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  1. When you say lowering rates I take it you mean the usual 0.01% publicity headline grabbing drop traded for a hike in fees which never seems to get reported?
  2. Ok great guys but can you be more specific? Has any data come out in the last week that has spurned more bearishness or is it the media in general?
  3. So back from hols with no HPC at my finger tips so I am wondering what developments have happened in the last 10 days. Can anyone help?
  4. 50% nominal over 4 years. Our market is showing 2% falls with no distressed sales in the mix and this is the start of the slide.Sentiment has turned on the housing market and is turning on the economy.We will see double digit house price falls by October. Banks are going back to 3x earnings and 10% deposits and are demanding borrowers have to prove their income. Seems like a high figure to some but I am erring on the side of optimism for the home owner edited typo
  5. First time I have seen a EA advertise a drop in price. Maybe finally they are seeing that to survive they need to show that the vendor is willing to drop the price. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-188...15&tr_t=buy
  6. Keep the faith Brothers and sisters. I am seeing the amount of houses in my search climbing all the time on rightmove. In the meantime I am seeing drops up to £50,000 and counting my lucking stars I found this site. Lets face it we are only just getting started.
  7. Icelandic banks have been offering the most competitive savings rates for a considerable amount of time and must command a high amount of British savers money. There must be a few envious british banks out there wish they had the amount of deposits some of these icelandic banks have. hmmmmmmm
  8. I was selling my flat to move to purchase a house in January 2007 and knew how ridiculous things were in Location Location Location land and thought the level of debt I would have to take on considering I got in on the early part of the madness was wrong so decided to do some research and came across this site. This site educated me in economics and I reasoned all the arguments made for and against HPC on this forum which led me to the decision to STR in April 2007. All I can say is thankyou all for sharing your views and expertise as I am hoping it will make a real positive difference to me and my familys future for many many years. edited for typo
  9. Auction properties are not counted in the LR index.
  10. Thanks for your post. Funnily enough I was thinking about the price of rents last night and if it was possible to negotiate rent downwards. Myself and the girlfriend have a great flat on a 12 month contract for a reasonable rent in a good area,letting agent seem very good so far and are signed upto the trading standards scheme. I was wondering what might happen in 12 months if rents go through the floor. It could happen as I especially here in Brighton there will be alot of unsold properties and people needing to subsidise their mortage. Do you think you can negotiate rent down without leaving? Has anyone ever done it?
  11. No.....she is saying that in this country we have a special variety of houses that magically grow money out of nothing and the nasty media are killing them off with their venom. THICK
  12. Kirsty is doing more damage to her cause by opening her mouth. She comes across as thick and out of touch. Even the interviewer st the end said she had done her best talking it up. Scroll down to the piece here http://www.gm.tv/index.cfm?articleid=24657 edited for link
  13. It will take a few people getting their fingers burnt before people realise what is going on out there. I am sure that a fair few E.A's are now reaqly starting to feel the pinch so will be doing their utmost to talk the vendors down to buyers expectations. Anyone with property bee trained on the Brighton area can see the large falls in asking prices.
  14. I would say wait until you can get for £140k.Brighton has has been a speculators paradise and has a very long way to fall so resist that buying urge if you can. It will probably take 3-4 years to get to this price.
  15. I don't have a emergency contact which is my fault for not asking.In my contract it states about the supply of hot water being and landlords responsibility. I take it there must be a grace period but was hoping for less than 1 week!
  16. We have just rented a nice one bedroom flat. The letting agent is approved by trading standards and has handed the property over in a good clean condition with the snags ironed out. On the first day however we found we have no hot water.I contacted the agent which booked the plumber to repair the boiler. This was Friday morning. Chased it up in the afternoon only to be told that the plumber had a few jobs and was doing them as quick as possible. Here I two days on and no hot water. I know under the landlord and tenant act 1985 hot water is something that has to be provided my the landlord. Does anyone know what the time scale of grace on this should be and has the letting agent discharged its responsibilities by calling the plumber? To make matters worse the letting agent is not open till tuesday.
  17. Ice Save customers are covered by the FSA scheme. http://www.icesave.co.uk/financial-protection.html
  18. Hi, Renting our first flat and just wanted to know if it was normal for the letting agent to demand the security deposit and pay the months rent in advance?
  19. My g/f parents live in the area. I know that some of the sold signs have been up for months so am not overly concerned.Everyday property bee serves up more juicy drops.
  20. Property Bee is showing up alot more price reductions now. Seems like the penny is started to drop with vendors or the [email protected] are feeling the pinch. Most drops are 5k-10k althought there has been one of 25K. This is in the £200,000-300,000 price range in the the bn2 area. I have widened my search on property bee to include houses upto £400,000. I am amazed how much overpriced crap there is out there. This is all hearting especially as myself and the girlfriend are set to move into our very nice,very large one bedroom rented flat in Kemp Town.
  21. I cannot see interest rates rising as housing and the economy tanks.The BoE will do there best to keep the banks propped up so I expect that they will at the very least keep rates on hold. Instant access accounts which by nature have a variable rate tend to drop their rate after a few months when they have enough people sucked in. I have experienced this a few times now and its a pain and costs interest moving money into new accounts every few months.Banks must make nicely out of doing this. I had some money in Sainsbury's which was at 6.25% a few months ago. Now its down to 5.75% There will be some good fixed accounts coming up due to the credit drought so why not take advantage of them. Last week I took out a 18 month fix with The Skipton at 6.5% It was only on the market for a few days so keep your eyes peeled.
  22. Does anyone know what Landisbank share price has been doing throughout the credit crunch?
  23. You are right to hang on and see. I have seen the amount of property on the market in my search almost double since the summer madness. Prices on a handful of houses have fallen but there is still seems to be not alot selling. I am sure in the next 6 months we will start to see more widespread falls as reality starts to sink in and mortgage lending dries even futher. This is just the [email protected] has a long way to go yet.
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