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  1. You know precisely the point I was trying to make. I'm not interested in pandering to those who love twisting stuff to get offended on someone else's behalf. It is pathetic. Or are you just plain simple?
  2. Um...I was making a point by hyperbole. You are technically correct. As far as I know Auschwitz didn't have publicity shots, but Theresienstadt did. Also see this link. Prior to the visit of the Danish Red Cross, the Nazis shifted a portion of the Theresienstadt inmates to Auschwitz to lower the density in the camp and then led the delegation through a predetermined path where "happy Juden" lived 2 or 3 to a room. You can see what is left of the propaganda film, "The Fuehrer gives the Jews a City" here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7220829978743875704&q=The+Fuhrer+gives+the+jews+a+city&total=3&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1 .
  3. Nothing wrong with building millions of needed home. It is, however, rather sick to leave millions of the empty as "investments" whilst people live in cages, factory dorms and slums.
  4. Auschwitz had publicity photographs like that. As to not having nice homes to go to, perhaps they could use some of the 64.5 million flats that are sitting empty?
  5. I'm sure there would be more suicides if their cells had accessible ligature points...
  6. +0.95. Alternatively, find him guilty of something then remove his knighthood. Having said that, letting him keep his knighthood makes him easily identifiable as "likely corrupt scum."
  7. Only problem with this approach is that the gold and silver prices aren't perfectly correlated...but its certainly better than paying 28% CGT.
  8. I doubt Serpico would have thought himself blameless and not the victim of his own hubris. We've all seen people expand too far, too quickly, take on too much debt. I've certainly worked for small startups that have killed themselves this way. What he described quite well how a seemingly successful business can unwind in a recession, how the banks are so quick to take back their umbrella once it starts raining.
  9. Serpico part II For those new to HPC, have a read of Serpico's posts on this thread: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=35126&st=15&p=444946entry444946 Posts number 26, 31 and the rest that follow. Haven't read them all through again, but in one post he explains exactly how the banks screwed up his motorcycle business "last time around."
  10. Why not sell your silver and take an equivalent spreadbet position with IGIndex or similar. Spreadbets winnings (and losses) are tax free. In 31 days close the spreadbet and repurchase your silver with the combination of the cash you got from selling the silver and the profit or loss from the spreadbet. This will allow you to tax advantage of your capital gains allowance, costing you just a few percent in transaction costs. If you lose on the spreadbet, you make it up by buying back your silver at a low price, whilst if you win, then you can still get the amount of silver you originally held. The combination of tax free spreadbetting and the UK CGT threshold really does allow for such wonderful abuses...
  11. This tells you everything you ever need to know about the statist left. Maybe a few members will wake up, but I doubt it.
  12. You may be right. A few years ago, I would not have agreed with you, but the "rules" will be changed and changed again until the correct result is obtained. It won't be a solution that can last forever, but I can see it is possible that they will juggle this for a few more years yet. Remember, in 2007 50 billion to bail our Northern Rock was a massive sum of money. Now they talk in trillions and no one bats an eyelid.
  13. I have a vague recollection that the romans did such things as their empire collapsed...
  14. My family were sugar cane farmers until we sold up into the real estate boom. My step-dad worked 10 hour days off season and 14 hour days during the harvest. When he was younger the cane was cut by hand and the ploughing done by horses. It is hard work, but it doesn't leave you battered and broken. Most of the farmers I know enjoyed being farmers and have lived well into their 80s/early 90s with remarkable health. 60 hours of office work, is soul and health destroying. Give me 30 hours a week on a farm any day.
  15. People used to work much less. The 80 hour weeks of the industrial revolution were an aberration. e.g. see link In medieval times the estimates are that people worked 27 to 30 hours per week, rather than the 40+ we now work, or the 80+ hour weeks of the 19th century.
  16. +1 This lot are too clueless in general. Just look at how the various green energy and insulation schemes have been fecked up. They do not understand economics.
  17. It is amazing how economically naive (or malevolent...hard to distinguish sometimes) our masters are.
  18. The high street is being burnt by ridiculous commercial rents and greedy councils. It is the commercial landlords and the councils that are killing the golden goose. The high street is yet another victim of the flood of money that has poured out of the banks and bid up commercial property prices and hence rents and business rates. (I suspect long rental contracts and taxes that are based on rateable values etc. don't help either as they are slow to change relative to the business cycle, and for the high street, parking issues and the advent of out of town shopping centres don't help either.) If rental costs and business rates were lower they would easily be able to compete with the internet. People like browsing and impulse buying, but at some stage the premium becomes too much. You give me a shop front for nothing, I can make a profit, even against Tescos. The fair market rent and taxes therefore lie somewhere between 0 and what it is now. I've seen lots of strange little shops survive in the UK. The common thing between all of them is that the sophkeeper bought the property years ago when retail space was priced reasonably. Of course, the solutions proposed will not be to lower rents, taxes etc., or to just accept that the world had moved on and abandon the high street, but to tax internet purchases. For example - link. The statist bastards just can't help themselves.
  19. Correct. These forms of tax raise the level of comparative advantage required for a transaction to occur and lead to economic efficiency. In a 0% income/NI/VAT tax environment it would pay me to hire a guy to mow my lawn if he was 10% more efficient than I am. With current costs, tax insurance etc. he has to be at least twice as efficient as I am for it to be worth our while to enter into the transaction, so instead I will waste my time and do a bad job. Things become even worse when you have to add in commercial rents and rates etc.
  20. You neglected to mention the huge windfalls to the crony investors. Truly sickening.
  21. Modeling greenhouse gas emissions, and people wonder why I am cynical about CAGW?! Way too many vested interests getting banking level day rates. I have run into similar stuff with software development, especially when a large company contracts for a smaller less technically sophisticated one. It destroys what would otherwise be good businesses.
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