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  1. Could the kid who attended public school have still gotten 9 As had he also been disadvantaged?
  2. I would choose uni, 2 babies and a life of tv. They are not mutually exclusive.....
  3. That knowledge is already flowing one way to china as we speak. Do You honestly believe that there aren't Chinese who can code and develop the montecarlo simulations that you do on a daily basis? Just look at where the most advanced worms and viruses come from, for example.
  4. Of course! Uk is a closed system, silly me. Doesn't matter if Vietnamese are willing to do the job for one fifth of the cost.....
  5. Have your wages increased by 5% in the past year?
  6. Not necessarily; they just have to say whether the income matches or not. Saying what someone's income isn't is very different
  7. It rather reads like the report from 2007 from these guys, but with the days changed from 2012 to 2015 or whatever....
  8. Only a matter of time before an automated cross check. Mwahahaha
  9. My father has just started buying physical gold and silver. Maybe it's the middle classes holding gold and the top 1% holding cash, which they will use to buy assets after the mother of all deflations. This is assets vs fiat, and fiat looks incredibly cheap at the moment.......
  10. She is not paying the bank for the use of the flat, she is paying the bank for the use of the money she borrowed. As the principal has not been paid off, she owes the interest. Next she will be asking to stop paying finance on her car if she crashes it. Lenders could show some forebearance but she is not entitled to forbearance.
  11. Just hope they have proper segregated accounts.... Edited to add Just saw tbats beat me, and in a far more informative manner
  12. not for much longer. PArliament recalled for hte 11th
  13. Do you really think that someone with sisters named Hortensia and Tabitha would say "less children"?
  14. Besides, if there was a shortage of food, the smart ones would devise ingenious ways of eating the dumb ones in a sustainable way (Orwell's Time Machine etc)
  15. Yeah, but the state parks are closed and the state beaches now have $15 entry charge
  16. Southsea? They went bust on 16th June I think, and this data is for month prior to 9th July.
  17. Maybe the bank tapping the BoE already went bust (Southsea Bank)
  18. I utilise private school, private healthcare and commute to work on a bicycle. I want a refund for not accepting your "low service" (though I don't think I will have much of a choice about the contempt part)
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