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  1. April 2020: 0 vaccine doses issued. 900 cases in the community. October 2021: 6,676,000 vaccine doses issued. 1200 cases in the community. You're just embarrassing yourself.
  2. The PCR test has been used extensively to test/quarantine new arrivals and also to identify and suppress local eruptions. It really is the gold standard.
  3. The SARS CoV 2 virus has been isolated and sequenced, Herr Lanka?
  4. It's a nearly perfect diagnostic test. New Zealand and Taiwan have eradicated SARS CoV 2 using it.
  5. The UK national debt is 100% of GDP if you include the BoE's helicopter money (TFS, TFSME etc). Sunak wants us to believe that the economy will grow by 6% this financial year but he's borrowing 8% of GDP over the same period and subsidising a 10% rise in house prices (The total mortgage market is ~£1.6Tn, a bit smaller than the economy but not much). So, in fact, our aggregate debts are growing maybe 2x as fast the economy? Now suppose the energy/fuel crisis continues to hit hard into the New Year and interest rates nudge up as predicted to soften the inflationary shock, then you can knock a couple of percentage points off that GDP print easy. All of a sudden our aggregate debts are growing 3x as fast as the economy. Sterling is being sold off as the prospect of further interest rate hikes recedes. No-one seems interested in buying houses any more...
  6. Parliament is profoundly unserious but then so is the country. A nation of rent extractors addicted to la dolce vita, we've got the politicians we deserve.
  7. The Tories have had more than a decade to deleverage the private sector and repair the economy. Spent £1.5 trillion instead maintaining a bubble of phantom equity in the housing market. Too bad. Now the debt trap has been sprung. There's no way back from here whoever's in charge.
  8. Sunak can't stop spending. The minute he does the private sector will collapse into a debt deleveraging recession. Obviously he can't carry on spending either without risking a sovereign debt default and national bankruptcy.
  9. Rumour is that Ten Houses is going to restore it Magic Hat style at the end of his speech. The OBR has given him another £20bn 'wiggle room'.
  10. 738,000 Covid deaths and counting! Project 'Warp Speed' must have been delivered by donkey. The Trump presidency was a vast, odoriferous shit-stain on the trouser seat of humanity. The most ruthless incarnation of beggar-thy-neighbour rentier capitalism that America has ever seen. 👇 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/trump-policies-deaths-study-lancet-covid-b1800483.html A paper published today in The Lancet finds that over the last four years, the Trump administration’s policies have had a “devastating impact” on “every aspect of health” in the US – and that this impact goes well beyond the staggering Covid-19 death toll. In their new report, the researchers of the Lancet Commission on Public Policy and Health in the Trump Era write that 461,000 fewer Americans would have died in 2018 alone and the Covid-19 death toll would have been cut by 40 per cent if the US’s average life expectancy were aligned with that of other G7 nations. However, the commission members also find that these figures reflect not just four years of dangerous policy, but also decades and more of systemic problems that leave some groups in the US particularly vulnerable to poor health. The commission’s diagnosis of the Trump years is extremely damning. Noting that some of the president’s largest winning margins in 2016 came in counties with the nation’s worst economic and mortality trends, the report finds that the president first exploited many non-wealthy white people’s anger over their deteriorating life chances and then enacted policies that benefited the wealthy – or as the authors call them, “an emboldened plutocracy”. Among the policies they point to are the Trump administration’s massive tax cuts, which “opened a budget hole that served as justification for cuts to food and housing subsidies that prevent malnutrition and homelessness for millions of people”. They also point to a 2.3 million surge in the number of uninsured people during Mr Trump’s presidency, as well as environmental policies already exposing many Americans to levels of harmful pollution unseen in decades.
  11. Richy Sunak's new age of optimism. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/oct/26/rishi-sunak-will-use-budget-to-declare-age-of-optimism Rishi Sunak will use his budget to insist the UK is entering an economic “age of optimism” despite a looming cost-of-living crisis, after making a deluge of promises to spend billions more on health, transport and skills. In an attempt to strike an upbeat tone during his second budget on Wednesday, the chancellor will say his aim is to create a “new economy post-Covid”. But with the threat of rising inflation and holes in the public finances, Torsten Bell, the chief executive of the Resolution Foundation thinktank, warned the country was facing an “age of uncertainty”. Though the Treasury has already announced a series of spending measures before the budget statement, Sunak is expected to unveil a flagship measure to help families hit by the £1,000 cut to universal credit.
  12. NZ was Covid free for a year! Vaccination, remedial treatments and testing should be sufficient to keep the virus suppressed forever.
  13. It's plain b0llox. Even the US is going to be in better shape than last winter thanks to the vaccine program.
  14. Stop it, you're embarrassing yourself. New Zealand has beaten Covid-19. World best healthcare outcome by a mile and a world beating economic outcome too, thanks to Jacinda Ardern's heroic determination to stick with the science of Zero Covid.
  15. It's a story and a non-story at the same time? Schrodinger's non-story! 738,000 deaths in the US vs 28 in New Zealand. That's the scale of the catastrophe, Trumper.
  16. It's not a non-story though, is it? Any more than the pile of bones that Bozo has left behind. Or Bolso, Modi, Putin, Orban etc. At least the people of Brazil are attempting to get Bolso tried for crimes against humanity. Too much to hope that Trump and Johnson enjoy the same fate.
  17. Bossche and Lanka are both batshit crazy but mutually contradictory. Obviously, even a denialist crank like you can't pretend to believe both. 😆 The 'isolation matter' is consensus reality. The SARS CoV 2 virus is the causative agent of Covid 19. It's been isolated, imaged and sequenced independently millions of times. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-completes-over-one-million-sars-cov-2-whole-genome-sequences
  18. Actually, the daily count is rising again. It's 1,700 now. 738,000 deaths in toto. One million by Jan 1st? But I forgot. For a Nietszchean Superman like you no number is too many.
  19. The US is still reporting 1,500 Covid deaths a day thanks almost entirely to anti-vaxxing prats like you. Anonymous cowards bloviating their dismal Trumper lies about 'China flu' and the 'Great Reset', propagandising their unevidenced anti-science hysteria. Shameful. How the Far Right captured and poisoned the anti-vaxx movement. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2020/06/the-anti-vax-movements-radical-shift-from-crunchy-granola-purists-to-far-right-crusaders/
  20. It's also about politics. A Far Right Trumper agenda that's using Trotskyite inspired agitprop to undermine the authority of establishment institutions.
  21. Also the fact that he treats the SARS Cov 2 virus as if it were real. Must be hard to accommodate with your Lanka inspired belief that it isn't, right? 😆
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