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  1. I think it is very damned rude to be 'Tweeting' between courses, what has the BBC become to be employing chaps like this? I shall be cancelling my licence fee in the morning.
  2. Predictions for 2010: DENMAN wins the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Bet your house, mortgage, rent money on it. MURRAY gets dumped out of Wimbledon at the semi-final stages. ENGLAND win the World Cup. er that's it... Oh and LANCE ARMSTRONG returns to win his 8th Tour de France. Sorry, not depressing enough?
  3. Same as it ever was. Friend of mine, her first job after graduating was working in a Job Centre in Manchester. One day a bloke comes in with a carrier bag full of dog turd and starts throwing it around the office shouting; "how do you f***ers like it for a change!" Sorry, no-one deserves to take that kind of abuse at work. And this was in the early 90's. Plus ca change...
  4. Then could I respectfully suggest that you move on? All of the French people that I know (and this includes people from the far left) wholeheartedly agree with the principle of banning the wearing of the burka. After all, in a society that is founded on the principles of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality, such displays of religious dogma cut right across the fundementals of the French cultural and political identity, regardless of who is the incumbent in the Elysees Palace. Cheap (and ill informed) shot. Oh and it was 30 degrees on this side of the country today.
  5. A pedant writes; Peter Sellers was the union rep in a missile factory - 'I'm All Right Jack' Boulting Brothers comedy 1959. Kenneth Cope played the union rep in the bog factory, literally, as it was named W C Boggs & Sons, in the 1971 Film 'Carry On at Your Convenience'. However, top films both!
  6. Metropolitan Police officers take the opportunity to beat up protesters; And the news is..?
  7. On the micro level, you may gain some pleasure out of this. But on the macro level, there will be damaging repercussions across the whole of the economy/society, not just effecting the fools who got sucked into the 'must get onto the property ladder' mass hypnosis of the last 10 years. That's the really sad part.
  8. I'm glad to see that at least they don't spend a lot of money on their web site. How very prudent of them!
  9. Since the low of New Year's Eve, sterling has been recovering against the euro, is this a dead cat bounce, or a sustained recovery? Is it the euros turn to take a thrashing?
  10. Now wouldn't it be nice if people actually respected other people, their neighbours, the street that they lived in, their town etc... Sorry everyone but the UK is f****d and this thread is symptomatic of all that is wrong with the place.
  11. Agreed; 'Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning'. With apologies to the Greatest Briton.
  12. The best ever Chancellor ever, ever? I seem to remember that it was once suggested that Margaret Thatcher had delusional fantasies about becoming the Monarch? Every Prime Minister wants to leave their legacy and I think quite frankly such behaviour is to be expected of such highly driven individuals. However, that is not the issue. Who do we trust to run the country? David Cameron and his gang of old Etonion cronies, surely a kickback to the old 'high' Tory days when the only qualification for high office was the old school tie. Or Gordon Brown and his Labour Party acolytes, who at least bring a veneer of democracy to the proceedings?
  13. Over the years my job has allowed me the priviledge of meeting many veterans of the D Day landings. These men have seen horrors that my generation cannot imagine, yet we somehow suppose we have the right to pass judgement and make glib comments about them and their comrades (some of whom died in the most horrendous circumstances) for our own contemporary political point scoring. Whatever the politics involved, the human sacrifice should not be forgotten. That surely is what today, 11th November, is all about?
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