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  1. Why would you holiday in the UK when a weekend away in some hellish B&B costs the same as a week long holiday somewhere pleasant?
  2. In the 1980s a lot of houses around where I live were built with plastic water pipes rather than copper to save a few dollars. The pipes (more precisely, the joins) are now coming to the end of their lifespan. My stepfather just sold a 1980s house. The first join burst last year. We had another go whilst it was on the market. We've been lucky. The rest of the houses on the street have either had to replace their pipes or have numerous holes in their plaster to fix joins as they have cracked up. This has cost the owners many thousands of dollars in replastering, repiping and redecorating. If you plan on living in a new build house for a long time, make sure you get good pipes.
  3. The University of London used to do something quite close to this. An ex-gf's father did his Zoology degree like this from Malta in the 60s.
  4. It is a pity that in most cases you aren't. In the next 20 years vast swathes of universities will be replaced by online degrees from top tier institutions. Why pay £9000 p.a. to get a degree from a fourth-rate poly when you will be able to get one from Stanford for the same price? Those huge student fees will be the death of you. The rot set in when form over substance and managerialism took over the universities in the late 80s and early 90s. The change in ratios of management/administration to tenured academic staff being the dead give-away.
  5. Just make sure they report the interest to the HMRC like good citizens. p.s. They do have a banking license don't they?
  6. The first time I heard the total repayment will be was in 1981 when my 7th grade teacher told the class that he paid $30,000 for his house and he will have paid $80,000 to the bank by the time it was all paid back. My 11 year old mind reacted just as you said "that can't be right" and then pretzeled at the thought of paying all that interest to the bank. It made me very wary of debt.
  7. I wonder why his former student who discovered it isn't publishing it? I presume it is just the usual academic supervisor theft.
  8. Jesus Christ. I thought this was a piss take! These people are serious?! This is their utopia?! How about stop breeding like fecking rabbits instead?
  9. Fearsome? What is fearsome about a one bedroom luxury apartment?
  10. So why do you think IHT improves equality and social mobility? It clearly isn't a necessary condition. Perhaps something else is the cause of the problems you are trying to resolve?
  11. My grandmother died at the age of 94 recently. She scrimped and saved and denied herself everything, against all pleadings from her family, because she wanted to leave it to them. Lots of people of that generation seem to think this way.
  12. Perhaps, but why is a meritocracy better than the alternatives? Nature red in tooth and claw isn't pleasant. Besides, since intelligence is heritable, all you will be doing is "unfairly" shifting the favorable conditions to those with a good genetic heritage. Perhaps we should pith all the bright children to level the playing field? As it is, in most cases, wealth is squandered in a few generations. I don't see why we need to let the government be the ones doing the squandering.
  13. No there isn't. There is claw-back inheritance tax on gifts if the gifter pops their clogs within 7 years of giving, but not otherwise. If you gift the bulk of your estate away 7 years before you die, no tax is due, i.e. gifts are tax free.
  14. So you would also agree that there should be a gift tax? C'mon kids. 'ere is your XBox and you owe HMRC £100.
  15. It is still hazardous to be moral. What is your problem?!
  16. Governments hate cash. F****rs! Banks love electronic transactions as they take a chunk of each one. W****rs!
  17. Taken as read the guy is clearly retarded, is a poor judge of character and other people's motivations, and cannot balance a cheque book. And people want this scatterbrain to coach England?! You people are mad!
  18. Correct, as far as I can tell. Can't quite see how $2000 is going to help anyone who can't pay their mortgage though. Sounds just like another wealth transfer to Mr J P Morgan to help pay for bonus season to me.
  19. Good on you. I wonder how the seller would think if they knew their arrogant twats of an EA had lost them a sale?
  20. Why is this not reasonable in your eyes? You are getting this for free from the taxpayer. Lots of working families on low wages have to have children of both sexes in a single room because they cannot afford a large enough property - why should someone getting it for free do better? Having said that, given that the cost of housing is more about land than the actual cost of building, there isn't a fundamental reason why a rich nation like the UK cannot have a housing stock which houses everyone adequately...but until that is dealt with I cannot see why those on benefits should do better than many of those in work. Hypocrisy disclaimer: Mrs Woods has recently had a child. We livce in Australia. I am doing a little consultancy work, but mainly not earning as I am making a product to start a business further down the track. Before giving birth, Mrs Woods was working every day as a swimming teacher. Even after government paid parental leave finishes (which pays more than she could earn even in peak season), she will still earn more through government handouts by not going back to work than by returning to work (averaged over 1 year). It is insane. So, we have decided that if the government is going to create such coimpletely perverse incentives we might as well chav off the state like everyone else.
  21. I wouldn't you trust that bridge to support one of your fat birds, let alone a gaggle of buxom beauties!
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