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  1. Hi, Those of you who have / are looking at La Plage development on Port Lixus will now be aware of the new method in which this Resort is being sold, how many people are still proceeding with their purchase under this new scheme? I'm compiling a list of clients who now have reserved so information / questions on the new scheme can be answered / shared if anyone has any questions / comments do post here or send me an e-mail to join the mailing list for La Plage; (vimal_parmar79@hotmail.com)
  2. hi, i'd be interesting in seeing where you bought in Prague, i was there for a wkend break & wouldnt mind an apartment possibly in the Old Town area, any info greatly received...
  3. You bought 4 years ago, thats fine & people have made a certain percentage on paper, however as catara points out in 2007 you'd be "nuts" to buy in bulgaria especially from an investment point of view, if your looking at buying a place in Bansko for your own usage then that maybe ok but dont expect to see "growth" on your property in the short - med term...
  4. For Info... 'Qatari Diar' launches USD-660Mn tourist project in Tangier Rabat, May 31 - "Qatari Diar" real estate investment company announced, here Thursday, the launch of Al Houara-Tanger tourist complex worth USD 660Mn. Al Houara, which will be ready in 2011, is a 234ha tourism and mixed-use development including 2 luxury hotels, over 1,200 villas and apartments, and numerous on-site facilities including a world-class 18 holes golf course. Speaking to the press about this project, Chief Executive Officer of Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company, Nasser Al Ansari, said that "Al Houara-Tanger" is an integrated tourist project that aims at the revitalization of tourist activity in Morocco and the creation of about 2.500 job opportunities. In addition to Al Houara-Tanger project, "Qatari Diar" programmed several other projects in Marrakech Assilah and Agadir, west, as well as a marina in the Mediteranean coast, added Mr Al Ansari. "We are not in Morocco simply to build a tourist resort, we are here as a representative of Qatar to show that it acts as a genuine brotherly and friendly country," he went on to say. The geographic position of Tangier characterized by its proximity to Europe and its strategic location, in addition to its infrastructures were decisive in choosing the northernmost city, underlined Mr. Al Ansari. Qatari Diar is a government-backed real estate investment company with a capital of USD 24.8Bn. It was established in 2004 to support Qatar’s growing economy and to co-ordinate the country’s real estate development priorities.
  5. Flip, welcome your comments, however if look at my early posts I did not try to "advertise" to anyone, I was just giving my advise as I too have invested in several developments before I became an agent, many people on this forum wont even admit to being an agent... when i started discussing Saidia i did mention who I was to avoid confusion in the future. I shall not keep going on about wheather its correct to post info on new developments but many people do look at these forums prior to making decisions. I do try give details on all developments I have knowledge on, many people welcome my input & shall continue to post info when available, im not one to get into a discussion about being an agents, lets just stick to the subject in hand. Going back to the subject of VVT-6, yes there is a hotel infront of the plot.
  6. Thanks both for your comments... & yes happy to be open about being an agent, we as agents must be honest with our clients, its the best policy...
  7. Freeman, I think for those people who are looking at buying a Villa on Saidia the plot VVT-6 is really good, i myself am an agent selling & initial responce has been very positive especially for the 2 beds (I posted info on different thread yesterday about the release), for those wanting brochure, plot plan, price list feel free to e-mail me ( vimal@moroccanpropertyconsultants.com ) One point; ive noticed many of your posts mention Property Borders, do you work for this company? as in the past you have mentioned e-mails from Property Borders with regards to Port Lixus, PBGR.. (Just though i'd ask)
  8. Hi, I was one of the first to reserve on this development when I was an investor, now im an agent (advising to avoid confusion). As for bank guarantees I can confirm these are now being sent out as I myself received mine on Monday this week. Prices apparently have gone up by aprox 10% at 5pm today Any questions im happy to advise, i can be contacted on following e-mail address vimal@moroccanpropertyconsultants.com
  9. All, The new release of Villa on Saidia were released a couple of hours ago, plot is VVT-6 its close to the beach, next to a golf course & behind all the sporting facilities. 2 Bed Villa's starting at aprox £162,000. 3 Bed Villa's starting at aprox £236,000. If anyone is seriously interested I suggest you act asap, in the past units on the other plots have been snapped up within hours of being released & I anticipate the same happening with these. Any questions feel free to contact me, ive brochure, plans, availability - (vimal@moroccanpropertyconsultants.com) Regards Vimal
  10. Dogbox, your correct, prices dont seem to have been updated for a few weeks, which plot is your friend interested in & I shall make enquiries with regards to availability & prices?, for those interested in Villa's plot VVT-6 should be released very soon. Phatpaws, in relation to RT-7, send us an e-mail with your requirements & I shall see what is available, (contact details to follow) For those of you ive not been in contact with on other forums, I am Vimal Parmar, in early 2006 I invested in a few developments in the Tangier region, & in Saidia later in the year I was offered opportunity to work for a few developers so launched my company Moroccan Property Consultants, we only sell property in Morocco & currently offer properties on Saidia (LJDF, Oasis), Port Lixus, Tanjah, PBGR & a few other smaller developments. We have alot of information / pictures on all the developments & would be happy to share with anyone who is interested, i myself can be contacted on the following e-mail address; vimal@moroccanpropertyconsultants.com As most people are aware there are several agents selling on the Plan Azure Resorts, we all offer the same units at the same prices as we work for the developer, do consider using our services if considering a purchase in Morocco, we maybe able to offer you a little more, as mentioned above feel free to contact me should you have any queries.
  11. I would say Marrakech has alot to offer, but as you know if buying an apartment in Marrakesh you really want to be quire central in Walking distance to main center, El Oasis does sound good but not sure about location. Are you buying for investment or Holiday home? if its investment i would suggest you look at other areas in Morocco, Maraakech already has a strong property market as people have been buying there for a while & this is reflected in the prices, for investment consider northern Morocco, many people on this forum will agree with me I believe Good Luck, if you want info on any of the plan azure resorts (Saidia, Port Lixus) let us know..
  12. Hi, i believe the Villa start at about 400k, can you advise on the developer of the apartments behind La Plage.
  13. When I made my first investment in Morocco in Jan 06 I looked at Playa Vista, prices then for a 2 bed aprox 65sqm apartment were £40k, each apartment would have fantastic views but i was put off by the remoteness of the site, prices are currently aprox £65k for similar unit, i believe work has started but not sure on timescales, someone has mentioned 4 years total build time..., the forum http://www.playavistaonline.co.uk/ has many people who have bought there..
  14. Dogbox - Or maybe even consider the 2nd Plan Azure Resort - Port Lixus, many people are going for the La Plage Condo units, starting prices now for a studio 62k, 2 years guaranteed rental income, prime location with sea views etc.. worth considering, have you seen the La Plage website? if not advise & i'll post a link.
  15. boomorbust, im in similar situation, ive read through the contract for RT-6, seems fine to myself, but not sure if i need to appoint a solicitor, it reads well & i think paying the 1% fee they charge maybe a waste, are there any points on the contract that concern you?
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