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  1. I've recently been charged £250 for a credit search for 2 people by an estate agency. I must admit that it is a bit steep given how little it costs the agency. I don't mind them charging a bit more than cost and time etc. I would think £100 would be more than reasonable. £250 is just taking the mick. If the charges aren't just for credit checks, then it should be stated why one is being charged so much, and that is what you should be billed for.
  2. No. I actively chose not to buy quite a few years ago because I rubbed my two brains cells together. Yes, I was and am too smart to get sucked into this mess. Do not lump me and many others on this forum together with these numpties. Think about it, this person has borrowed money to buy 37 houses over the past few years...it is insanity. The banks are partly to blame, but they aren't the ones who finally agree to pay 270k for a grotty 2 up 2 down.
  3. Ambition is owning a couple of houses to provide a pension...greed is buying 37 to become filthy rich. I agree with your final paragraph in particular...we did a check on the house we are about to rent. Not bought or sold since before 2001. However, the current owner is divorced, so it is not clear to what degree the property has been remortgaged. I find it rather depressing that although the landlord gets a credit report on tenants, tenants don't get credit reports on landlords.
  4. Normally I don't approve of language like this, but WELL SAID! I do feel sorry for the kids though...then again, they will learn a very valuable lesson.
  5. (1) Do not buy a house in the current market - put your money somewhere safe for a few years. (2) As for rentals, the cost of bills varies depending on the size of the property (council tax band), insulation (better insulated and smaller = lower heating bills). It also depends on how much and what sort of cooking you do etc. My small 3 bed house costs about 100pcm for council tax, and about the same in energy bills. There will be other bits and pieces - contents insurance, phone line, internet and so forth that you will also have to consider. These, without calls, will add up to a further 50 quid pcm or there about. Also, expect to be charged for having a credit check done on you and your partner. Whilst this costs the agent a tenner, it will cost each of you up to £125 or more. Some agencies are decent and only charge £30 each, but this seems to be getting rarer, at least in my part of the country. (3) Avoid economy 7 electric heating - it is a nightmare. Get a place with gash central heating. (4) Deposit will be about 6 weeks rent. (5) Ensure that the inventory presented to you by the agent or landlord is accurate. Make sure every hole in the wall etc. is on the inventory. Do not forget to do this in the excitement of moving into your first place...it is VERY important if you want to see your deposit back at the end of tenancy. I also take photos of all the relevant points and condition of house interior, burn 2 copies of a CD and ensure I get a receipt from the agent for one copy which is to be an appendix to their inventory. You can also send yourself a copy by registered mail - leave the envelope sealed when you receive it. (Basically using the Royal Mail as a date stamping service.) (6) Go and beef up on your rights as a tenant under an AST contract. The OFT gives a list of what it considers unfair and hence unenforceable terms in a contract. If you do a search on AST you should find plenty of information. (7) Read the contract you are presented with. Make sure you understand all the charges.
  6. We rent and certainly don't take care of the lawn as well as we would if we owned...but then when we arrived it was just a mess of weeds, and no one is going to thank you for laying turf are they?
  7. Actually, I have seen the opposite..."respectable" families moving into chav areas, as that is all they could afford...
  8. Yes. Lots of sensible informative articles...often contrarian, but very often proven right...What I do find strange about them is the advertising bedfellows they keep. I suppose they just assume their readers are clever enough to see through the bs.
  9. I concur. The only way I can see even Northern Rock having given this couple 360k is that they lied...in which case I think they should be imprisoned. To my mind, fraudulently obtaining hundreds of thousands of pounds by lying to a bank about one's earning should carry the same penalty as robbing said bank. Conspiracy to defraud the shareholders etc. etc. Mind you, a lot of the senior bankers should also fall into the same category.
  10. Easy enough to get around...just don't let the "criminal" hear the evidence against him, thus protecting the witnesses anonymity.
  11. It is my understanding that that would be illegal...you cannot make the loan conditional on taking out the lenders PPI. Not that they wouldn't try the hard sell or, as in the case of my gf, lie.
  12. This looks very much like a troll trying to advertise castle securities...if so, b*gger off. If not, take the earlier posters advice.
