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  1. I havent read the article, but do they "need" HPI to get them out of negative equity? so they can start all over again.
  2. Not all of us, as in all of society. If you live somewhere 'difficult' to get to e.g. on an island, or north of Fort William then the courier charges shoot up. Royal mail / parcel-force used cross subsidisation to provide a universal service. the profitable bits of the business are being given away, so there is less money to cross subsidise the more expensive bits. it is all to benefit big business not society.
  3. i think we should bring back the invacar (or modern equivalant), i am sure that there would be a lot less people expecting handouts if this was on offer: also would be a lot easier spotting people wrongfully parking in the disabled spot.
  4. As long as you don't have, or ever plan to have any children and also never plan to sell your house, it should be ok.
  5. TL:DR I think tax credits indirectly lower wages, (thus subsidising business) in the same way that housing benefit sets the lower limit of the price of renting (thus subsidising BTL)
  6. that puts their day rate at about £120, or £30 labor for a two hour job, give me his number, as i need a diverter valve changing in my combi. also, i have worked as a postie, and would earn aprox £27k for full time nights. (full time = 30 hrs per week in the building)
  7. think about the "gold plated" pension of aprox £3k a year, that makes it all worth while, doesn't it? it irritates me when people go on about the NHS "high wages", i think that they are either stupid, or haven't thought things through properly. a lot of people working for the NHS would be paid more in ASDA, with better working conditions plus 10% off your shopping. If the staff had a good union in the past, or probably just had more male workers, the wages would be a lot higher. as it is, we have to got to a point where society accepts that nurses get paid on par with postmen and a self e
  8. i think some might be accidental, as i sometimes end up on the profile page, when i was trying to click the link for the last post in the thread. i'm not wearing a tin foil hat though so maybe i am just saying this as it's what they are programming me to say.
  9. there are a number of landrovers on various estates that don't leave the estate, so will be classed as SORN. tick them of your million. Also, i have heard tales of the ferryman radioing ahead to an island when they spotted the DVLA man on board. All the islanders hide their untaxed, uninsured vehicles that are running on red diesel. i doubt that kind of thing goes on now.
  10. As this thread now has mention of the nazis, i think it is time to post this. Social engineering and eugenics caused this in Sweden: While the benefits culture in the UK has produced this:
  11. not wanting to generalize, but generally the families claiming benefits with loads of children, produce children that are a net drain on society, and who go on to produce more large families claiming benefits. for scientific peer reviewed evidence of this, watch the first five minutes of Idiocracy False dichotomy - the fact that the bankers and MPs get paid and get away with whatever they like is a separate matter.
  12. jem whatshisname shows you how to get it from scrap circuit boards
  13. I have made this point before. Here is an example of "the market rate" for critical care nurses, (including day rates so that contractors can understand): NHS employed aprox = £13 per hour (or £150 per day) private agency rates = £35 per hour (or £400 per day). so it looks like the public are getting a bargain. another thing to note is that working agency shifts does not count as self employed, so you do actually have to pay tax and national insurance, unlike other contractors / tradesmen.
  14. It costs about £16k in the UK. but i think that is average, so some might cost a lot more if recovery doesn't go well.
  15. I looked into this, briefly, a couple of years ago, as was thinking of going up to work in the western isles. I felt that the property prices had no link to local wages, and more to do with people from the home counties that had taken early retirement to weave tweed, make awful pottery or shortbread. there is limited or no council housing.
  16. Anyway, I don't believe that raising the price of alcohol will reduce peoples intake, it will just mean they spend less money on non-essentials such as fresh fruit and veg, toothpaste. I think it is bad science, with statistics being used to prove the point that the people doing the research wanted to prove. It isn't the cost of drink that makes people drink, it is a lot of other factors. You just need to look at any Mediterranean country, with its "cafe culture", drink is an awful lot cheaper there, and the only people binge drinking are (some of) the Brits on holiday. if an alcoholic won
  17. surely this indicates what the market rate is, and shows what are bargain we are getting by paying NHS nurses 30% of this. another plus - it will save paying them the NHS "gold plated" pension of about £9000 a year. Also an agency nurse earning £80k will probably be costing the NHS double that, due to the agency costs etc.
  18. too tired to work out how to embed video http://www.numberphile.com/videos/billion.html i quite like the numberphile vids
  19. the vehicles may be safer, but the drivers still spend their time on their mobile / watching tv / reading jazz mags / falling asleep. (delete as appropriate) surely, it is safer to overtake a vehicle travelling at 40 than one doing 50. anyway, as everyone has said, when have you seen them travelling below the speed limit. one thing we could do to cut congestion and accidents is to ban HGVs from the main roads during peak times. Also, i would stop them from using the outside lane, to stop the situation when one truck doing 50.2 mph overtaking another doing 50 mph and effectively creating a 5
  20. never mind a science graduate, i think you could train the average PE teacher to be an average GP. GP's are just gatekeepers, to keep the great-unwashed away from the proper doctors. you could write a smart-phone app to do most of the work of a GP. Chronic conditions like COPD, diabetes etc can be managed with telehealth.
  21. i have a choice to buy gas, or sit in the cold. i have a choice to pay for electricity or sit in the dark. i have a choice to pay a fortune for public transport to get to work or sit in the house and claim benefits.
  22. Mr. Heineken thought of this 60 yrs ago. saw this in a beer museum: http://archinect.com/news/article/65009/the-heineken-wobo-world-bottle
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