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  1. UK bank stress model sees house prices down 50 percent
  2. I just made an offer on a house this week 10% below asking price and it was rejected. The house is on the market since October last year with the same asking price...(according to p.bee) It was 'sold' in Feb but came back on the market recently due to the chain collapse... crash? what crash? :angry:
  3. Offered 375k on 435k 4bed house back in January. The house was long on the market, perhaps since summer last year. My offer was quickly rejected by the vendor. The area is considered nice by many.... The house is now off the market and apparently was sold for 425k. This is just yet another example of many houses being sold here in a matter of past few weeks... crash? what crash? I don't see it yet...
  4. well, 20 years in a house that drops in value, new that suppose to look like old (I know, 90% of UK houses are pastiche architecture but this is just plain ugly and silly, why do you people like it?), with small windows, low ceiling and cracked walls....I would go mad after 5 years, I think....
  5. Well, I think UK houses have the lowest ceilings and smallest windows in new builds anywhere in Europe these days. Some front windows in here are so small that they look like a bathroom window to me, which actually happens to be a living room window after closer inspection... This is pathetic. Actually the best are the fake electric fireplaces cramped in a shoe box sized rooms...and why would any one need that? because of low ceiling and tiny windows most new builds feel small, cheap, depressing and ridiculously expensive for the crap you get...
  6. same here...houses in the 350-450 range still holding peak values with just few minor drops here and there and what is even more dramatic - they are selling!
  7. same thing here in south-west (hants). Asking prices in that range have not dropped significantly (5-8% tops) or not at all. Sometimes when I browse local market I have a feeling that I am back in 2007... The funny thing is that number of these ridiculously priced houses are actually selling, question is at what price...
  8. I am in the exact same spot as you are. I have very same concerns... even the IT industry is a match...;-0. The only difference is that I rent very nice place at the moment with not too bad landlord. I was also very close to get one of my -20% offers accepted. Luckily my cash offer was rejected... In the meantime I can see almost all the houses I viewed recently all being snapped from the market, at least 6 of them in the last 2 weeks alone!!!. This is worrying me really. However I have seen it before...a classic bull trap....I hope this is going to be a short lived one....
  9. how long did it take for the price to drop from below 40k to 25k back then...?
  10. There is something into it. I had a viewing scheduled for today (south west) but it was cancelled by EA this morning. The house (350k asking) which I was about to view was on the market for several weeks but went under offer last nite -close to asking price -I was told-!?. The EA told me that they are running like headless chicken in the office since few days. Activity has increased 10 fold last week alone and they are barely coping with that at the moment. In addition there are very few houses coming to the market right now. People who planned to sell are holding back, they have much lower mortgage and can afford to wait for the market to recover If this is all true, which I think it could be, it will postpone the crash for several months at least... The question is - how long will this current mini-rally last?...few weeks perhaps...or...?
  11. The whole global warming debate is a SCAM. Don't you people see that climate change propaganda machine is fueled mainly by politicians all over the world to squeeze even more tax out of us??? By the way, there are reports suggesting that climate is also changing on Mars and Martian south polar cap is shrinking as well....so tell me is Mars warming because of human pollution gases or because of normal climate cycle change caused by the Sun....? Climate was changing number of times throughout the history of the earth..., e.g. ice age......? the ice was gone due to climate change and global warming, right?......eh.....lets get real......!!! http://www.realclimate.org/index.php?p=192
  12. In fact it works both ways. There are quite few British people on benefits who are actually migrating to Poland or Czech. They are collecting their benefits at UK rates in a low cost economy and have a quite nice life compared to the rest of the population in these new member countries....not to mention much lower house prices over there.
  13. I see the opposite actually, many if not all 4-5 bdr houses in my area (town in Hants) I looked at in the past several weeks are "under offer" or "sold" with no visible reductions in asking prices. A friend of mine just bought a house as recently as 4 weeks ago with an offer of 5-6% under the asking price.....anyway, I wonder if this is a sign of stupidity from these buyers or perhaps a good time to hunt for a deal?
  14. Hi, I am nu to the UK real estate scene (still waiting for prices to correct in the South....) but I found something in the rightmove house description I haven't seen b4: STAMP DUTY PAID AT ASKING PRICE (£13,198.50). Is this a normal practice? (don't think so) -or could it be yet another sign of HPC, this time in the south...(?) des
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