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  1. A peacock is the product of natural selection...however, one can hardly argue that his tail is an efficient use of resources for anything other than attracting peahens and making more peacocks. Similarly, parasites are a product of evolution. They "see" a niche and exploit it. Now, this doesn't make life better for their hosts, but the parasites have a whale of time, until something "decides" that parasitizing the parasite might be a good living. What the natural world tells us is that, unregulated, competition often leads to a waste resources and produces a whole raft of parasites.
  2. Pretty easy to detect fake nuggets. I suspect a large one would come under quite some scrutiny. Edited to add: See this link
  3. I'm note entirely sure what I'm meant to conclude from this graph? To make any sense of it we'd need to know how often count nouns were being compared relative to continuous nouns.
  4. An 18th century affectation. Historically, "less" was also used for count nouns. We say "fewer cows implies less milk" but "more cows implies more milk." Having said that, it is a simple rule and the disappearance of "fewer" and other "pointless exceptions" indicates to me a decline in the standard of education. "Fewer" seems to have disappeared from Australian vocabulary over the past 2 decades. Advertisers, news presenters on the ABC (our equivalent of the BBC), just about everyone, uses "less" for everything these days. It makes me grind my teeth.
  5. It's not always easy. It isn't as easy and natural as you would think, and it requires learning from both mother and child. Most of Mrs Wood's friends had trouble at first, and in the UK it is almost as if breast feeding is frowned upon so many mothers just go onto formula. However, here is Australia we have good breast feeding consultants, and they helped a lot and all bar one mother we know was able to breast feed. It all comes down to a little bit of support and social attitudes. (Most of the bottle fed babies I know look morbidly obese relative to the breast fed ones. I cannot imagine formula is good for their physiology in the long run.)
  6. Free trade is a good thing. Free movement of capital is a bad thing. Globalisation is all about the latter.
  7. Pigs are a great way of disposing of "the evidence."
  8. I would have thought that a fitted wardrobe door would be covered by buildings insurance rather than contents?
  9. Mrs Woods had the prices in her contract changed a few years ago, and the phone provider pointed out the cancellation fee. She then pointed out the Ofcom position (that price changes should allow someone to get out of the contract free) and they caved immediately. Perhaps you should go back to your phone provider pointing out Ofcom's position. Generally, these companies work on people just accepting what they are told. Nothing ventured, nothing gained etc.
  10. It's the thin end of the wedge. Who can complain about a couple of hundred euros tax p.a.? Before long it'll be 1.5%, 100% guaranteed.
  11. Buying wine on margin?! Ffs, their brains must be corked. The investors deserve getting screwed
  12. lol. I'd forgotten about Milo. Do you think the CAP was written by Mr Heller?
  13. No, there is not. Somewhere in this world is someone who is at the absolute bottom of the heap. F*** they must be having a miserable time!
  14. Good point. A peasant revolt targeting the wealthy and their property can be argued to be beneficial on economic grounds. We should suggest it to Merv and Dave. If they truly believed in getting the UK economy back to ruddy health, they should be leading the charge...perhaps firebombing their own stately piles?
  15. It means you are dealing with a time-wasting idiot who believes their house is worth more than it is.
  16. But why they heightened religious anxiety? Why did those historical figures arise when they did? It may be a case of proximal versus ultimate causation: religious anxiety heightened due to economic anxiety etc.
  17. Well, the development land would be worth nothing after the railway is built. Now it is worth the value of the houses on it +10%. Some councilor's friend has done rather well out of this.
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