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  1. OK, thanks. I guess no-one really has a clue as we're in uncharted waters now.
  2. So, what do people think about house prices going forwards?
  3. Yes - I'd be curious on anecdotal prices in Lieipzig and indeed Berlin. Not necessarily as a BTL, more as a solid long term living plan / investment. Thankyou
  4. no actually, you dont "need" a 4x4 unless you come from the city, or like to actually drive around in fields (ie. a farmer) the best thing for getting on and off the moors is something small and old for squeezing through the narrow lanes jammed up with 4x4s...
  5. In the winter Dartmoor is bleak and, depending on your preference, either mildly depressing or beautifully serene and natural. But hardly the place to go if youre after a buzz or choice choie choice If you just fancy a nice walk around the moors from time to time, but need more "quality" happenings around you head in the Exeter/Exmoor direction- quite a different kettle of fish.
  6. I walk past that house every morning. Its probably the least appealing house on a road which backs onto the A4 flyover. "Chiswick Village" is actually a cheapo estate next to the railway/tube line. Oh dear.
  7. Thanks Benedict - I agree completely - it seems to have all the adv's of living in a small town somewhere with the added bonus of being really quick to get central, whilst still being actually affordable to mortals. People actually seem happy and are polite around here too - way more so than wimbledon where i was before. Perhaps thats because its more family orientated and less frantic. So the hunts still on for a decent pub in the area! Im unfortunately not the muswell hill side, more east barnet-oakleigh park. Cheers
  8. (apologies if this doesnt seem on-topic) I've just bought near Southgate too, new to Norf London. (East Barnet/Oakleigh Park) Have to say i'm very pleasantly surprised with the living experience here - lovely parks, greenbelt nearby, great neighbours and a beautiful period ground flat with a big garden for an absolute steal (in London terms), all this and 12 mins to Kings cross! However if anyone knows of any quality pubs in the area i'd be most interested to hear, so far the ones i've come across seem rather chav. (maybe i just need to adjust my expectations) Cheers
  9. Well, (btw i know this has dragged on far too long, but i'm nearly done too!) While i appreciate all the figures, I dont buy into the sentiment that its a desperate struggle for ftb's in london. There are countless examples of perfectly nice starter flats in reasonable areas for under 180k. eg in SW19: http://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...p;agentid=02105 anyways i digress. thanks for the chat.
  10. ..and my point is its all ridiculous scaremongering designed to play on fear and desperation, and the 'told you sos', with the figures massaged and presented in such a way as to satisfy those who think we're all doomed. No-one NEEDS to pay 250k for a first time purchase in London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah sure it would be NICE to get a flat in an ultra convenient location and it would be NICE to get a 2 bedroom with period features somewhere but if youre at the bottom of the salary rung and buying alone, why do you expect to buy a property thats not on the bottom rung of the market?? thats Anywh
  11. I never said it was a doddle. It was a determined effort, but one which didnt involve the sort of huge sacrifices people on this forum make out. Adapting b0rk's figures lets say i had £1000 to spend after tax and my £700 saving: Houseshare with friends in nice Victorian semi - £350 Bills - £50 Travelcard - £100 Food/drink - £400 Stuff - £100 These are only rough figures as i really cant be arsd to break it down any further. Needless to say its perfectly DOABLE. I know because i did it. Without moaning.
  12. b0rk, Thanks for working out the figures exactly. I admit i didnt spend long enough working out the figures for my hypothetical example above, particularly on tax. The fact remains however that I managed to save 25,000 fairly easily over 3 years despite earning less than the above example. This 25000 allows me to pay less than rent on a mortgage for a nice flat which i own. I have always lived perfectly reasonably in london by renting with friends, (ie not in squalor) and dont think i represent a 'freak' case of extreme-saving by any means. I just made a determined effort over a period of
  13. Wow, This is all getting a bit Paranoid now..... I guess i should expect that from this kind of forum. OURDAYWILLCOME - These are not EXACT figures to the nearest penny, that would just be too dull. The ACTUAL average london salary is 34,777 which is, i beg your pardon, £223 less than my example. I'm not going to give you my EXACT salary as i'm a gentleman but anyone can clearly see that its entirely conceivable for someone earning over 30k to put away 700 quid a month....... What's really the issue OURDAYWILLCOME?
  14. OK, looks like i need to break that down................ The average london salary is approaching 35k I earn far less than that But lets say i was on an average: about £3000 a month say £2200 a month after tax After my £700 i've still got £1500 to spend!!!! That doesnt "stack up" ???
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