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  1. nothing to do with merv, I am afraid. Remeber Paulson's meeting with Brown and Darling.......
  2. I agree. He will resign out of principle (one of the only people in the industry who has any)
  3. fell due to a reduction in mortgage exit fees and clothing. No wonder the government were keen to outlaw the exit fees!!!!
  4. more to the point, overnight rate has just jumped by 60bps! not sure why this shold jump and 3m shold drop
  5. exactly. This appears to be different. It is like someone giving you a 3 day loan while a cheque clears, as opposed to giving you cash beacuse you have no assets whatsoever.
  6. only of there is enough money left after Hovnanian (US housebuilder) 3 day fire sale of unsold inventory
  7. which is why people have to apply for mortgages (again and again). Most are for refi I suspect.
  8. these are simple zero coupon bonds plus a call option on the ftse. They have been around since mid 90s or so. if zero coupon bond costs 70, the option will cost around 23. the bank keeps 3% risk free and passes 5% onto the IFA (or keeps itself if sold direct).
  9. meh. just asking ben to reduce rates. "Brand Greenspan" has been dented as of late (getting blamed for bubble).
  10. you don't want to know what AAA cdos are trading (hint: begins with a "6")
  11. I want him to drop rates. Equities will popup in the short term, but when it becomes apparent that US libor is not going to follow (i.e. the FED cannot fix this) the markets will tumble and then this party will really get started.
  12. Just to point out that this is the same Michael Lewis who wrote "Liar's Poker" and is a very very good journalist.
  13. "Average outstanding mortgage for the 11.8m households who currently have mortgages is £96,560 Average interest paid by each household on their total debt is approximately £3,700 each year (this equates to 9% of take home pay)." this is an interest rate of less than 3.7%?
  14. only for o/n lending though. 3m is where the trouble is.
  15. or maybe the MPC is meeting this week "please drop rates".
  16. they still haev to buy the FTSE call in case markets continue rising. though I dare say the gouge the client for around 8% (though 5% of that will go to an IFA).
  17. getting a baby's head through a birth canal does not appear to be particularly good design. maybe god doesn't like women.....
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