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  1. Unemployment did not reach 3 million under the previous Labour govt. The great orgy of debt consumption began with Margaret Thatcher.
  2. Every word of it is true! The landlord is one of the last vestiges of feudalism still holding power in capitalist society. Literally, lords of the land. The triumph of financial capitalism and rent extraction over industrial capitalism and production is how the UK ended up in its current state. Reversing that trend is the only way we'll avoid a sovereign debt default and national bankruptcy.
  3. Categorically untrue. It was Thatcher's demented flirtation with monetarism that made 3.5 million redundant. She performed a dramatic u-turn in 1985 without ever admitting it and ushered in the present era of financialisation by comprehensively deregulating the activities of the City of London.
  4. Health Impact News: Shining the Light of Truth into the Darkness of Deceit. 😆
  5. "It was all factories round here once."
  6. Johnson's been dialing it in forever. He couldn't care less about power! Personal gain is his motivation. Like Cameron and Blair and Nick Clodd and Chukka.
  7. Who benefits? The City of London, of course! It's only ever about what's best for the rentier capitalist. The rest of us can go hang.
  8. What happened to the last one? Oh, yeah. Having the sold his £5.5 million mansion in leafy Hampshire he's now flying all over the world First Class instructing us to turn down the heating and stop eating meat.
  9. So, the economy is growing at 6% while inflation is almost certain to hit 5%. But the base rate has to remain at an all-time low of 0.1%... ? Surely, even someone with an Economics degree can't fail to spot the disconnect?
  10. The scoundrels are going to allow inflation to let rip just like Covid.
  11. Pitiful, isn't it? One day the story will be told of how an international financial elite captured the West then bankrupted it.
  12. Rates up for sure. The halfwits, hayseeds and simpletons in Threadneedle Street have cornered themselves. Just as UK auto sales mark a 30 year October low. 😆 https://www.smmt.co.uk/2021/11/plug-in-car-performance-holds-steady-despite-overall-registrations-falling-24-6/ 04 November 2021 #Cars #Registrations #SMMT News 106,265 new cars registered in October, a -24.6% fall on last year and the weakest October since 1991. Plug-in vehicles now account for 16.6% of all cars registered so far in 2021. Chip shortages and tax rises mean industry expects to finish year on 1.66m units, or only 1.9% ahead of Covid-hit 2020.
  13. A 29th person appears to have died from Covid in New Zealand. The Guardian deemed it significant enough to warrant a headline. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/04/new-zealand-covid-positive-person-dies-alone-at-home-during-isolation
  14. China is No. 1 in quantum networking, see the Mozi program. Last week's news appears to have established them as leaders in quantum computing too. Jonathan Dowling, a quantum physicist of world renown and personally acquainted with all of the leading players, predicted this very outcome two years ago. I think that prescience was worth remarking! Again, Professor Dowling. 👏
  15. What's the point I'm trying to make? Are you for real? In that interview from 2019 which you were quick to pooh-pooh Jonathan Dowling predicted that the Chinese, all ready Number One at quantum networking, would catch up and overtake US quantum computing efforts within five to ten years. They've done it in two. 👊 Professor Dowling. 👏
  16. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3153727/china-launches-worlds-fastest-programmable-quantum-computers Physicists in China say they have built two quantum computers with performance speeds which top their Western competitors – a superconducting machine and an even faster type which uses light photons to achieve never-before seen results. According to the research team, the light-based Jiuzhang 2 can calculate in one millisecond a task that would take the world’s fastest conventional computer 30 trillion years. News of the breakthroughs was given in an interview with the research team on state broadcaster CCTV which aired on Tuesday. The team’s findings are detailed in two papers published in the peer-reviewed academic journals Physical Review Letters and Science Bulletin. Lead researcher Pan Jianwei said the Zuchongzhi 2 – a 66-qubit programmable superconducting quantum computer named after a 5th century mathematician – is 10 million times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer and much more powerful than Google’s 55-qubit Sycamore, launched two years ago. The Zuchongzhi 2 was upgraded from an earlier machine released three months ago and can run a calculation task one million times more complex than Sycamore, he said. Pan’s team also announced the Jiuzhang 2, another quantum computer based on light. It has a narrower field of applications but can reach a speed 100 sextillion (one followed by 23 zeroes) times faster than the largest conventional computers.
