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  1. The town of Clacton is a great community, nice in Summer and I would recommend a day out there to anyone as it has great beaches, a great pier and other attractions, not to mention the annual air show which attracts tens of thousands. Admittedly Jaywick is obviously deprived, but many of the residents enjoy the spirit of the place. I can easily see why people who have not spent any time in the area, would not be able to grasp the essence of a place like Clacton and it's surrounding environs.. it is not suited to everyone, but I would happily live there over most other towns in the UK, particu
  2. "Surely Its Student Housing And Bed Sits That Have Caused The Problem?" Sir, your rhetoric is quite ridiculous. I would not be so sure that students are the cause of the problem and would be tempted to look elsewhere i.e. immigration, bank lending, media, the intrinsic level of greed in the overall general population.. for example!! Like I said, ridiculous statement!
  3. They never left us behind. We're still here and they'll always have to put up with us!
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