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  1. Interesting. Looks like a bimodal Laffer curve. Pity about the poor sods losing their business for no extra return to the government.
  2. In the case of one person I know Llyods (illegally!) verbally made it a condition of the loan even though it could never be claimed on. It appears to have been s.o.p. Sadly for the person in question, it was a couple of years before the watershed for the current claims. I have no sympathy for the banks with respect to PPI. It was grossly mis-sold. I took out a loan in about 2000 from Barclays, and it was very difficult to get the loan without PPI. The pressure was very high and the legal position was made decidedly unclear by the loan officer. They had the patter down pat. Anyone who didn't know what the law was would have had a tough time.
  3. A bit over 3 years ago, Australia handed out $900 to each taxpayer.
  4. She's not even original. As for the Argentinian public: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..
  5. So, high food costs have nothing to do with: massive population increases, high oil prices, biofuels (why are we producing those again?) globalisation and financialisation, the mass movement of populations from rural to urban settings and so forth then? Crop failure and starvation are the norm for the past 10,000 years.
  6. Congratulations Count. If you thought HPC members revel in Schadenfreude, just wait until you start talking to parents who have come before you. My first little one is now teething... Enjoy this time. They grow and change very quickly.
  7. These didn't have to be put in trust accounts to start with? Oh dear.
  8. If it was me, I'd do a mixture of 2 and 3. Just withdraw a bit of extra cash each month and hide it away somewhere. The UK savings thresholds are pure moral hazard. In Australia, home owners are allowed about $270k savings and non-homeowners are allowed $410k savings before benefits are affected, which is just plain reasonable and doesn't punish those who try to better their long term financial outlook.
  9. It's not the constitution per se, rather its legal interpretation. Once they started giving corporations the same rights as people, it was all over.
  10. Drone pilots self train and are desensitized between the ages of 10 and 17 by Battlefield 3 and cheetos. It's all about cost savings and keeping those who push the button as far away from reality as possible.
  11. Mmm, whilst preparing the ground work for massive repossessions which will then be bundled up for their investor friends with clear possession due to anti-squatting laws.
  12. This is happening in Australia at present. The number of home schooled kids in my local area who *aren't* from religious nut-case families has grown significantly over the past decade as state schooling has declined. As for why private prep schools versus state education - run a brownie or cub pack with a mixed catchment area and you won't have to ask this question. The differences in my wife's (ex)brownie pack, which contains a mix of private, and two state schools was shocking, both between private and state and between good and bad state schools.
  13. I wouldn't take uncirculated coins out of their protection. The ebay listing caused me to double take. The last sovs I bought were £90 each and the last Krugerrands were less than £315, sometime in 2007 iirc.
  14. To be honest, I wouldn't be buying "sealed" sovs to start with - you pay a huge premium which you will not recoup. Just get used bullion sovs from one of the many reputable dealers mentioned on here. The buy/sell spread is much lower, as in the end you are buying these things to make a profit/preserve wealth.
  15. Of all people, I am surprised you are shocked "Mr. neoprene and latex."
  16. Cats are anarchists. The older I get, the more I like and respect cats.
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