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  1. No! The entire world should have adopted a Zero Covid agenda not just a handful of countries in the Asia-Pacific.
  2. And today? John Major works for the banksters. Tony Blair works for the banksters. Gordon Brown works for the banksters. Dave Cameron works for the banksters. George Osborne works for the banksters. Chukka Umunna works for the banksters. Danny Alexander works for the banksters. Need I go on?
  3. You're a denialist crank! You said the same about the Delta variant. You said the same about the Alpha variant.
  4. The Red Queen Effect. Sunak needs to borrow £200bn every year just to stand still.
  5. Roads are quiet here (West Midlands). Morrisons was semi-busy. Tesco I didn't even have to queue at the checkout.
  6. That's the only reason I haven't had him on ignore! You're right. He has gone quiet all of sudden. His doomsday forecasts from earlier in the year are looking shakier by the minute.
  7. Nature's vaccine. It escaped from a lab in China to cure us from the deadly Ivermectin.
  8. Not to mention 500 pages of 'It's not a virus, it's just genetic debris' from Arpeggio Lankaka. Aye, caramba!
  9. What's become of The Great Reset? Have the denialist cranks moved on from that too? How about the Bill Gates/Huawei/5G connection? Was it all a fever dream? 😆
  10. You knew no more than anyone else until the severity data had been compiled. The hope has always been that a less severe variant would be selected for by the evolutionary pressure of the vaccines/lockdowns. The idea that we have nothing left to fear from SARS CoV 2 is absurdly premature.
  11. The Boil? This fool. The TFSME was introduced in 2020, just a many of the original TFS loans were about to expire. Last time I looked there was still about £5bn left outstanding from the TFS.
  12. Ricardian claptrap. The idea that so-called 'sunset' jobs in manufacturing could be replaced wholesale with better paying and more productive employment in the service industries is what got us into the current mess. The industrial landscape is evolutionary. Lay waste to everything and all you'll be left with is weeds.
  13. New Zealand vs the Rest of the World. How do the numbers stack up? 🤔 https://www.newsroom.co.nz/comparing-covid-how-new-zealand-stacks-up Over recent months, New Zealand media have brought quite a few Covid stories from small western European countries (including Austria, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Sweden). We have had news of: sharply rising case numbers and deaths (some countries call it the fourth wave, others the fifth); relaxation of restrictions, which is generally followed by their reimposition; use (or not) of vaccination passports and sanctions against the unvaccinated; and, increasingly in some countries, protests against these moves. Because they are small (under 20 million population) and have health and welfare systems quite like our own, it should be possible to make systematic comparisons between the performance of these countries in response to the pandemic and the New Zealand response. Even so, nowhere in the New Zealand media have we been able to get an overview of how these countries compare with each other or with New Zealand in their handling of the pandemic to date. So, how do the statistics for Ireland compare with those of other small Western European countries? Here are figures for deaths per million for a range of these countries, from worst to best, alongside those of New Zealand and Australia. The gap between the Australian and New Zealand figures and those for most of these countries is staggering. Only Denmark has a death rate anywhere near as low as the Australian/New Zealand rates. (Even so, the Danish death rate is six times the Australian death rate and 56 times the New Zealand rate.) Ardern and her ministers have been careful throughout not to quote comparative statistics with other countries, doubtless because they do not want to appear to be crowing about our relative success. (They do occasionally mention that we have the best record in the OECD, but without being more specific.) This does have the consequence, however, of limiting New Zealanders’ appreciation of just how successful this country and Australia have been and continue to be. ... The high total death toll for Sweden (currently ranked number eight by Bloomberg) stems primarily from the initial disastrous decision by the Swedish authorities to forgo the rules and restrictions introduced by most other European countries, instead allowing individuals to decide how to handle the risk personally. (In other words, Sweden relied on ‘sermons’ and a few ‘carrots,’ such as business subsidies, in its early response to Covid.) Two features of the Swedish constitution lay behind this decision: government ministers are not permitted to direct or overrule the experts in their ministries on public policies, and measures such as lockdowns and curfews are viewed as being violations of people’s freedom of movement. It was therefore, paradoxically, the health experts who adopted the reckless strategy that cost so many lives. Only in early 2021 did the government introduce legislation which allowed restrictions to be introduced and the pandemic to be brought gradually under control. 👎
  14. 🤔 China claims victory in battle for British lithium miner
  15. Only by re-leveraging the private sector via an echo housing bubble. When house prices looked like slipping in 2016 Carnage organised a helicopter drop of £127bn for his hard working City pals - the Term Funding Scheme - which Ten Houses and The Boil have since uprated for the pandemic (the £200bn TFSME).
  16. A rolling bailout and profiteering opportunity for the City of London: £500bn.
  17. Jeremy Corbyn's to blame? 😆 It's always his fault. Never anyone actually in govt!
  18. How can the national debt have doubled when the nation's finances have been subject to a ten year austerity program? It doesn't make any sense! Where's all the money gone?
  19. SARS CoV 2 is a new and deadly pathogen not a variant of the common cold. The Chinese response to it has been swift, aggressive, and purposeful rather than passive, resigned and fatalistic, something they learned from defeating the original SARS in 2003. The cultural constrast couldn't be more stark.
  20. No masks. No social distancing. And since when has Princess Nut Nuts been a work colleague? No wonder Covid was running like wildfire through Parliament and Whitehall at the time!
  21. Go hard and go early to isolate the organism and limit transmission. That's the winning formula that Johnson and his idiot crew have spent two years looking past. Having done that you then need to answer the following four questions: 1. What is it? 2. What does it do? 3. Where does it come from? 4. How do we kill it?
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