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  1. In my search area, around 5 mile radius Guildford there has been a large number of good, solid properties put on the market since mid December. They are around £350k to £800k price ranges, mostly needing renovation. Some look like an elderly person went to the shop one day (about 10 years ago) and never went home again, others are empty or are partially furnished and are chain free. There have been very few of these sorts of properties on the market since around 2007/2010 and there has been upwards of 50 appearing in a short space of time. Looks like someone's off loading in the area, maybe a bank or equity release company or even the council possibly?? In any case it's highly unusual. Have you seen any sign of this around the Farnham area?
  2. Some info on the benefit cap mentioned half way down page. http://www.24housing.co.uk/news/committee-launches-double-benefits-inquiry/
  3. + 1. Currently relatively asset rich (because of huge hpi round my way) and cash poor. I've got four years till retirement age so it would give me the option of living elsewhere in the country and having a pile of cash to see me out. But I'd rather a large correction in the market so my son and his friends can afford to buy, settle down and get on with their lives. I'm also concerned that by the time they reach retirement age there will be a very high cost in housing and other benefits that will need to be paid by their children (assuming the welfare state survives that long). I can see real trouble ahead.
  4. Blimey, that's enough to make anyone out themselves. Ex-council property too by the look of it. Welcome btw.
  5. Me too. Quality of Life should come into all Parliaments decision making. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/dec/01/bhutan-wealth-happiness-counts
  6. Hi mathschoc, hopefully Guildford will follow suit. My son is hoping to buy if prices come down a bit. The prices really are shocking. I originally come from Woking so look at that area sometimes. I've just seen a 3 bed terrace on Barnsbury Estate sold at 400k plus
  7. Mark Carney could quit his Bank of England role within DAYS after his 'Project Fear' predictions were repeatedly proven wrong http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3884860/Mark-Carney-quit-Bank-England-Governor-DAYS.html
  8. Ok, I've tried that Satch but it makes no difference Apologies GreenDevil for going off your topic but I need some help here.
  9. The only good news I have is that I've finally been able to access the House Prices and the Economy forum, but the bad news is that I can't access any other including Off-Topic :angry:
  10. You local Council should have a register of interested parties for plots of land that they should be releasing sometime to self-builders. It's a scheme that was mooted some years ago but the Councils are apparently still waiting for proper 'guidance' from the Government. My local Council say they are expecting some progress with the scheme later on this year. Might be worth you enquiring about it.
  11. My son recently phoned around to see how much of a mortgage he could get. As he's self employed and his 2014/15 profit was lowish due to changing the direction of the business he was only offered 60k mortgage. As it happens that would be enough as he's got a huge deposit but he phoned a mortgage broker to see if he could achieve more and the broker suggested going the BTL route. Not sure of the costs of doing it this way, nor how it's structured but yes, I guess it's possible seeing as the broker suggested it.
  12. I get to state pension age in 4 years and was fully aware that pensions would take a hit and I would be poorer in retirement if we left, I voted out.
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