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  1. This has become a forum for complete nutters. You make the Nazi Party look like compassionate libertarians.
  2. PS There is no such thing as a 'free' market. All markets are rigged to a greater or lesser degree. The so called free interplay between supply and demand beloved of economics textbook writers is quite illusory. Control of the markets is in the hands of vested interest groups whose sole motivation is personal enrichment. The word 'free' should never be used in relation to markets.
  3. It all boils down to envy. It is human nature to want to deny something that you do not or cannot have to someone else. It applies not just to pensions but to many aspects of life. Governments, media, etc. love this tactic...it is the oldest and dirtiest trick in the book. In turbulent times they will pit one section of society against another in order to deflect attention from the real culprits. People are so gullible...they always fall for it. Look no further than public bar rhetoric, newspaper headlines, internet forums, etc. Expect more squabbling and antagonisms in the coming months. Sad - is it not?
  4. Yet another rant about baby boomers. A few weeks ago it was public sector workers, benefit claimants, pensioners et al. Silly me...I always thought that the financial crisis was caused by the excesses of investment banks aided and abetted by negligent politicians. Who will be the culprits next week I wonder? Gawd what twaddle is peddled on the forum these days.
  5. I will not criticise HPC site users. After all they did predict Armageddon in house prices plus a massive stock market crash every week. Hold on......!! Dancer7 (well heeled baby boomer in the public sector with excellent pension)
  6. The best way forward is to exterminate all baby boomers, public sector workers, benefit claimants, pensioners etc. Only bankers, tory politicians and HPC morons to be spared.
  7. Don't be fooled into thinking that there will be a bonfire of the quangos. For every quango eliminated there will be a new one created...conservative quangos to replace labour quangos. So predictable,
  8. It is gratifying to see that someone has started a thread which questions the received 'wisdom' of this forum, namely how wonderful it will be when many thousands of poorly paid public sector workers lose their livelihoods. Be careful what you wish for you slashers and burners! This is a golden opportunity for David Cameron and his Tories to farm out loads of public sector work to his City friends. What we will have as a result are much reduced services provided by low paid workers. We are all in this together...but not David Cameron and friends. Wake up everyone!
  9. Final salary schemes in the public sector will, in all probability, be scrapped. New entrants will be the first to to be affected and existing employees to be affected at some date shortly after. There will probably be some safeguards for older employees. The new schemes will probably be of the money purchase whereby the final risk is borne by the employee and not by the state as at present. The introduction of these new schemes will be politically explosive and the public sector unions will resist with all their might...but the final outcome is inevitable.
  10. Scapegoating is not an edifying spectacle. Anyone with a minimum of brain cells knows full well the origins of the present crisis. Blaming the public sector, baby boomers, et al, is intellectually unsound in the extreme. The way this forum is going I would not be surprised to find that someone has started a thread on the origins of this financial crisis being due to everyone over the height of six feet.
  11. It is a fact of life that many people cannot/do not want to see the big picture. Most things economic and political are seen on a very personal level. A teacher or a nurse working in the public sector will ask "which party will best protect my job?" A pensioner will ask " are my benefits and pension safe?"...and vote accordingly. Many people only see the small picture...hence the reason Labour are closing the gap on the Conservatives.
  12. This site is for entertainment only. Only rabid anti-public sector, anti-New Labour, anti-civilisation rotweilers need apply.
  13. To placate users of this forum I hereby propose compulsory euthanasia for all adults aged over 60. Also I propose the setting up of penal colonies for the long term unemployed and the disabled. As a final proposition it should be possible to fire 50% of the public sector workforce with a view to their enlistment in the fight against the Taliban. As a result of these proposals many thousands of houses would be released for sale with HPC members being given priority at a nominal fee of £10 per house.
  14. Nurses sacked, doctors sacked, teachers sacked, firefighters sacked,... Chief executive salaries up, bank bonuses up,... I'm so happy.
  15. Original poster...do you mean that I will not be able to snap up a house with the loose change in my back pocket? The whole reason for living for many forum members has now vanished.
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