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  1. Yes, I have purchased on VVT8. I can assure you, this string of events was not fabricated! I have better things to do with my time chaps. My interpretation is this is an agent who has said an altogether, off the cuff, untrue comment, who has now learned there could be consequences should I chose to name them. This is something which, on this occassion, I am not going to do. I hope the agency concerned has taken a lesson from it.
  2. Soup Dragon, I received a phone call on my way home from work tonight from the agency concerned. They are totally retracting the 'off the cuff' statement and blamed an in-experienced, overzealous sales agent who is confusing himself with so many forums and so many members. They claim the agent concerned has confused you with another member; I personally apologise for posting my findings and causing you concern. I think they 'stir' that the said agent intended to create has somewhat back-fired on him! Who say's agent's don't read these forums! They are more powerfull than I had originally anticipated!
  3. I realise the consequences of name dropping on this forum, however, I was just re-itterating what was said to me by this agent in question. I can stress however, that they did not divulge any personal information (ie name etc) with regards to The Soup Dragon; it was just put in conversation to 'watch this space' as even the most avid followers of Saidia were now dropping like flies. It was not my intention utilise this information for my own gain, please be assured of that.
  4. I believe the agent in question, to be not too reliable with his information. I am unaware of your name, however, the agent in question just said he 'heard through the grapevine' that Soup Dragon was pulling out of his/her purchase, and that this would perhaps cause a 'stir' amongst the forums! The 'said agent' was trying to dismiss Saidia as being a good investment opportunity, and obviously would/will use anything possible to discredit it. I know from your posts that you have been behind this resort from the outset, so it did un-nerve me slightly when I heard that you were possibly pulling out. Everyone has their own agenda and reasons for their actions, however you seem a decent person so if there is anything we need to know....
  5. Soup Dragon, I enjoy your posts and find you to be one of the 'most balanced' posters on this site. Is it true however, that you are in the process of trying to pull out of your Saidia investment? I heard that from an agent today, who was trying to convince me into buying in another part of Morocco. This agent was somewhat despondent about Saidia as a whole, and said that even the most rampant investors were now pulling out. Is their any truth in this rumour? Biglog, I know this post will please you greatly, however I am prepared to withstand your barage of abuse!!
  6. Please could one of the mods get rid of this idiot? Well said Spongebob....please could we get this imbecile off this site!!
  7. I am extremely disappointed at the tone of this forum recently. Please can those childish posters go and vent their emotions elsewhere - not on an overseas forum where people come for help and advice. Please lets get back to being grown-ups people.........
  8. I just saw an image for a beachclub in Saidia - pretty stunning and unusual. This Saidia journey is a bit of roller coaster ride for us early investors but I have the feeling we are on to something special here. Dogbox, can you post a link to this image on the site? It would be good to view it.
  9. That is good to hear! All credit to PL for being reasonable with this. I'm going to have a long hard think over the weekend, run off some comparisons and make a decision. I am a golfer, hence VVT8 ticks the box for me there. I'm beginning to see the best of both developments It is reasuring to hear that Property Logic are prepared to be flexible. That, to me, shows their worth as a company.
  10. I have heard about an owners group? Can anyone give me any information on this? I must admit, I had initially thought it was a bit of a waste of time, but now I'm beginning to see the benefit of 'strength in numbers'!
  11. Erm.....Prices....Location....Facilities....Sizes....Design....thats about all for now!
  12. Well, to say I'm pi$$ed off is an understatement! Has anyone seen the villas on VVT6? I've reserved on VVT8 and am not a happy chappie right now. What is everyones thoughts?
  13. I sold in Malaga. In all honesty, I was just lucky and ended up with two English couples bidding on it. They bought it to live in so investment/capital growth didn't come into the equation. I don't think the same luck would bestow me again.
  14. I too have heard that the pre-launch brigade are all getting their reservations honoured at the original price. I feel that the prices they are asking now, are somewhat inflated. I'm just not convinced that this will be the fantastic investment that Essential are saying it will be. Put £100k+ apartments on Port L and I would jump at them, the villas are way overpriced and condo hotels just dont rock my boat. Just my 50 cents though!
  15. Neither! Both are overpriced! Best to wait and see what comes back on the market in light of recent events........or to buy a resale property. I had a quick look at what's available on RT2 at the moment, and I can't believe people would pay those prices .... RT2 will be full of 'British Retail Parkers'...........ie folks that like to go round DIY stores on a Sunday, or get fooled by some smooth talking salesmen at a show.....
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