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  1. My NHS dentist seems to refer anything remotely difficult to one of the most expensive private practices in town.In my case the private dentist she referred me to is an Indian who also owns a bank in India and another business. To have a 35 year old root filling re-done the charge is likely to be £900 + and then £214 nhs charge for a new pin and crown.I was not confident or wealthy enough to proceed so asked my dentist to refer me to a NHS dental hostpital but she said it was not allowed. I then asked my GP to refer me, to which he agreed, as long as my dentist sent the original referal letter to my GP. However my dentist is not co-operating. An x-ray revealed a circular shadow near the root tip which may be infection or even a cavitation/ necrosis and may be the cause of the many years of lower jaw pain which has been diagnosed as Trigeminal Neuropathy. Does my dentist care? evidently not. I believe she may receive a fee from the private dentist and is having a strop at the expense of my heath. This should not be happening in NHS dentistry and I am not the only one being treated in this way. My dentist is not English.
  2. Goldman and others setting their gold price forecasts ever lower, Boe paper revealing veiled proposal for stealing depositors funds in the event of future Bank failures and so many European Banks on the edge of collapse. Who will end up with gold on the cheap ? Goldman and their wealthiest clients perhaps ? Central Banks bought 77 tonnes in 2010, 457 tonnes in 2011 and 535 tonnes in 2012. So be your own CB and if the ongoing correction spooks you to unload you could also be kissing goodbye to a pile of money on deposit . Does anyone know of a safe investment ?
  3. Many thanks Asheron, ignore the self appointed forum police.
  4. dragonfly

    Ed Milliband

    Go much further and take away the power of the Banks to lend money into existence with interest. Let them earn a more honest living by lending out money on deposit and then they will no longer be able to hold us to ransom. Their bonuses would evaporate and salaries would dive. Produce the politician who would do this and we would stand a chance of avoiding the nighmare that threatens the majority of us.
  5. Numbnuts Joe has buying and selling costs plus interest to pay,so he does not walk away with110k.
  6. We took advice from a solicitor, Shelter and the CAB and it was classed as an AST with notice being given under a Section 21. Rental after RTC slipped under the radar, so could have been valid. We did try to meet half way but Mother decided to use a sledge hammer to crack a wall nut . ££££££££ .
  7. MY parents had an idea that maybe the summer of 2007 was a market top for the inherited flat at that time, gave them about £120,000 profit plus the 4 years tax free rent from us.As for my Grandparents they were content in renting from the Council as the maintenance was down to the Council but the owning of the flat gave them unwanted anxieties as they were in their eighties.The total breakdown in our relationship was all about the verbal agreement that was not honoured, simply trust between mother and daughter. My Mother also scared the life out of my then 16 year old daughter who was home alone when 2 bailifs tried to intimidate her into answering the door to receive the letter of notice. No apology to my Daughter has ever been given. So the desire for money has cost them part of their small family.
  8. My parents provided the funding and somewhat bullied my grandparents into a right to buy of their flat during the mid 1990's and when my grandparents had to move to a warden assisted home in 2003 we (myself, husband and daughter) moved in as my parents tenants with the rent paid in cash, no rent book or tenancy contract, just by verbal agreement. I obtained receipt of the rent from my mother on the understanding that it was kept under wraps. Two years later my grandparents died and by 2007 my parents, wanting but not needing to sell, gave us notice and engaged in verbal abuse and strong arm tactics as we put up token resistance just to give us a little more than 2 months notice. The verbal agreement prior to moving in, in 2003 was that we could live in the flat for as long as we needed it, which in the end was a further year. My Mother disputed this and called me a liar. That spelled the end for our relationship. So I would urge that you should proceed with caution by means of a legal contract as families do effectively evict family members especially when money is involved. Shelter will tell you this and much more.
  9. Credibility would be restored to HPC if you and your kind of dictators respected the rules of the forum and engaged in a civil manner. Many members contribute to and enjoy the PM forum and Asheron's contribution is valued by myself for one.
  10. Central Banks across the Globe are accumulating significant amounts of Gold and if this continues supply will dwindle. Therefore I have taken note of James Turk who for some years now has urged people to be "your own Central Bank".The way events are playing out I believe he is correct.
  11. Loved listening to Bob Chapman, a man who passed on what he believed based on his vast experience and knowledge. An airwave friend. The letter from his daughter imply that Victor may hold the key to the issue over the blood samples which indicated that the markers were reducing when they should have been sky high.
  12. Living in the UK I have wondered how you approach buying the above or similar especially the added currency risk?
  13. This is quite possible as western central banks including the Boe have now realised that the end is drawing near as the gold travels to the east. What better way than to drive the price down, shake out all of the weak hands and make a last grab for what may be cheap gold. Alternatively it is a heathy natural correction which is unsurprising after the run up last Summer. Those who want to take advantage, load up and those who don't please give a viable alternative - plan B.
  14. Agreed, efficiency is paramount but Martenson's main thrust was that our economies are so dependant on oil, that it's production is past peak and falling,the peak for descoveries was in 1964 and falling along with much lower oil quality. He also claims that we are approaching using the energy from 1 barrel of oil to produce 1 barrel of oil. He also claims that the Bp well that blew out in the Gulf of Mexico only contained enough oil for 12 to 24 hrs of World requirement. Many other natural resources are in a similar boat. Unless we can find a new source of energy and manage what is left of the existing, Martenson believes 2013 could lead us over a cliff in our Exponential World.
  15. Land that you could put to good productive use with a wood burning tractor.
  16. This video, which can be viewed on Goldmoney.com, featured Chris Martenson's presentation at the Gold & Silver meeting in Madrid 29/11/2011. Just enter the search on GM and watch one of the most important presentations you will ever see (it is not about Precious Metals).
  17. If she thinks the mail service is so f---ing wonderful perhaps she should spend some time at our local sorting office and teach some of the pond life how to access redirection address labels, stick them on our letters and deliver them to our new address - 12 in5 months. Then perhaps she should stop some of the office night cleaners from sleeping in the offices. Then perhaps she should stop the blatant moonlighting.
  18. Could you at least make it a rusty one with a picture of Nick Clegg on it.
  19. This is a very big story. Number 10 according to Cruddas being used as a House of Bribery. Holier-than-thou Camera-on, obviously unaware (my ****) and suitably disgusted ( yeah we know Dave). He is the PM, he is the figure head of the Conservative Party, he laid out his stance over MP's expenses, he should resign immediately. Did Glaxo whisper in Osborne's ear at Restaurant George with regard to their statement the day after the Budget?
  20. The CFTC has been supplied with enough evidence of the manipulation of gold and silver and just look the other way. Genuine price discovery is as far away as ever but the many smash downs are perfect buying oppotunities for those who do not have weak hands in the first place. As for stealing client funds just ask Gerald Celente about how they robbed him blind. You should consider keeping as much out of the bankster system as possible. Whistleblower? try telling us something we don't already know.
  21. dragonfly


    I have followed ukip with interest for many years having complete mistrust of most polititians. Farage has to ditch his cosiness with his bankster friends before he gets my nod.
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