  13. I presume that you have been on a series of 6 month ASTs? My understanding is as follows: (1) Generally "sharp" agents serve an S21 at the beginning of the tenancy which would mean you can leave on the 31st of July, with no further notice having to be given as the LL has already given you notice. This practice is almost universal in my experience, so check your copies of the rental documents. (2) It is my understanding, that as a tenant on an AST you can just leave at the end of the contract. You do not have to give notice. See http://www.fullhouseproperty.co.uk/infopages/index.php?p=ast (3) If you are on an AST that has gone periodic (i.e. you have remained in the property past the end of the AST contract and the landlord has not served an S21), the all you need is give one months notice. I'm not exactly sure what one month means though i.e. whether this is rent period to rent period, so if you give notice 1 day after the beginning of a rent period, you effectively need 1 month and 29 days notice....or whether it means 1 month from the day you give notice. In the case of a landlord, it is definitely the former (except period is 2 months rather than 1 month) so I assume the same holds for a tenant. Check up the FAQ on ASTs at landlordzone : http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/FAQ/index.ph...&artlang=en
  14. Huh - I'm sorry but my memory is a little longer than Eddie gives me credit for - I saw a video of him giving evidence to a house select committee or similar where he said they knew that lowering interest rates would set off a house bubble and that it was for his successor to sort it out. If a house bubble wasn't contained, then surely there would be serious knock on effects on the credit markets. (Anyone have a YouTube link?)
  15. All very sensible comments. The one real risk those of us not in housing at present have is the collapse of the banking system. It may sound far fetched, but it has happened before in Western countries, albeit a long time ago with respect to an individual's lifetime...hence its inconceivability to most of us. If you are happy with the house, and can buy with a £150 pcm mortgage, I say good on you. Yes, you may be able to have done better in 6 months time, and had no mortgage and a wodge of cash in the bank...or your cash could be tied up for years in some government bailout scheme.
  16. Smiffy Have been following your story for some time. Glad it has worked out for you and your family.
  17. One shouldn't confuse the quality of timber houses (or anything else) in this country and the rest of the world. In Australia and NZ timber houses are very common, well built, and generally very desirable. The British are given sh!t because they are willing to accept sh!t. Rip off Britain exists because the population is complicit in it. Very depressing really.
  18. All I can say is that I wish I'd left some of my relationships 20k richer each time. I'm still shocked that banks loaned serious money to people with an annual income of 18k in London (I assume he lives in London)! Back in 97/98, when I was a bright young thing and had 4 years guaranteed income, no bank would give me a mortgage because the university wouldn't guarantee 5 years income. I gave up at that point, as a junior academic I was unlikely to have a period of 5 years "guaranteed" income until I had a permanent position. At that point in time I had never been unemployed, and since then I have never been without a secure and/or well paying job. So, I gave up on the whole house buying thing....put it to the back of my mind...what a costly mistake! It really irks me that a few years later, mortgages were handed out like lolly water to anyone with a pulse, driving house prices to ridiculous heights.
  19. You've put some disturbing images in my head, and given me the best giggle I've had the past week. Stop it! My cow-orkers are looking at me funny. Shame on you.
  20. The problem is that tenants have very little security and few rights to do much to a property in this country relative to, say, Germany. My experience of renting in the UK is that you can look forward to having to move every year or two...which is a right pain...to many amateur landlords.
  21. I haven't disagreed with the entirety of your view. Quite frankly, the last couple of bubbles have made it very clear to me how the system works and most of us are getting shafted by it. I just disagree with the specific blanket statement that we have the right to have as many children as we want. Ethically, in my opinion, we don't. That doesn't mean I believe we should live in a society where half can afford to have no children and half can afford to have 4.
  22. On the other hand, I agree with you completely on these points. It is a disgrace. The recent bubble in commodities after the bubble in houses after the bubble in shares just made the picture click for me. Banks really are antisocial bandits...the only wage slaves (as opposed to business owners etc.) I know who have a wife who can stay at home and live a middle class life raising the kids whilst dad goes to work are all bankers...by looting everyone else they get to afford the life that others sholdl be having.
  23. Someone proposing that we can breed as much as we like in a world with 6.5 billion people is either mathematically illiterate or evil - in the long run willing famine and misery upon billions because they want to have 4 kids. It is the sort of blinkered attitude that will turn this earth into hell...but we have already had this argument so I will leave it at that.
  24. Umm...I presume LTCMs derivatives were regulated. All these CDOs etc. were regulated. The FSA regulated Northern Rock. Regulated means very little.
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