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  1. A rolling bailout and profiteering opportunity for the City of London: £500bn.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn's to blame? 😆 It's always his fault. Never anyone actually in govt!
  3. How can the national debt have doubled when the nation's finances have been subject to a ten year austerity program? It doesn't make any sense! Where's all the money gone?
  4. SARS CoV 2 is a new and deadly pathogen not a variant of the common cold. The Chinese response to it has been swift, aggressive, and purposeful rather than passive, resigned and fatalistic, something they learned from defeating the original SARS in 2003. The cultural constrast couldn't be more stark.
  5. No masks. No social distancing. And since when has Princess Nut Nuts been a work colleague? No wonder Covid was running like wildfire through Parliament and Whitehall at the time!
  6. Go hard and go early to isolate the organism and limit transmission. That's the winning formula that Johnson and his idiot crew have spent two years looking past. Having done that you then need to answer the following four questions: 1. What is it? 2. What does it do? 3. Where does it come from? 4. How do we kill it?
  7. SARS, H5N1, MERS, Covid. All happened in a space of less than two decades. Suggests the odds of a global pandemic are much shorter now than in the 20th Century.
  8. Upper respiratory tract infection is generally less severe than lower respiratory tract infection i.e. the original SARS.
  9. The Thatcherite free market/free trade agenda is what made China an economic superpower! You'd have thought the headbangers and flatearthers on the Tory right would have got a clue by now but apparently not. Global Britain = China First.
  10. The UK is a terribly run country. The national debt is doubling every decade, we have an enormous current account deficit, an acute housing crisis, the cost of living is soaring and we're engaged in a trade war with our nearest neighbours!
  11. We were told that spending £400bn over five years would bankrupt the country. Sunak has done the same in eighteen months. The NHS would have been far better prepared to meet the challenge of Covid, as would the care system. It's highly likely that a Corbyn govt would have adopted a Zero Covid strategy and not the mitigation/duck-and-dive approach that has failed so calamitously. Nationalise electricity or wait until the false market collapses in a mass extinction event? A nationwide program of general needs social housing to relieve the acute demand pressure in the private rental sector? What was he thinking?
  12. Xi's similar regime? No plausible comparison can be made with 1970s China and the present. The HK Chinese have never been motivated by a desire for universal suffrage. The ones leaving now are mostly interested in protecting the indecent gains they've made from real estate prices, as are the Tory shithouses inviting them here. They're economic migrants not refugees.
  13. https://www.mortgagesolutions.co.uk/news/2021/12/16/lenders-tweak-tracker-products-and-up-svrs-after-base-rate-rise/ Several lenders have changed their tracker products and upped their standard variable rates following the Bank of England’s decision to increase the base rate to 0.25 per cent. Santander has upped the rates for all its tracker mortgages and increased its standard variable rate (SVR) by 0.15 per cent. Its follow-on rate will be 3.5 per cent from February. New rates will be communicated to customers ahead of any changes in their monthly repayments. The higher rate will also be used to calculate mortgage repayments from February. The SVR for The Alliance and Leicester will now be 4.49 per cent from the beginning of February. Skipton Building Society has temporarily withdrawn its base rate tracker products from sale whilst it recalculates rates. These will be withdrawn from 10pm today. Existing customers with Skipton Building Society mortgages will see their account’s interest rate change within 14 days. Halifax has said that customers with mortgages impacted by the change would be given notice of new a monthly payment ahead of changes being applied. They also released a Bank of England base rate calculator to give customers an indication of how much payments could change by. Nationwide added that it would be increasing its tracker mortgage products from February. The building society will contact customers in January with new interest rates and monthly payments. Virgin Money said tracker rates for existing mortgage customers would change from February and its SVR was under review.
  14. Warning of lab leaks? The US is the biggest offender! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_laboratory_biosecurity_incidents
  15. I think you've misunderstood me. All human coronaviruses prior to SARS CoV 2 are considered to have had zoonotic origins. The emergence of SARS CoV 2 bears several signatures of prior zoonotic events. The original SARS virus emerged twice independently from wet markets selling live animals and species such as civet cats and raccoon dogs, both known to be susceptible to the SARS CoV 2 virus. SARS CoV 2 also demonstrates genetic similarities to four endemic human coronaviruses: HCov-OC43, -HKU1, -229E and -NL63 thought to be zoonotic. In a direct parallel with SARS CoV 2, the -HKU1 which was first described in a large Chinese city (Shenzhen) in the winter of 2004, has an unknown animal precursor, contains a furin cleavage site in its spike protein and was originally identified in a hospital patient diagnosed with pneumonia.
  16. The epidemiological evidence (clinical and molecular) strongly suggests that the virus went epidemic in or near the Huanan seafood market in late December 2019. Every other human coronavirus has emerged in similar circumstances. There is no other evidence. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is a world-class international research facility, sponsored by the NIH no less, and certified to the highest (BSL-4) security. It was built to serve as a key node in the global biosafety-lab network, a WHO reference laboratory linked to similar around the world. The accidental release of a pathogen from such a secure environment is highly improbable.
  17. It can't. That's why we saw the emergence of the so-called Eurodollar deposit markets in the early 50s when US corporates put their surpluses to work overseas, out of reach of the regulatory arm of the US Federal Reserve. A supremely successful mechanism for generating monetary inflation, as Americans discovered to their horror in the mid 70s when much of it came home in a rush following Nixon's abandonment of Bretton Woods.
  18. Not cynical but naive. The zoonotic origins of most coronaviruses are unknown.
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