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  1. When I worked at British Airways the cleaner gassed himself and the occupants of two toilet cubicles by mixing two solvents together. One of them required hospitalisation. Sadly this is yet another anti public service thread based upon preconceived prejudices and ignorance. I gave up hope long ago that you guys would grow tired of continually retreading these old turds.
  2. And the more I learn the more I like them. I also quite like the Archbishop of Canterbury.
  3. Looking at that link I realised that I had not checked out RightMove for prices in my area for ages. I put in the post code where I sold the last house I "owned" with no higher or lower price and a one mile radius. I got 6 properties returned. When I used the same search criteria a couple of years ago I was getting 6 pages.
  4. You can see an example of why things never change by looking at the current fiasco at the FIFA meeting. 90% of the members vote in a complete ar5e as president for another four years because he serves the VI's and defends the status quo thus keeping the gravy train on track. Politicians who do not tow the line fail to win power. That makes significant change impossible.
  5. That stabbing analogy doesn't work because the Tories were denied the opportunity to stab by not being in power. There is no way of telling what they would have been thinking and no way of telling whether they dismissed whatever they were thinking. IMO if differences in government were measured on a scale where the possible change was given as 100 points of left or right movement, a so called radical government moves no more than 20 points. Since Thatcher that change has barely hit 5.
  6. I have a 2001 Focus that we bought over 3 years ago for £3000. Dealers round here are still asking well over £2000 for the same age Focus. Doesn't seem like any kind of price crash to me.
  7. It seems to me that this graph shows a pretty steady up and down pattern a bit like the tide coming in and going out until the credit crunch hit. It is without doubt to me that general public expenditure was broadly the same for both the Tories and Labour up till that point. The last part of the graph is caused by the way the government reacted to the crunch....the massive bank bailout. That's the reason whether anyone likes it or not and the same applies to the fact that it was a worldwide crisis. It's up to you how you divide up the blame for the crunch and how you view the response that came from not just our government but all leading governments. The one thing that is not proven by that graph is that there is any major difference between different government's ability to balance the books over anything more than a few years at a time. Certainly not a big enough difference to either save or destroy this country's economy.
  8. And that would include all the people daft enough to think that Gordon Brown caused all this and Cameron will save us all. The best we can hope for from this government is that they will make little or no difference to the outcome. That would only come about as a result of their general incompetence and a failure to implement their idiotic plans. My view is that they will make things worse. I would go on to say that time will tell but if I came back here in 5 or 10 years and things had gone a certain way there would still be plenty of posters all too willing to call the total opposite.
  9. Ok. What's that bit from around 1988 to around 1997? Sorry, but you did ask.
  10. The last Tory government presided over two recessions the first of which was intentionally started. Who was to blame for the second? Lawson would be my answer. Certainly not the Labour party.
  11. Yes, when John Major became PM he had to, with Clark's help, sort out the dreadful mess left by the previous PM.
  12. As I started to read that paragraph I almost thought you had fallen for the lie that this site is about unfair and inflated house prices. Then I realised that you were not fooled, or at least not any more. This site is largely a home for cash rich speculators making or trying to make a killing on the housing market "when the time is right". Some of them have been waiting, so far in vain, for rather a long time.
  13. And he was completely right when he did. It's only one set of Judges that think different. The previous lot upheld his decision. That woman is a typical high ranking official who would have taken most of the credit if her department had been praised but when the SHTF she tries to wash her hands of not just part but all of the responsibility. Her comments in the press tell you all you need to know about her.
  14. Not being funny but white skin is generally inferior and apart from a slight tan I'm as white as they come, before you ask. Skin pigmentation serves to protect you from the sun's damaging rays and white skin is least effective in that vital role.
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