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  1. I live locally to this, it doesn't flood here but it does further down.. not a major issue. However, this development has been a ghost town since the credit crunch, the developers went tits up and it's been left to decay ever since - although there's some unfortunate souls who bought some of the flats at the peak, it must feel a little eerie for them..
  2. a higher octane fuel has a slower flamefront when ignited and is used in turbo charged or high revving engines that run at a hotter temperature than your average engine, it helps avoid pre-ignition / detonation which can quickly burn the edges on pistons under load. It generally won't increase performance in a normal engine that is set to run on 95 although most ECUs will auto-adjust to different octane fuel. tesco fuel is pretty good and is used as regulated fuel in a few rally series.
  3. schiff explains his side of the video with Don Harrold http://www.youtube.com/user/donharrold
  4. Isn't the rise down to the fact that FTB's can't get the mortgage deals as Halifax are pulling in their LTVs? That's going to bias the top end of the housing market and give a false number due to the higher prices paid and less discounting for those that can afford it.. Volatile indexes to become the norm now I suspect.
  5. firefox + adblock = no adverts
  6. how about this nugget, US now wanting to tap up Mid East for $300bill... http://www.tickerforum.org/cgi-ticker/akcs-www?post=72417
  7. they've got about £200bill currently, I think. Gordo has already asked the middle east to contribute to the pot this week.
  8. current igindex futures : Hong Kong - 6.5% down , Nikkei 6% down, so looking at least 9% drops during market I reckon. eek. uk futures showing 2.25% down...
  9. while you're waiting http://bigpicture.posterous.com/bailout-cartoons-part-ii
  10. Should be interesting, when US and Russian forces meet up.. safety switches on chaps.. The propaganda war is pretty intense from everyone at the moment, however, Georgia deserved the kicking but Russia should pull back and be happy with their 'warning'
  11. rumours about that short-selling is to be seriously clamped down on via FSA.. on FT alphaville markets live at the mo. This might push up the index for a while - but it won't help in the long run. Clutching at straws methinks.
  12. firefox + adblock = sorted The site is functioning fine, it's the adware that causes the pages to hang.
  13. Barratts given out a trading statement I think. just the usual BS.
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