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  1. I know you were being ironic, but: Alternatively, you'd end up with all those quaint, highly desirable Cotswold villages that were built without planning oversight...
  2. Let me think... Does this answer your question? :angry:
  3. Alternatively, and more likely in the long run, business rates and commercial rents would drop.
  4. in Australia it is approximately £10 for hour, and much greater than that for most jobs - shop workers are on £13 minimum. Don't knock it until your country tries it. Things worked well in Oz with high minimum wages, until of course the bankers went and blew up a housing bubble, so now even our decent minimum wages are not enough to buy a hoiuse with.
  5. It is the simple act of not registering the deposit that is the breach, so you can go after them for that. If your partner is going to leave early, make sure she has the request from the landlord in writing otherwise she will be liable for rent. Send any correspondence as signed for/recorded delivery etc. Keep copies of everything. I agree with everything that The Ayatollah has said. Disconnect the camera and send a recorded letter. Make sure she has a video camera etc to record any aggressive interactions which may arise from disconnecting the camera. And do, by all means, report the scum to the HMRC, his mortgage company and provide information to the council. The world can do with one less fewer less bad HMO landlord. Edited: to correct my appalling grammar. Edited Again: to correct my grammar to the statistical norm.
  6. But where will you get the £200,000 for the land to put it on?
  7. Banks Told To Reclaim Bonuses Over PPI I can't see them being too happy about doing this. I mean, if you clawed back all the bonuses earned by banks' misselling it would never end.
  8. You've hit the nail on the head. Shelter is a basic necessity and policy should aim to keep its price low and affordable. It is not a financial instrument and investment vehicle.
  9. +1 He was an educational software writer. Does he have no skills in software or education?
  10. Agreed in spades. I find knighthoods and personal peerages a very good way of identifying the real pr!cks.
  11. +1 Injin is correct on this point. The research does show precisely this.
  12. It does seem quite short sighted. The retail environmanet has changed so much in the past 30 years, by the time they have gotten their capital back the value of the asset may be rather seriously reduced. e.g. peak oil drives every one out of their cars and people opt for home delivery. I think Tesco are being rather clever with this one - and, as someone else has said, the capital will help them fund expansion.
  13. Well, they started gun control immediately after World War I, when half a generation came back from the trenches blooded and trained to kill. I suppose they were worried the cannon fodder wouldn't go back quietly to tugging their forelocks and keeping starving poachers off the lord's pheasants.
  14. Or they think property values are going to go through the floor. cf HSBC
  15. I'll do her too once her conviction comes through. Margaret Pole's record needs to be broken. I am in a mood today aren't I?!
  16. Cool. Can I wear the black hood and swing the axe? I'll make Jack Ketch look like a master craftsman.
  17. If they had any sense they'd know what to do with the guns once they were handed to them.
  18. All jokes aside, Lord Harris, the CEO of Carpetright seemed like a decent, clued in chap. Iirc I heard an interview with him before the crash and he mentioned he was warning his staff that they really should think very carefully about taking on debt etc. as the whole thing was going to unravel.
  19. Which highlights the extortion racket that is ASLEF. Let's see. Salary: £45,545 rising to £52,300 by 2015 Annual Holiday: 43 days Working week: 4 days (35hrs/week?) Iirc it was reported that you lot have also already been offered £1800 not to go on strike during the Olympics, which I presume is separate from the £500 bonus now under consideration. Average UK fulltime salary is £26k. A nurse gets about that. A squaddie gets £18k basic, which is about the top end of what an ambulance driver gets. A firefighter gets £28k. A police inspector with London weighting gets £48k, which is about what a new major, responsible for a company of 120 men and officers gets in the army. When was the last time you were shot at whilst living away from home 6months at a time? You get 300 applications for every opening. In the real world that would put significant downward pressure on wages. At some stage someone needs to bite the bullet and deal with the problem. The tube drivers are completely and utterly disconnected from the reality of what others in similar "vital services" are paid. There are a lot of groups of workers who need help from the unions. Train drivers are not one of them, and if anything ASLEF brings unionism, which in theory is a good and necessary thing, into disrepute. In the past, it was the behaviour of unions like ASLEF that has led to the loss of support for unions by the general public, to the detriment of many other workers.
  20. And yet the legal reality is that you still may end up paying B. I know this as I've worked in a companies where suppliers did to us almost precisely what is outlined in your scenario...on a number of different occasions. The law is one thing, reality another. e.g. although you may win the legal case, the reputational damage and question marks in investors minds arising from the litigation (and the attendant uncertainty about the outcome in their minds, as opposed to the legal reality) might be worse than just paying the cheating scum to go away.
  21. This. It was a credit bubble that did it then; it was a credit bubble that did it now.
  22. +1 This sort of shit gives unionism a bad name, and hence weakens the hands of other workers against real abuses. They should all be sacked today and replaced before the Olympics.
  23. I know a pair of female friends who have taken advantage of the new civil partnerships in just this way.
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