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  1. No, whether you like it or not, you DID say that...just more politely.
  2. The ability for someone to afford a decent home is not constrained by the cost of building a house, but the cost of the underlying land. The more houses that the planners/government allow to be built per unit of land, just raises land prices and exacerbates the problem further. In Australia, where land is (or should I say "was") more freely available for building, people live(d) in proper homes. The housing in this country is awful...slave box sums them up nicely...and I'm sure half of the social discontent in the UK is caused by the living conditions. People need space to be mentally healthy and happy, and happy mentally healthy people commit fewer crimes are less ill etc. etc. and hence are less of a tax burden. There is more than enough land to do the same in this country, regardless of what the "it's a small island" people say; just go for a balloon ride (and also note the huge estates hidden by trees that you NEVER see any other way.)
  3. The point is that IF you could live on agricultural land, then there would not be the huge value differential.
  4. Actually, I'm not so sure. Just have some trouble with the tax authorities or social services and see how badly psychologically damaged one can be and how little power or recourse to democratic institutions one has. I have one friend whose father could not enter the UK for 15 years until HMRC finally admitted that he didn't owe them any tax...they were clearly in the wrong from the start, but these institutions are vindictive. Injin, whilst a bit of a stirrer has, in my opinion, outlined very clearly the coercion in our society that we barely even think about. Certainly, my belief is that in the end without some form of coercion, we would have a nasty form of anarchy, but there comes a point where reasonable acts, such as buying land and building a dwelling, are curtailed with implicit threats that are dressed up as democratic institutions which are nothing of the sort.
  5. This presupposes that couples should both work full time whilst raising children...and that childcare is free. What a screwed up society we live in where we have to send both people to work and have someone else raise our kids all for the margin between a child minder's salary and a mother's salary. Completely and utterly nuts.
  6. D'oh ... beat me to it. Hmm, will be interesting to see the news articles that follow in the next couple of days try to explain why it will still be only a 10% decline etc. Wonder how Stuart law will try to explain it...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. (1) What do you expect of Pravda? (2) Having lived in other countries with obviously twisted media I defended the BBC for a long time...now I've come to the conclusion that it is just more subtly pernicious. It was a sad day when I finally realised that.
  8. You must admit though that they have a habit of saying one thing and doing another. Remember their call last year to short gold to $650 this year?
  9. Hmm...not so sure about step 2. Certainly it would have to be a SIPP, otherwise you are just throwing money to the vultures. I put the minimum I can into my pension required to get my full employer contribution, and I pay tax at 40%. The other problem with pensions is that you have little control over how you access the money, and unilateral changes by government (not in your favour) are to be expected in the next 30 years...as it is now you have to buy an annuity at 75, which is generally very poor value for money.
  10. Always preferred Plato to Aristotle - Plato had nice ideas...Aristotle had ugly ideas and was just plain wrong.
  11. Last set of US elections (2006) oil fell in the run up, and then kicked off again about a week before the election.
  12. Don't worry, they are probably charging the landlord the same amount...
  13. Tell him to get shot of her. Once something like this happens once it is over. From what you have written, it sounds as if she has something else waiting for her to get disentangled. No point dragging things out...will just cost him more of his life, hair and money. Seen too many people screw themselves up hoping someone will change their mind...they may for a month, but then all the old problems will be back. Anyhow, why keep a cow at home when you can buy milk? (just jokes)
  14. This was my understanding of how the scheme has been interpreted. Thankfully for us, when we renewed the LL's agent did put the deposit in a scheme.
  15. The problem with prophets of doom is that they tend to predict doom too early - Malthus has been laughed at for hundreds of years, but he will be proved right sometime this century I suspect. People often have a go at the fact that this site has been around for years and the crash has as yet to happen. Just because few eager beavers exaggerated the time to a crisis, doesn't mean it isn't going to happen, and happen soon. There are always twists and turns, but this doesn't mean that the fundamental observation is wrong. I worked as a consultant to a large American oil company back in 2002/3 having direct contact with their CFO and CIO...erm, unless my contract was a smokescreen, they were truly worried about reserves.
  16. 2 years ago they did not have to deposit your deposit in one of the schemes...so you cannot "get them" on this. They haven't done anything illegal with your deposit (yet!) You'll probably have to go through small claims to get back your deposit by the sounds of it. No point getting angry or frustrated...just go through the motions calmly. It sounds as if you have a good case, especially as it has been documented by environmental health.
  17. Because it might be better than spending the money to complete and then not being able to sell them as the flats will not sell for completion value.
  18. What I have noticed, and the reason I came onto the anecdotals forum this morning as I was going to start a topic but decided to add to this one instead, is that the local property rag (Oxford/Abingdon area) that is shoved through our mail box each week has gone from the size of the Times on Sunday, to the size of a parish news letter. Anyone else notice the same thing in their area?
  19. At the nadir of a HPC, the public mood will be one of disgust with property. Feeding frenzy is what happens on the way up, not on the way down.
  20. This guy is a prize idiot, and clearly doesn't understand supply and demand...there is a limited supply of credit, and it is shrinking fast. Anyone who uses the "it would take too long and you probably wouldn't understand it" doesn't know what they are talking about and are too scared to expose their ignorance. I find that when I run into people like this I keep my thoughts to myself and let harsh reality inform them sometime in the future.
  21. You work with morons. You are clearly working in an environment below your capabilities. How can you tolerate it?! In a year's time, they will all hate you for being right.
  22. Yes, well, the Australian banks always were naive/stupid...just been speaking to a friend of mine who is reasonably senior at a big UK bank who reckons there is still much, much more nastiness to come.
  23. Actually, there was a trigger event in my opinion - the problems with the two Bear Stearns hedge funds in June 07. This, I believe, woke up the financial community to just how serious things were. It was certainly the point when I knew that things were coming to a head. Bear Stearns was one of the late comers to the market, so it was always going to be one of the first to trouble. Of course one can argue that this was due to the slow accumulation of bad debts...but until that canary died, I didn't know when things were going to go wrong. I suspect it brought the whole issue to lots of people's attention who had been conveniently ignoring it. I suspect that we will see the same this year - Bear Stearns and the bad Xmas trading caused strife during the first part of this year...everything will calm down for a while, then the **** will hit the fan in late summer/autumn.
  24. Spot on. I can remember making this prediction last time - wish I had been spread betting back then - could have made a killing...
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