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  1. This 2013 "cliff" has been known about for years in the technical diving community. I "blew" 4000 litres of the stuff every second weekend in the late 90s, early noughties for very little cost. I suspect the public will only be able to afford deep diving if they are a banker or have a rebreather.
  2. I'm on a special diet - if it is on special, I eat it.
  3. As you suggested, they are doing you a favour. Run!
  4. That would, potentially, be a foolish thing to think cf. the cases of Chancel Repair Liability
  5. Cannot answer your particular question but: (1) After 8 years almost anything must be reasonable wear and tear. (2) Go through the courts. It's cheap, and even the threat will probably be enough for you to get your deposit back.
  6. Nope. It is the new 75% tax band. They charged it a year retrospectively.
  7. My recollection is that once a repo has had an offer made on it, the EA is legally obliged to advertise your offer to try and obtain the best price. The property was introduced to you by the EA, so they are due the fee. (Indeed, in Australia, if they are acting as sole agent then they are due the fee regardless of who introduces the buyer. I am not sure whether the same arrangements hold in the UK, but I suspect they do.)
  8. You seem very confident that in the case of massive writedowns this promise will be kept.
  9. And in precisely which bank are you going to hold any significant amount cash during the deflation in assets on their balance sheet?
  10. When will these clowns realise that private debt is the problem...and no one wants anymore of it no matter how cheap.
  11. I had a similar conversation with the manager of a grocery store I worked for 25 years ago at the time bar code scanners were being introduced at the checkouts.
  12. Possibly not. Australia has the 11th highest net external debt (public + private) of all nations, and are higher up the list if you look at things per capita. Ozzie debt is hidden in private institutions such as the banks. Similarly, people are up to their eyeballs in private debt. As for future public debt, the government services are structured on the good times only getting better. It's very hard to reduce spending commitments, as people get upset when the manna from heaven stops. In my opinion, Australia was ruined by the last half of the Howard government and the Rudd/Gillard Labor government that followed. The change in this country over the past dozen years or so has been extraordinary.
  13. So that's the better part of $600 for every man woman and child. There are about 1.7 million people claiming negative gearing, so about $7700 per person involved. The actual loss is greater because of the capital tied up in these investments. Given interest rates etc., this suggests to me that houses are about $200k over priced, which would bring them back to historical levels relative to rent or earnings. Fecking morons.
  14. I know it is the Mail, but if you reciprocate child minding the reciprocation may be viewed as a benefit and thus require registration. I didn't follow up on how this case panned out.
  15. Here is my Australian experience: Mrs Woods and I do not live in a capital city. We own our own home about 100 yards from a white sand beach that stretches for miles, largely paid for by betting on the decline of the £ in 2008.. We have one child and another on the way. From consulting, taking 5 to 10% of my time annually, and investments I earn $20,000 per year. The rest of our income, derives from various state benefits. Once the second child is born, and after taking into account loss of benefits, to increase my family's income, I would need to earn about $70,000 locally (median household income is 55k) or nearly $100,000 if I had a room and did a weekly commute to the local capital city. For this gain of a $1000, I would then have to give up the 90% of my time that I now use for my own long term commercial project, early morning strolls on the beach, and seeing my children grow.. It is completely and utterly "wrong", but after a couple of decades of being punished by the state for doing the right thing, I don't give a f***.
  16. Some of the beds look preternaturally short. (i.e. 3/4 length fake furniture)
  17. As to your last point, last night (Australian time), there was a significant disconnect in the price of gold on Bullionvault between the London vaults and the other vaults. In GBP London buy was approx £890, whilst buying elsewhere was £950 per ounce. To sell in London, I saw prices on the order of £500, i.e. the spread was nearly £400. This went on for some time. I went to bed before it had readjusted. I have never seen anything like it on BV before. Normally the spreads are tiny and the difference between countries on the order of £1 at the most. Did someone with a big London position know something and wanted to get out over a low liquidity weekend? Whatever the case, by selling in Switzerland and transferring to the UK I could have made about 100grams. I didn't as the disconnect was just too weird coming on the weekend that it did. Perhaps I have just failed to pick up a £3000 note...
  18. Of course, as "in this economic climate their skill prevented great losses."
  19. If you'd listened to the gold bugs you wouldn't have stored the gold in a bank...
  20. It's a logarithmic scale. Most appropriate when dealing with money/inflation, as constant inflation appears as a straight line.
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