of the world, and that the way you are arguing shows a lack of respect towards the other by one or both of you. This isn't compatible with long term happiness in my opinion (and experience). Ceteris paribus, get yourself another lass who has a world view more compatible with your own. Divorce is too expensive and destructive in the long run, and as a male you will come out worse from the deal. Mrs Woods and I have a similar view on the world, and when we differ we never have an argument like the one you outlined above (and I have some pretty strident views.) It is a blessing. The same could not be said of previous relationships and, from where I am sitting now, I am glad I didn't marry any of them.
  3. I doubt you will be too pleased with the IHT bill when Mr Tickles goes to the great catnip factory in the sky in a couple of years time.
  4. To be honest, I cannot recall. I suspect it was the RP data comparing sale prices with current valuations rather than actual loan to value. However, given the significant transaciton costs in Queensland, that would be an underestiamte. Personally, including transaciton costs we lost 25% on a house sale in Hervey Bay. The house was purchased in 2005. I think you might be underestimating the effect of council amalgamations on communities outside of the Brisbane. A lot of people are really p*ssed off over it. Similar with the Traveston Dam if you come from within a 150km of the Mary River. Its not a joke. Julia is an embezzeler, unless you believe that as a partner in a law firm she was so naive as to not know what her partner was doing with the account she set up and bought clothing with the contents of.
  5. Perhaps you have the cart before the horse? Might it not be that a miserable work place is generated by the large salaries and bonus culture, where everyone is a competitor? I doubt very much that, if there wasn't as much at stake in terms of variance in personal gain, there would be such a cut-throat atmosphere.
  6. Yes, I can see how it would be beneficial for children to be raised by criminals and fraudsters...
  7. There is no longer any politics sensu the 19th century meaning of the word. It is all managerialism, run by a groups of people who have very particular and limited views of the world; the peasants have been pacified enough to believe that it is the "natural order of things", for now at least. All very 12th century if you ask me.
  8. +1 Despite its brevity, this post gets to the heart of the matter. The cynicism, the complete disregard for what it actually means to be elected by your fellow man to represent the welfare of the community that elected you, is breathtaking. The rise of the career politician has been a termite infestation in the House of Commons (and the nation as a whole.) The facade is still all there, but it is no longer fit for purpose and liable to collapse. I will be well and truly surprised if the Liberal Democrats aren't destroyed for a generation in the next election. They have completely betrayed the people who voted for them. So very foolish on their part.
  9. Back in 1994 I lived buy out in the stick for 5 months by myself. The TV blew up 1 week in, and I never bothered getting it fixed. Grunted briefly to people at the checkout, but that is about it. Managed to do a lot of very good research during that time. Wasn't too much of a problem then, and I could do it now much more easily now that I am older.
  10. Very true. I always warn my friends who consider becoming house husbands of this aspect of female psychology. I will also be warning my sons about the connecting with your feelings, being sensitive trap. Once I understood how much bs that stuff was, my romantic relationships (as opposed to friendships) with females improved immeasurably. A TV interview I saw with a couple the better part of 20 years ago burnt an understanding of this into my mind. Husband was a real man's man - been a miner and he lost his job when the pit shut. Wife became the main breadwinner, and she basically said that she lost respect for him and stopped putting out. I doubt their marriage lasted, which was sad given they had 3 or 4 kids iirc. It doesn't have to be as huge as becoming a house husband; even having a hiccup in your career or being temporarily unemployed is enough for a lot of women to lose respect. In my younger days, I had a couple of hiccups in my career before getting back on track and each time the woman went as well as the job. You could see the cogs turning. Both times the set back turned out to be a precursor to a leap forward. Both times, once "success" was back on the table, the women concerned started "showing regret" and came sniffing around again. Both of them were alleged "feminists." The strange thing is that I don't think they quite understood themselves why their feelings had changed. It makes one dreadfully cynical, and much more careful/choosy. Thank god I didn't have kids or significant assets at the time. The courts don't seem to treat house husbands who are dumped after giving up their careers in the same manner as house wives. The setbacks and loss of future earnings in this ageist world are almost as bad for men as for women. It is a real injustice and makes an absolute mockery of the lip service paid to equality.
  11. In theory. In practice the woman still seems to get custody of the kids, as happened in the case of my cousin. He gave up his career with unsocial hours as the manager of a large hotel to take care of the kids whilst his wife worked her way up a law firm via/into a partner's bed. She asked him if she could keep the house to provide stability for their daughter, ostensibly so that she could be in contact with her local friends and go to the same school. It was under contract for sale 2 weeks after he had signed it over and the ex-wife moved the kids 3000km away. The poor guy moved into a shed on his brother's property and hasn't been able to buy a house since due to the crazy prices. But when it came to custody, guess who got the kids: the lying, cheating mother, or the decent father? You see, she had a good job and owned a house whilst my cousin lived in a shed... Now he gets to see his kids when the wife dumps them on him for the entirety of school holidays because she just can't take care of them all day.
