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  1. Rather an ambiguous statement - does it mean the number of buy-to-let mortgage deals available from leaders has doubled since 2008, or the number of buy-to-let mortgages on BTL property has doubled? The latter seems highly unlikely to me, even though many readers would assume that's what it's saying.
  2. Pension fund managers, CEOs, it's all 'executive pay' and all relative. Nobody there wants to see any of it trimmed otherwise there's not as much long grass to hide in.
  3. Try answering the question. What actual meaning does "so what, you have the vote" have in this context. What "vote" do I have, or anybody has, that has any real effect on an economic policy that's robbing them. You wrote the words.
  4. It's not about being given more (real) money though is it? It's about not having existing money eroded (stolen) through a deliberate policy of inflation. After all, money generally represents the proceeds of work stored away for later, or for a "rainy day". Seems reasonable to want it to at least maintain its value. If, using the same analogy, somebody commits to do x amount of work in the future, but later decides it's too much for them after all, it's not morally acceptable for the government to force the prudent saver into a degree of slavery to relieve the debtor. Unfortunately, morality isn't a fashionable virtue.
  5. I thought it had been explained to the public quite recently that the underlying cause of recent inflation was solely caused by a lot of prices having going up over the past twelve months. By taking today's prices and applying them to an assumed basket of goods 12 months forward, it can be seen that inflation is expected to fall so no interest rise is appropriate, although the BoE would remain vigilant in case the outlook should change.
  6. It's that higher-than-expected again. This time they're expecting it. We're all safe in their hands.
  7. CPI would have fallen, but in the event did rise solely due to the prices of some items in the 'basket' having risen. But for those rises the forecast would have been correct. These unforseen rises are clearly a temporary factor and so can be overlooked for the purposes of monetary policy which looks at the forecast for inflation two years into the future. And sorrry no, we can't find the piece of paper that had the forecast on it from two years ago.
  8. No, because a hundred property programmes and the media frenzy had no bearing on price rises, which were solely controlled by the "fundamentals". Oddly enough they seem now to be blind to the fundamentals that were so important in the past.
  9. Really is quite astonishing, the complete disconnection by the media, and by extension the huge slice of the brainwashed population, between the banking crisis and by far the most visible symptom it caused. A society packed with utter windowlickers.
  10. Posters on here can rarely predict with any accuracy when Halifax and Nationwide figures are coming out. How can Sir Alan Budd be expected to compile his independent forecasts under such conditions?
  11. If you're talking about net worth, extrapolating the most recent valuation for houses that have sold in order to come up with a value for the entire housing stock, surely only covers one half of the equation. The other, more inconvenient half, that is to realise those valuations an equal amount of debt has to be taken out and cancels out any gain in net worth, appears to have been missed out.
  12. Same area, only anecdotal but there does seem been a very noticeable increase in the number of For Sale signs in the York area the last few days. As many, if not more, To Let signs appearing as well.
  13. No, what will in fact happen is the rise in CPI/RPI will be excused as a temporary blip caused by a one-off factor, and will be overlooked so far as monetary policy is concerned. Any letters between the Governor and the Chancellor (the letters we've seen before that may as well be written by the same person) will confirm this. Needless to say, when the reverse happened, the drag on the RPI/CPI caused by the same temporary factor required savage interest cuts to stave off deflation.
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