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  1. Last time I looked, private sector pensions were running 20-30% deficits
  2. Fractional reserve (work) banking. Works everywhere else.....
  3. Does all this lexographical chicanery work in any language or is it just English?
  4. So no problem with having your assets in soon to be peseta or drachma and your liabilities in euros?
  5. Skills gained from a very good public school
  6. Well it's the gov's job to look after infirm parents and 30 year old kids who can't afford to move out...
  7. As a parent the choice may be stark; have your child rent from a slumlord paid for by the taxpayer, or have them rent from you, paid for by the taxpayer.....
  8. It was my understanding that loans made to customers by banks had to be subsidised in order for the loans to become eligible collateral for the scheme. As ever though, the devil will be in the detail....
  9. I wonder how astra-nominal the government subsidy is.......
  10. Looks like they were renovating as a trade. They should have been paying tax on that. Should have stayed quiet and sucked it up. Who on here is going to shop them?
  11. used to work when the balance transfer charge from the card was 3% and capped at £35 or so. Nowadays, charge is uncapped so that 3% upfront charge is what you can realistically expect to earn after tax over 12-18 months. I used to do it with my offset mortgage when base + 100bps was 6%.
  12. My understanding is that when rates dropped people did not like paying high rates and tried to cancel only to be hit with large redemption fees (which effectively represents the mark-to-market on the swap used to hedge).
  13. That example with Alice and Paul basically means that Paul is basically providing a credit enhancement, on which he will earn a spread. Not dissimilar to be the tried, tested and failed monoline model. What could possibly go wrong?
  14. It wasn't expecting a bailout, but as soon as the government signalled it was giving one, why wouldn't they expect one (and indeed position themselves to get it)
  15. Given the way house prices are (re)presented in the media, I would argue that the answers to the survey given by agents and surveyors may be prone to optimism.....
  16. This. Though I am looking at a 7 yr fixed rate offset at Chelsea for 3.8% or so. Potentially very cheap liquidity over the next few years.
  17. "what are we going to do wih all the sh1tty tat we can't sell?" "open up a Christmas shop in huddersfield; they'll buy anything" [guffaws]
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