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  1. I've got a great idea for a business; I'm going to borrow 100mln from a bank at 5% interest and stick it on deposit at 4% for ten years.. Excluding debt, I make a profit of 4mln per year which over 10 years is 40mln. I will then sell the business for 30mln (to facilitate a quick sale) to someone willing to ignore the liability side of the balance sheet
  2. skyscraper index is well known, along with the hemline index and the columbian kidnap index
  3. You know that and I know that, but the keynesians don't know that
  4. Nothing changed has changed since the labour government (except for the bank accounts that the developers pay Into)
  5. I just added "Added by kilroy on 2012-01-06 09:57:01 less affordable for benefit claimants leads to more affordable for hardworking families. I love the way these "stories" imply that the landlords would rather knock down their house or leave it empty rather actually dropping rents (implication in the story is that the accomodation will be removed from supply). If landlords can't afford to drop the rent then they will have to sell up to someone who can afford to charge a cheaper rent (or better still, priced-out buyers). Good to see that the housing market is moving slowly back towards the capitalist model of supply and demand, away from the current situation of government handouts for landlords, which effectively price out the local working population." However, I expect it will be removed shortly
  6. A monopoly owned by a government of a country with a tax evasion problem increasIng prices (effectively a tax rise by any oher name) is hardly a symptom of rip roaring inflation, especially in Greece where they can't actually print locally.
  7. [quote name=Oh Well ' timestamp='1324490859' post='3214185] The feed in tariff is immoral. Any of you who take advantage of it should be ashamed. So, what value do you put on the internalised cost of carbon emissions?
  8. don't tell me, tell the taxi driver. He's the one what got it wrong
  9. Plus the fact that solar pv panels are still dropping in price on a daily basis, the gov was right to target the IRR (and I am in the industry!)
  10. Won't someone please think of the poor RMBS holders....
  11. Isn't it normally a beast of a monthly fall this time of year?
  12. What is wrong with tapping the vast sums of cash that BTPS and the other large pension funds have? They have to invest the money somewhere, and inflation-linked assets are thin on the ground
  13. Gordon the fool made us beholden to the debt markets (our creditors), and we will be beholden until we no longer need debt
  14. What about the farmer who wants to hedge his wheat crop? What about importers and exporters who want to hedge fx risk (if you buy one currency you must short another)?
  15. In terms off food and fuel, there is nothing to keep a lid on that other than price controls on the food and fuel we export; if we can't afford the import price the goods will go to other countries that can
  16. More like home owning taxpayers realise that it won't help hem sell their overpriced tat taverns
  17. I read it differently. Anybody trying to move up the mythical ladder are screwed as most first time buyers will now be in the Market for new builds only. First time buyer demand for existing housing stock just went through the floor.....
  18. You are joking right? Banks made the majority of their money by borrowing short term and lending long term, capturng the difference between these interest rates. Now that the curve is pretty flat there is no net interest margin to be made here. Add in the fact that their funding costs are sky high and you see there is not much room profit (especially after defaults have been reserved for).
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