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  1. Because then governments might act irresponsibly and overspend, weakening the pound and lowering the average standard of living by massive inflation...oh, wait a minute
  2. But the question is "why are the political class wanting people to do this?" Normally they don't want people to question government spending.
  3. Given that money is fungible, why not just publish a pie chart of government spending on a webpage and let everyone figure it out for themselves instead of p*ssing millions of pounds up the wall?
  4. Um. That position is fine as long as HSBC doesn't expect the government to underwrite their business...oh, wait a minute
  5. This and your following two posts were truly excellent and right on target.
  6. I once taught the student who got the second highest marks in Biological Sciences finals at Oxford University (in her year) how to add fractions at the beginning of her third undergraduate year. Effing amazing.
  7. You posted this from your mobile phone didn't you?! Predictive text (and my inability to shut the f***ing thing off permanently) is the bane of my existence.
  8. They also make money off people being bad traders, overcharging on the carry, and people trading badly (running losses and cutting wins) so this might not be completely crazy.
  9. Don't be ridiculous. The banks will pay the police to move them on. Starving urchins lower the value of properties, even when they aren't expiring on doorsteps. The scenario you outline would never be tolerated whilst there are perfectly good alleyways, trolley bins and underpasses.
  10. Just goes to show the level of respect advertisers have for their targets. Sadly, the last decade has shown that their position may be warranted. Very depressing. But it did make me laugh.
  11. It is rife amongst the working classes. One case in particular stands out in my mind of a young guy I knew at Oxford. Top law student at his college and finished with a first. Bright, a good talker, hard worker and a nice guy, but "identifiable" as working class by looks and accent. No job offer for him at a top London firm after graduation, and the people in his home village hated him for trying to escape..
  12. They didn't fail to see it coming, else they wouldn't have dumped the stocks in their pension at the peak and put all the cash into inflation linked bonds.
  13. Spot on. Not too many people I know begrudge earned wealth, wealth from luck etc. It is the wealth from corruption that irks, especially, as you say, when the poor are paying for it.
  14. It isn't far from reasonable. From the age of 15 I worked between 16 and 20 hours a week whilst going to school packing supermarket shelves on the weekends, evenings and early mornings and much more during the holidays. The financial freedom was wonderful. It taught me the value of money, and it taught me that I never wanted to be that far down the food chain ever again.
  15. But that is not the way of human nature. What will happen is the useless eaters will be vilified, beaten, herded and gassed.
  16. Here is you answer, at least in the medium term:
  17. My feeling is that this is a fake or from someone stupidly junior. I wish it wasn't though.
  18. This is certainly doable in Australia, but I'd suspect you would be on a hiding to nowhere in the UK.
  19. The advantages to plastic over copper would have to be extreme to make up for having to rip out half your walls every 25 years.
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