  17. Is the Bank of England trapped? Yes. US inflation/base rate expectations are off to the Moon. Sterling is going to be slaughtered. 👊 https://www.barchart.com/story/news/2849199/track-us-capturing-the-move-higher-in-rates In 2008 the Federal Government had 2 choices To protect the fiscal integrity of America, the U.S. dollar, U.S debt rating and quality of life of future generations by letting the institutions that caused the mortgage crisis fail, balancing the budget and dealing with the impact. Have a print and spend party, clean out all the government Trust funds, steal as much as you can, lie about inflation, trash the dollar, the U'S.'s debt rating and fiscal futures of generations of Americans and, do it in the name of "economic stimulus". In 2008 politicians chose to have a print & spend party From 2008 through 2019 (144 months) Federal debt grew by 13.972 trillion from 8.86 trillion to 22.833 trillion The Federal Reserve created 3.274 trillion dollars with keypunch entries 13.972 trillion is more than 3 times the fiscal cost of World War II in 2021 USD 13.972 trillion is more than the combined total debt of United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, China and Russia total population of these countries 1.816 billion, U.S., 331 million. 2020 through October 2021 (last 22 months) print & spend party 2 Federal debt grew by 6.072 trillion from 22,833 trillion to 28.905 trillion The Federal Reserve created 4.315 trillion dollars with keypunch entries 6.072 trillion in new Federal debt over the last 22 months is 86 billion more than the combined debt of Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Russia and India, population of these countries 1.918 billion, U.S. 331 million. 6.072 trillion is more than 6 times the cost of FDR's New Deal
  18. We just better hope they don't start demanding reparations for the Opium Wars. "No dogs or Chinese." 👊
  19. They've had secondary outbreaks before. They'll extinguish this one in the same way.
  20. Talking about Darwinism. 👇 https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/covid-commons-mps-ordered-to-cancel-events-after-outbreak_uk_61810322e4b0ec286d314a65 Events, tours and banquets in the Houses of Parliament have been shut down for two weeks because of a Covid outbreak on the estate. MPs hoping to host talks and gatherings have been told they must cancel due to a “major incident”. An email sent to staff, seen by HuffPost UK, said: “All events on the estate that do not relate to parliamentary business will be cancelled for the next two weeks, including banqueting events (member-sponsored and third party), tours and other meetings.” Authorities declined to comment on the current scale of cases on the parliamentary estate, but there has been an increase among MPs, ministers and staff.
  21. The Chinese aren't buying Western knowledge about quantum technologies. That knowledge doesn't exist anywhere outside of China. They're creating it for themselves by doing fundamental research. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_Experiments_at_Space_Scale Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS; Chinese: 量子科学实验卫星; pinyin: Liàngzǐ kēxué shíyàn wèixīng; lit. 'Quantum Science Experiment Satellite'), is a Chinese research project in the field of quantum physics. Tiangong-2 is China's second Space Laboratory module which was launched on 15 Sep 2016. Tiangong-2 carries a total of 14 mission[4] and experiment packages, including Space-Earth quantum key distribution (Chinese: 量子密钥分发) and laser communications experiment to facilitate space-to-ground quantum communication.[5] A satellite, nicknamed Micius or Mozi (Chinese: 墨子) after the ancient Chinese philosopher and scientist, is operated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as ground stations in China. The University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences are running the satellite's European receiving stations.[6][7] QUESS is a proof-of-concept mission designed to facilitate quantum optics experiments over long distances to allow the development of quantum encryption and quantum teleportation technology.[7] Quantum encryption uses the principle of entanglement to facilitate communication that can absolutely detect whether a third party has intercepted a message in transit thus denying undetected decryption. By producing pairs of entangled photons, QUESS will allow ground stations separated by many thousands of kilometres to establish secure quantum channels.[3] QUESS itself has limited communication capabilities: it needs line-of-sight, and can only operate when not in sunlight.[8] Further Micius satellites were planned, including a global network by 2030.[8 QUESS lead scientist Pan Jianwei told Reuters that the project has "enormous prospects" in the defence sphere.[12] The satellite will provide secure communications between Beijing and Ürümqi, capital of Xinjiang, the remote western region of China.[12] The US Department of Defense believes China is aiming to achieve the capability to counter the use of enemy space technology.[12] Chinese Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping has prioritised China's space program, which has included anti-satellite missile tests, and the New York Times noted that quantum technology was a focus of the thirteenth five-year plan, which the China government set out earlier that year.[13] The Wall Street Journal said that the launch put China ahead of rivals, and brought them closer to "hack-proof communications".[14] Several outlets identified Edward Snowden's leak of US surveillance documents as an impetus for the development of QUESS, with Popular Science calling it "a satellite for the post-Snowden age".[10][15][16
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