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  1. Anecdotal; I visit the pub occasionally, I look round and talk to people. Normally there is a mix of people, old and young. Recently the younger people have disappeared. Particularly over the past couple of months, I had known it was reducing over the longer term, but it seems to have recently reduced further still.

    Evidential; http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/371117/20120807/young-people-pubs-closing-camra-great-british.htm

    From 2005 till 2010 beer consumption in the UK fell by 20%! Tax rises were 33% over this period. Revenue has increased ever so slightly.





    Interesting. Looks like a bimodal Laffer curve. Pity about the poor sods losing their business for no extra return to the government.

  2. Yeah. It certainly did to me, once all the fuss kicked up and I decided to thoroughly read the small-print (which I had only skimmed before).

    Anyway, I did check out my position carefully, as I genuinely thought I had a claim. The problem was that the CC company stated that at the time I bought the policy, they did not offer advice by telephone, and as it was a while ago, and the policy had been cancelled, the recording of the phone call had been destroyed. So, it was my recollection, against their written internal policy document, which states that no advice was given.

    I did get in contact, via a variety of forums, with a number of people who had been to the ombudsman in similar circumstances, and they all were rejected by the ombudsman; as far as the ombudsman was concerned, if the bank said no financial advice was given, then there is no claim for a mis-sale.

    How convenient.

  3. I am sick of reading of compensation for misselling. People who ticked a box to take out PPI - well - they ticked the box.

    In the case of one person I know Llyods (illegally!) verbally made it a condition of the loan even though it could never be claimed on. It appears to have been s.o.p. Sadly for the person in question, it was a couple of years before the watershed for the current claims.

    I have no sympathy for the banks with respect to PPI. It was grossly mis-sold.

    I took out a loan in about 2000 from Barclays, and it was very difficult to get the loan without PPI. The pressure was very high and the legal position was made decidedly unclear by the loan officer. They had the patter down pat. Anyone who didn't know what the law was would have had a tough time.

  4. It's almost as if there is some change in global weather patterns causing simultaneous crop failures across multiple areas.

    Can't think what it could be, though.

    So, high food costs have nothing to do with: massive population increases, high oil prices, biofuels (why are we producing those again?) globalisation and financialisation, the mass movement of populations from rural to urban settings and so forth then?

    Crop failure and starvation are the norm for the past 10,000 years.

  5. Congratulations Count. If you thought HPC members revel in Schadenfreude, just wait until you start talking to parents who have come before you. My first little one is now teething...

    Enjoy this time. They grow and change very quickly.

  6. I think I have four choices:

    1) Suck it up and accept that I don't deserve benefits when I have cash saved.

    2) Pay off my mortgage - savings currently earning more interest than mortgage rate, so reluctant to do this.

    3) Withdraw savings and attempt to conceal them in some way (gold?).

    4) Blow savings on flash car, etc.

    I guess it'll be either (1) or (2), but not ruling out (3) and (4)!

    If it was me, I'd do a mixture of 2 and 3. Just withdraw a bit of extra cash each month and hide it away somewhere.

    The UK savings thresholds are pure moral hazard. In Australia, home owners are allowed about $270k savings and non-homeowners are allowed $410k savings before benefits are affected, which is just plain reasonable and doesn't punish those who try to better their long term financial outlook.

  7. I think America's becoming totally dysfunctional in many ways and a lot of it comes back to their reliance on their constitution (written 250 years ago) which makes it virtually impossible to change some laws - e.g. there was a recent, perfectly sensible law passed to limit the overwhelming power that corporations have over the political process but it was found by the supreme court to be unconstitutional and so was never enforced - so I believe their own destruction is pretty much baked in.

    It's not the constitution per se, rather its legal interpretation. Once they started giving corporations the same rights as people, it was all over.

  8. Took my two back today. Wouldn't expose them to education by govt whim - if we didn't have the money for full-on private we'd have home educated backed up by tutors where our skills weren't up to par.

    I reckon that sort of model (or full on home tutors) will become more popular in future. Until the govt bans home education (probably on the basis of paedos or terror training).

    This is happening in Australia at present. The number of home schooled kids in my local area who *aren't* from religious nut-case families has grown significantly over the past decade as state schooling has declined.

    As for why private prep schools versus state education - run a brownie or cub pack with a mixed catchment area and you won't have to ask this question. The differences in my wife's (ex)brownie pack, which contains a mix of private, and two state schools was shocking, both between private and state and between good and bad state schools.

  9. Hey thanks for the replies.

    I bought from baird and co aka goldline. I think i paid 7.5% above spot buying 2 coins. Baird and co are the cheapest deals I can find online for sovs. Well the 2012 sovs i got anyway.

    They come like this:


    I wouldn't take uncirculated coins out of their protection.

    The ebay listing caused me to double take. The last sovs I bought were £90 each and the last Krugerrands were less than £315, sometime in 2007 iirc.

  10. Hi,

    Im pretty new to the bullion coin game. I mainly purchased bars until my knowledge grew and I decided to by sovs as the better gold investment.

    I was wondering. I have taken some of my sovs out of the Royal Mint Seal and was just wondering if this would affect anything. I maybe being a bit picky, I dont know. My thinking was if I were to sell the sovs at a later date then the dealer would want to weigh, measure and see the coin up close and personal. Rather than take my word for it that it isnt a knock off (A private sale maybe different however).

    Can anyone give me any feedback on this matter?

    But having wrote all that, I guess there is no harm in keeping future purchases sealed now I have atleast a couple to look at and hold and actually touch my gold. lol

    Thank You

    To be honest, I wouldn't be buying "sealed" sovs to start with - you pay a huge premium which you will not recoup. Just get used bullion sovs from one of the many reputable dealers mentioned on here. The buy/sell spread is much lower, as in the end you are buying these things to make a profit/preserve wealth.

  11. 1. We had animals on the premises. Not just a 'no pets' clause, but no animals on the premises. We occasionally looked after dogs at the weekend. As for next door's cat, when the back door was open he would wander in. I tried to explain to him that he was breaching the terms of our tenancy that we were paying £1500 a month for but he wasn't having any of it.

    Cats are anarchists.

    The older I get, the more I like and respect cats.

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