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  1. Hold, CPI figures wont be available to them i dont think but the quarterly report will be, 6-3 last month for the rise doesn't fill me with confidence and the CPI is coming down would want to see a wait or a rise in CPI for them to do it this month. I hope they do though.
  2. yeah i'd do the same as some of the other posters, they'd have to do 1 days work (cleaning up neighbourhoods, rubbish, painting, removing graffiti etc) maybe give them a topup or some other reward if they prove themselves to be working hard and dock their dole if they dont do a good job. The day / hours would be very flexible to allow them to attend training & interviews. This would apply to most of the disabled people ie people in wheelchairs im sure could do some types of work or it would be fitted around them so their able to do the work. Along side would be more training courses available to them to improve themselves in order to get into meaning ful work.
  3. The pay is based on the industry and location Investment Banks (IT) 33k - Based in london (obviously you've gotta consider costs of living there) BAE - 20k (Someone who's about 40 working for these are on 33k or something) Accenture (I believed was 20kish maybe mid) Though then based in london and you have to move with the job as its consultancy. IT Jobs - 20k Though they tend to ramp up quickly (my friend is somewhere between 33k to 40k) from a 20k base working there a few years after uni. I have lots of friends who did their degree in maths, architecture who are working in a shop earning min wage. (good grades too)
  4. Dont forget that guide prices are artificially low, try to find out how much it goes for. But the fact its gone to auction means he's not got much interest.
  5. But hold on if he can't send troops to war without parliment, and the parliment is on holiday and he can't recall them, are we then defenseless until parliment is off holiday?
  6. Germany suprises me dont they just rent their houses and then save up and buy at a later date, though it was a low debt economy.
  7. add a couple of grand and say final offer 48 hours or it will be withdrawn as theres some other properties on the market with a rival EA that your interested that are serious about selling.
  8. Tell all Dont keep us hanging? What does he think of Gordon the Gopher?
  9. Betfair has rise as 1.27 now, people are betting on a rise next month.
  10. Quote from BoE: It was also possible that inflated asset prices might fall back, producing a contraction in the supply of money and credit. I wonder what these "inflated asset prices" could be...
  11. Ooo Rock on Suddenly I'm regaining confidence in Merv the perv.
  12. Well if they were fit then we'd have relocations to the probing hotspots leading to massive house price inflation (theres one for the bulls)
  13. Good old Robby Mcgarbe announced he saw inflation lowering towards 2% in the next 4 to 6 months, along with their chief economist Mr Blanchflower who voted for a 0.25% drop in interest rates.
  14. Now we just need a similar law for here and we're sorted This article did make me chuckle.
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