  12. Bonuses all around, and then bankruptcy in 2 years.
  13. I didn't marry until I was 40. Mrs Woods and I get on very well. She wasn't easy to find. A lot of people marry less than compatible partners. It always ends badly. So many of my friends have been taken to the cleaners in a divorce, and the sad thing is you could see it was going to happen before the wedding day - fundamental differences in world view ignored due to hormones, social pressure etc..
  14. Certainly cramped living conditions do not help the maintenance of happy relationships. Mrs Woods and I have always been lucky enough to be able to have our own areas in the house/flat. We both like alone time and no matter how well we get on, we would find a one bed flat or bedsit a strain on the relationship. Everyone needs their own space, even if it is in the car on the way to work.
  15. Very funny. The OP's leprosy metaphor is quite apposite.
  16. No...I don't think so. Not in such an abstract manner anyhow. I can only guess the reasons why so many people voted against Labor. Here is what pops into my head when I think of the outgoing Labor government There are a number of reasons: (1) Bligh sold off $15 billion in assets just after the 2009 election without telling voters. This is very similar to the actions of Youliar Julia Gillard and the Carbon Tax, which I suspect will be held against the ALP in the next federal elections. (2) The loss of the state's AAA credit rating and debt forecast to soar to $85 billion in a few years. (3) The complete f*** up that was the Traveston Crossing Dam, including the compulsory purchase debacle. (4) The handling of the floods - in particular questions about the release of water from the Wivenhoe Dam. (5) The Bligh government forced local councils to sell off their water assets to private companies so that they could more easily divert water from the regions to Brisbane - imposing water restrictions on the regions and significantly raising water prices whilst the new directors pig at the trough. She then reversed this decision, allowing councils to reclaim water assets from private companies, but this would cost hundreds of millions. See the comments on the following local paper article to get an idea of how people feel about this. (6) The complete farce that was the Queensland health payroll system. 200 million spent on bespoke IT (iirc) that left many state medical staff unpaid or incorrectly paid for months and months. (7) Long held resentment by many voters for being perceived as rednecks by a political class that has no understanding of small business, farming etc. State government employees are paid very well, have many lurks and perks, get huge voluntary redundancy payouts, work in the private sector for 18 months then return to the public service (my cousin has done this a few times.).The (non-mining) economy is slowing, people are feeling the pinch and there is probably some resentment towards public servants because of this. (8) Fluoridation of the water supply. (9) Local council amalgamations (10) The state of the Bruce Highway. (11) The new premier, Campbell Newman, is the first decent leader the LNP has had in years. He was a successful mayor of Brisbane for about 7 years (having to work with a Labor party dominated council) so he had good will in the capital city which is normally a Labor stronghold. The taint of the Bjelke-Petersen government that ruled Queensland from 1969 to 1987(1989 under Ahern) is also long gone from people's memories. A large portion of the current state population did not live here or was not old enough to have any memory of the liberals and nationals in those years. (12) Dissatisfaction with the Labor party at the Federal level. Although state and federal politics are quite separate, Labor's federal trouble due to infighting, mismanagement, high-handedness and outright dissimulation has obviously tainted the Labor party at state level. e.g. the Carbon Tax pre-election "promise" that was broken immediately. I suspect some voters have used the state election to send a message to the federal parliament. (13) Perhaps there has been a certain amount of taint by association of Bligh by Christina Keneally and her premiership of NSW that ended in an election trouncing last year. (14) There has also been a swing against the Greens over the past few years - economic downturn, exposure to their policies etc.. Labor's minority at the federal government appears to be controlled with respect to major policies by a Green minority. Some of the negative Green association has rubbed off on Labor. (15) General high handedness and perceived incompetence by Bligh...her Great great x n grandfather was Bligh of the Bounty fame. It appears she didn't fall far from the tree even after all those generations. (16) The state Labor party initially ran a very negative "personal-attack" election campaign against Campbell-Newman, which backfired when they had to publicly back down as they had no proof of the various corruption claims made. You can also look at the results of a poll as to why people have turned against the Bligh government here.
  17. So when it goes tits up again we will be pouring money into Saudi pockets...Jesus Mohamed wept
  18. When the Howard government left office the national debt was only a quarter of the current amount. We may have a low national debt, but the Labor government has been increasing it by 5% of GDP a year or so with various stimuli already. Just imagine what would happen if we actually had a crisis.
  19. We had two free weekly property magazines on the Sunshine Coast. One part owned by the real estate agents in the area, and another run by News Limited which provided local news but appears to have been funded by property adverts. Well, this week the latter has printed its last edition and the former is down to 56 pages from well over 100 only a couple of years ago. The top and bottom ends of the market are weakening. Waterfront homes are down to 2002 prices and there are now quite a few detached houses for well under AUD$300k. Apparently 15.3% of properties the Sunshine Coast are in negative equity. There is nothing wrong with the Aussie house market. Buy! Buy! Buy!. Remember children, 98% loans are back on the market, capital losses are tax deductible from other capital gains and negative gearing is your friend.
  20. Surely correlation DOES imply causation. It does not prove it though. I'll let Wikipedia deal with the logical fallacy you've fallen into: Correlation does not imply causation.
  21. What will they have to steal next year to get it below £100 billion?
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