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  1. New apartments would not meet minimum space requirements of Germany or Ireland. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7612384.stm
  2. I find it worrying that the police apparently* stood by while the bailiffs committed alleged ABH against this fellow. As misguided as he may be in his financial dealings, violence is not warranted. *at least according to the article.
  3. We could play the national anthem at half speed. There wouldn't be time for anything else after that.
  4. I did wonder whether this was the reason for Bush donning his jacket and looking acutely uncomfortable halfway through the athlete's parade.
  5. This begs the question as to why a trainee accountant was given authority over £44m of taxpayer's money.
  6. Pumped storage is definitely practical; it's just forced hydro. As for that plant in Denmark, it stretches the term 'practical'. The thing is absolutely titchy at 8KW. There would undoubtedly be big problems sourcing enough precious metals to scale the design of the HFCs economically.
  7. The only renewable you can realistically use as a 'base-load' in the UK is hydro. All other renewables are supplementary (they're not even suitable as load-followers). I really don't think battery support on renewable recharge from solar and wind is viable as for just one household you need an epic amount of battery capacity - You'd probably fair better with a inertial storage flywheel but that's another big and complicated (and dangerous as of 2008) proposition. I'm not even convinced that wind power is at all viable in it's current form as the MTBF on full-scale turbines seems problematically low.
  8. Probably a VI with a Hummer Speaking of which - aren't the swines now speculating on refined fuel futures and driving those up separately from the crude price? :angry:
  9. IIRC the average Spanish (hosehold?) income is about £16,500 so an average home price of about £50,000 may seem reasonable.
  10. Try to remember that the BBC's target audience have difficulty counting higher than 5 without using fingers.
  11. Call me malicious but I'd suggest to her 'nan' that she MEWs it to the nines and blows the ruddy lot
  12. Well it's a good theory so I won't mock you but I'll hope you're wrong all the same
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