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  1. Never heard so much ramping in all my life. They sounded like a couple of dot con cowboys. Funny that Middlesbrough was mentioned because I don't live too far away. In truth there are some decent places around but 'Boro ain't the nicest of places. You would be amazed how many flats and new builds are shooting up here, all well beyond the reach of most locals. I know people who are investing in them as well!
  2. Well, we've run up the debts and now it's probably time for the asset striping Marconis discussing buyout Wonder if the Chinese will acquire their design rights and then let them go bankrupt. After that they can buy them on the cheap.
  3. Hmmmm, I kind of agree. I did a calc on my house in Yorkshire and seriously doubt it has gone up from £160k in Q3 2003 to £210k Q2 2005. I know it's a broad based average but it doesn't even resemble reality here.
  4. Depends if you're looking at TA or FA stuff. There's a TA board in the Investor Roundtable but perhaps Pauly Pilots Pub would be best for FA type arguments. TA Board Pauly Pilot
  5. Another weekend, another pointless Halifax survey. All we need is the BoE to say that there is a link between HPI and consumer spending A real shame about Cornwall and it's happening in North Yorkshire too.
  6. I guess we should all aspire to having stupid children, eh?
  7. Good reading, but it may get you into fighting mode on a Sunday which isn't so good! It's about time the media take a more aggressive stance on GB, he's been getting away with murder for so long. I wonder how long it will be before the likes of The Sun turn on him?
  8. I went to view a Wimpey homes today and can't say I was impressed. Very small rooms and you could swing a cat in the kitchen. Even with the incentives I wouldn't bother buying it. I left thinking, "If this is as good as it gets, I'm moving country!".
  9. Really good point and one that nost people don't understand what the implications will be. * How will they save for retirement. * Will they whore themselves to servicing the mortgage. * All their money will be in one asset class - a classic mistake. It may also be worth pointing out excatly the problems the housing market is causing the UK. For example, consumers spending now dead in the water causing sever wobbles in the economy. We have an economy that seems entirely based on people taking more debt and confidence in the housing market. Good luck, I'll tune in. Edit: You could also
  10. For a bearish web site, it's interesting to see that the vote is more or less even! Good luck to you anyway. I suspect with IRs due to fall and Gordon fudging of the cycle, we could well be heading for the GSD. We'll see in 6-12 months or so.
  11. Same here. They tired to more than double my premium so I'm going to cancel it (I still have a little claim outstanding though). I reckon the insurance companies are a bit worried, dread to think what their liabilities could be looking like.
  12. Perhaps, but he still gets away with it. It's a funny old game, you always end having to wait for more data and I think that's what we are all having to do. Lets see what the market looks like by the end of the year.
  13. You reckon? It means he may not be raising taxes to plug a defecit and with interest rates widely reckoned to fall the housing market may well have a lot of support for it. As much as I dislike Brown, this is a very sly political move he has done.
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