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  1. Why dont you go to the local LAnd registry and do a title search will cost you £4. On this will be details of the owner and of the mortgage company which holds first charge on the property. Speak to them about your concerns, they will be more than happy to help you. If the EA is trying to pull a fast one THen he is a muppet, he should be happy to get any sales commission in as nothing is selling.
  2. lot of EA are also turning more bearish, but joe public can not understand that in a world of rapidly increasing interest rates, BoE is acting like king canute but this cant be maintained forever.
  3. Not 100% sure on the law but last year We had a similar situation with a property. We had an offer but bank told us they HAD to offer it to the family of the owner who wanted to buy it back. got the definite impression they they were under some kind of legal obligation.
  4. I felt that long term stagnation was possible, but it seems that the general public have been brainwashed into believing that house prices can rise at a faster level then income for ever, think about it this is impossible, the latest price rises (they are rising, I have seen it first hand) should be worrying to bulls as prices are already a bit high historically. I now feel that if these rises continue we could see a crash next year.
  5. 99% of eas r v bullish, so i need to see from a different perspective to form a balanced view.
  6. if Number 14 sold for 290K, then how can that one be worth 329k, if anything prices are slightly down since the sale. I even told the owner to check nethouseprices but she was definenatly in denial. no doubt she will be thinking that it may be worth more now that the olympics are coming to london and the football is going to be played in wembley. Muppets!!!
  7. that would be telling!!! btw have you seen the 3bed on the market on paxford road in worst condition then no 14. daneils have it on for 329k. I valued it at 280k and was shown the door.
  8. problem is that daniels and b.eves will stick 10-20k onto any valuation on sce ,we just dont bother anymore
  9. credit check costs us about £5. no need to do cc for whole family as credit files are linked. as for admin fee tell them to stick up their ar*e.
  10. note the full stop. rate 15 (14.785) % was 1989 . erm was 1992, just pointingout that rates never reached 15% in 1992 as increases were annulled
  11. they were 15% in 1989. when £ left erm interest rates increased in one day from 10% to 15% but this increase was annulled.
  12. there is no law stopping you retaining an ea. just that v.few buyers do it.
  13. Sold 5 Properties to BTL investors, all on yields of over 7%.
  14. or the owners divorced and one bought the others 50% share in 2003...
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