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  1. CrashTestDummy - you really should stop. If you keep using this discussion form to actually "discuss" things, rather than post link after link of negative news articles about the economy... then you will find that you will be labelled a troll and have your picture changed like mine!
  2. I hope your Google search was informative.
  3. Certainly, the explanation being that an event with a discrete probability lying between 0 and 1 will definitely happen if the time horizon over which it can happen has no upper bound. Therefore, the chance of aliens landing on Earth is 1, if I neglect to specify a time constraint. (Making the assumption that #The chances of anything coming from Mars, are a million to one# - as in War of the Worlds. I am unaware of the actual figure - but it is certainly over 0.0 which makes my statement true). In conclusion - I was backing up my statement that there is no need to be scared of cgnao's constant doom mongering. Of course something bad is going to happen - if you dont specify when, then it is a certainty (which is why he has been saying the same thing for 3 years now),
  4. Ok thanks, now we're getting somewhere. Now... why not?
  5. I only asked why the principal differed when I was called an idiot - and instead of anyone explaining why there is any difference (evidently, there is none) - I get abused instead.
  6. It seems that inflammatory on here means "something that makes people question what they naively believe to be true and are too ashamed to address"
  7. Oh, now I know what the word troll means: HPC.co.uk definition: "Someone who asks a question that no-one knows how to intelligently answer"
  8. Ok I'm not entirely sure what's going on here - but I have suspicions there are a bunch of restless teenagers in the midst. What started out as a potentially interesting discussion has been reduced to childlike behaviour. How are you both ever going to own property if you aren't mature enough to act like adults?
  9. Sorry are you talking about me or Bloo Loo?
  10. Excuse me? I think you may be slightly confused as to what has just happened: I made a statement You called me an idiot (I'm assuming it was because you disagreed with my statement) I then asked you to explain why you disagreed with my statement You replied "you first" I put it to you that I don't disagree with my statement - so cannot explain why I disagree with it since I don't You still appear to want me to explain why I disagree with my statement - even though you are the only one that disagrees. (And you call me a troll!) I don't think constructive discussions are meant to work like this.
  11. Well like my post suggests, I don't believe that the principal differs at all... so I don't exactly need to explain it so I
  12. Mark my words... Earth is going to be visited by aliens! (I'm not going to say when.... as time tends to infinity, the probability tends to 1)
  13. Then please explain to this idiot why the principal differs?
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