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  1. Have just seen this Peter Brookes Cartoon on the Times Online website, and in my oppinion just about sums up the situation. Happy Easter!!!
  2. Yesterday was a grounding lesson for Tony Blair and his bunch of cronies that the real world still does exist and that probably sooner, rather than later they are going to be given another stark reminder in the form of defeats at Local Government level. It's just a shame that the Rory Bremner Show wasn't on this week as he and John Bird and John Fortune etc, would have had a field day; but having said that the actual events of recent weeks has been great TV, watching them strugle to come to terms with the facts- even the 'Waffling Wingnut' (Charles Clarke) had all on to make any s
  3. What identifies this Government , and especially the two major protagonists- Blair and Brown, from all that have gone before them- is their complete and total unwillingness to accept criticism of any kind and either deal with it or accept it for what it is. They perceive that by doing so, their project - i.e. Nu Labour is faulty, or in mine and many others oppinion, hugely flawed and jinxed. Blair will urge others and the media to ''move on'' when the going gets tough, or use the media to throw everyone off the scent when he thinks that a problem is becoming too dangerous. Brown still
  4. As a Tory supporter, I breathed a sigh of relief when Tony Blair and his 'Nu Labour' won the election this morning, as I did not want the Tories to cop the blame for the economic mismanagement that has been taking place for some time. This Government is typified by it's habit of burying it's head in the sand and pretending that a problem will go away if they ignore it for long enough. It just goes to prove how gullible and short sighted the vast swathes of people in this country are who have voted them back in for financial reasons, based on their perceived new wealth from HPI since Nu Labout
  5. I don't think that it is as simple as you're trying to make out. What has constantly been requested of Bulls posting to this forum is a factually based explanation as to why the scenario of House Prices doubling or trebling in value over the last few years is either sustainable, realistic, justifiable or inherantly good for the overall economy. On all occassions, no relevant or believable explanation has been forthcoming, apart from VI repeated drivel, the old Low Interest Rate, High Employment, get on the boat now before it's too late type of drivel. Fortunately not all of us have been bra
  6. Trouble is property guru, the crash is already happening. I went to check out 3 Newbuild houses today that have just been put on the market,they have been listed at over 10% less than what they sold NEW for about 18 months(checked with nethouseprice.com) ago and guess what NO UPWARD CHAIN. All 3 of 'em in a row!!!! So I don't think that it's the STR's or FTB's have got 'jelly legs' but some of the forced BTLers of recent years must be changing their underpants rather more frequently these days This was confirmed later when I was talking to my Bank Investment Manager, I asked him about the
  7. Just noticed this on the Webchat website :- Homeowners. Need to liven up your living environment or urgently need to create more space? But there’s no room to extend up or out and you can’t afford to move? Help is at hand. Innovative new opportunities are now really starting to emerge. Creative householders are finding ways to build large living areas, playrooms, dens, studies and even bars, gyms and saunas. One of these ways is by transforming garden sheds into new living spaces. The humble shed has become the must-have accessory for the modern home, particularly as it can add anythin
  8. Couldn't agree with you more Sledgehead:this over reliance on property to hold the financial seems of this country together is both a dangerous aswell as a destructive device.Not just financially destructive- but it is also destroying the moral and inventive nature of many people. We need to get back to respecting the Sciences especially but also the Arts (otherwise we are going to end up with another 20 years of Bland Music, Bland Films and even Blander TV).
  9. Can't help but feel that there is some truth to all this; According to tonight's news,Paul Boateng has now announced that after the General Election he will be leaving his Post as Chief Secretary to the Treasury and taking up a Post as the Secretary for South Africa. I would regard Paul Boateng as one of the few Labour MP's with what could be described as a conscience, a decent man. Maybe this is his chance to get out before the 'sh*t hits the fan' and the truth eventually comes out; rather than lose face and being branded a Liar. Mr Boateng is unlike most of the other Members of the Cabin
  10. Have been reading Brainclamp's posts for what seems like an eternity regarding his theories of HPI and Immigration, (which,to be honest, simply don't stack up on the ground- you only have to look at what is a massive 'over supply' of rental properties in almost all areas now, so where's the demand????) I have a theory of my own which rather than focusing on what might happen in the future, instead concentrates on what has got us to this insane position in the first place. Combined with the effect of BTL on the entry level market, I also think that another situation has been at play and it
  11. Edward,Uri or Walter Mitty- whatever your name is- thanks for your joke posting, but resorting to this type of baseless smearing is perhaps a sign that some of the bulls are getting worried- notice how few of them have been posting recently, and when they do it is either the useless drivel that now carries no weight in the current economic climate, or , like your post above, it tries to brand us as desperadoes waiting for a miracle to happen ??? The fact is that even though the site is called housepricecrash, none of us are so deluded to think that prices are going to fall by 30% overnight.
  12. Keefter- Your Original Post and your subsequent replies have done nothing else but convince me that you are just a ''wind-up merchant'' and I don't really see the point in trying to reason with you. So instead, on this Tuesday afternoon, let's just reminisce in that other argument sketch from our Old Favourite's- Monty Python- at least that's funny!!!!! Title: Argument Sketch From: Monty Python's Flying Circus Transcribed By: unknown A man walks into an office. Man: Good morning, I'd like to have an argument, please. Receptionist: Certainly, sir. Have you been here
  13. patprimer 74 and Casual Observer- I think that you can only address half of the problem with a stance like yours. here are the facts:- 1) While not denying that immigrants contribute a great amount to the UK GDP, it is the sheer scale of numbers that has been used by this Government to keep the inflation figures below 2%, it is this in turn which has kept Interest Rates Low and which has fuelled the unrealistic Boom in House Prices. 2) Already , because of the New Labour intentions of attempting to harness and reduce Low skilled immigration, several key economistsare already warning that thi
  14. Brainclamp- Enough already!!!- Thanks for your insight into your theories on immigration and House Price increases- but I think that I, among many, are getting a little tired of you keep posting things on your own thread just so that everyone keeps seeing it at the top of the list- I am all for Free Speech, and I respect your oppinion aswell as anyone else's- But I think that we have had this one rammed down our throats enough!!!! Give it up Man!!!
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