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  1. Could be. It depends. Low rates could boost property prices or more money could trigger inflation fears and send interest rates higher and property lower. It's all down to perception.
  2. Australia in comparison: Sydney to Newcastle (Newcastle is NSW's second largest city at a distance of about 100 miles) Adult return £9.90 Off-peak return £6.60 Pensioner return (anytime) £1.40 But we now have the Opal card (equivalent to an Oyster card in London) so don't expect to pay this much
  3. I always like charts that correlate well to history and appear to be a good indicator of the future. This one caught my eye as being particularly interesting although I'd like to see more history. What do you think? Any other good "future predicting" charts?
  4. The global bond market will decide when interest rates will rise. The bond market is larger than both the property market and the stock market. At the moment the bond market sees significant future deflation and is priced accordingly. Stock markets and Property markets are currently responding to the low interest rates with a total disregard of why they are low. Who is right? Governments like to pretend that they set interest rates – they don’t.
  5. Yes, very funny. You haven't dealt with many estate agents have you?
  6. You seem somehwat confused - the debts on a banks balance sheet ARE the assets. They are matched by the liabilities which is the massive void from which credit is created plus the banks capital. The problem is when those debts are not repaid, and they won't be, it's the banks capital that gets hit first.
  7. Agreed. One way or another we will get austerity because there's no other option. If you continuously spend more than your income someday this will jump up and bite you on the ****. It's just a question of how austerity is applied and who the winners and losers are. Whether it's cost cutting or higher taxes & deficit spending or inflation or deflation it doesn't matter someone has to repay the debt.
  8. It should be obvious to anyone that living beyond your means is the best way to solve the problems created by living beyond your means.
  9. The UK is caught in a death grip - trapped between peak oil and a government intent on destroying the currency. Even without the UK's massive debt burden it's in big, big trouble. It's a sad end to a great nation.
  10. The fear of a deflationary collapse is massive. This will do nothing to prevent the inevetiable.
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