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  1. The sound of S&P asleep at the wheel?
  2. "now with patented arm action; you too can activate the printing press over and over and over, almost like in real life"
  3. Reallocate diversity officers' salary towards making accommodation habitable is a start. Stopping all this prochoice nhs crap (nice to have if you run a surplus as a government). I came from a damp house as a child and had a permanently bad chest. Fortunately my father was given a belling woodburner by a local farmer and he managed to plumb it in himself which vastly reduced condensation and dampness. Also, by definition, not everyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps, some just need help by people who actually give a sh1t as opposed to being treated as state "clients".
  4. It's a lot to do with self respect. The children in the programme I thought were articulate and insightful; certainly aware of their predicament and to hear a 6 year old basically say "I know it's hard now, but it will be harder when I am an adult. I don't want to grow up" was truly heart-breaking. Given the comments, I am sure that some posters on this thread must have been watching Shameless by accident.
  5. http://www.mortgagefinancegazette.com/article/First-time-buyers-back-tougher-mortgage-rules-231019.html Almost eight out of 10 first-time buyers (79 per cent) think banks and building societies lent irresponsibly before the credit crunch and over a third (38 per cent) do not think they can be trusted to lend responsibly in the future. These are the findings of a YouGov poll, commissioned by Shelter, which revealed that 75 per cent of people wanting to get their first step on the housing ladder support stronger mortgage regulation, despite the fact it will stop some people getting a mortgage. Shelter is calling on the Financial Services Authority to implement reforms set out in the Mortgage Market Review and for the government to support this. The survey respondents did not agree that easy credit was the answer to overpriced housing with 84 per cent of first-time buyers believing that banks should only offer mortgages to borrowers who can prove they can afford it. Other findings from the survey showed that 53 per cent of first-time buyers agree the high cost of homes, not the availability of credit (41 per cent), is the biggest barrier to them getting on the ladder. While 28 per cent said they had been offered a bigger mortgage than they had asked for, or knew someone that had. Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “This survey shows people really want simple, common sense rules in place to ensure people borrow money responsibly. What is most striking is the level of support amongst first-time buyers who clearly want greater protection and are well aware it might limit their chances of getting mortgage credit in the future. “So far the voice of the consumer has been completely drowned out by the mortgage industry, when in reality it is this very group who most recognise the need for stability in the market. We must not let banks go back to the old ways of irresponsible and reckless lending.” Shelter said the housing minister is calling on the Financial Services Authority to delay the introduction of new rules to help protect people from irresponsible lending. But the survey shows 65 per cent of first-time buyers think politicians need to be doing more to prevent irresponsible lending. Robb continued: “It’s high time the housing minister stopped bowing to the banking lobby and ignoring the advice of economic experts and consumers who have sent clear signals that mortgage lenders need to clean their act up.” “We are set for some really tough times ahead as repossessions are already starting to rise and more and more people struggle under the combined pressures of VAT rises, increasing unemployment and sky high living costs. "If we compound this by allowing irresponsible lending to make a return to the market, it will spell disaster for our fragile housing market and will undoubtedly result in many more people across the country needlessly losing their homes.” Matt Griffith, from first-time buyer group Priced Out, added: “First time buyers have borne the brunt of loose mortgage lending in the past. Loose lending has driven up house prices to sky high levels and first-time buyers have too often been expected to take unacceptably high financial risks when trying to get on the ladder. “First-time buyers know that getting on the housing ladder is hard work, and we are prepared to work and save to get there. What we don't need is a housing market that behaves like a casino. We just want to buy a home to live in, not a life of risky debt. "We expect the government to protect us from irresponsible lending and make sure our interests are put before those of the mortgage lobby.”
  6. If governments had to pay tax, they would try and avoid it too; the fish rots from the head
  7. does eRRanta drive a PoRsChE* RR=roll royce=british Porchse is german derived from Volkswagen (nazi germany) WW3 is to be a rerun of WW2
  8. It was the government who agreed to these ludicrous prices that ripped us off, not the companies who quoted them.
  9. Surely poverty is more "stop sky sports or sky movies? Let's just downgrade back to sky+ instead of sky HD"
  10. [quote name=Oh Well ' timestamp='1305231555' post='2985711] David Willetts is a knob. He seems to be one of those people who got an undeserved reputation for being clever - hence "two brains". Actually he is a dullard and not as funny as Peter Sellers in"BeingThere". I am sure he has never done anything as useful as gardening. It's far worse. You should read his book called "The Pinch"
  11. I applied for some for my 4 year old (can't do it online, but by post). My understanding is that under-7s cannot hold directly but a guardian can hold them for the benefit of an under-7, hence my application.
  12. why would you use up ISA allowance on them when they are already tax free?
  13. Yeah, he's gay so he must fkin love it. You are "THEBIGMAN" in title only......well done you!
  14. Please please let it be roledl out into all boroughs so that leechfck Bob Crowe gets hammered....
  15. Would Scotland cope if england withdrew all public sect jobs from Scotland?
  16. Presumeably you have already fitted one-way bullet proof glass to your house....
  17. they take the average ofhte past 3 months (in this case feb, mar and april) and compare it with the average of feb 10, mar 2010 and apr2010.
  18. Merv has little control over the long-end but currently has total control over the short end. He could expand QE to buy gov debt to try and tamp down the long-end temporarily but as soon as inflation expectations start to rise more and more QE will have decreasing affect on long end rates (look at how much bang for the buck the SNB got when they started invtervening in the swiss franc market, compared to the affect of their last operation).
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