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  1. Just because you don’t like what someone is saying, it doesn’t make it wrong. Personally, I like opposing opinions on forums like this. I think it creates interesting debate.
  2. Yeah west misds here - they just don't stop rising and selling
  3. Thank you so much for this! A fear it is going the wrong way though :-( Prices going up and time to sell getting shorter?
  4. Oh my god they really have! They've outsourced their bank's IT to India
  5. The judge: -Lord Chief Justice Lord ThomasRoger John Laugharne Thomas, Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd (that's Welsh)Thomas is one of the Founding Members of the European Law Institute - The European Law Institute (ELI) is an independent non-profit organisation established to initiate, conduct and facilitate research, make recommendations and provide practical guidance in the field of European legal development with a goal of enhancing the European legal integration ---- works for EU. Makes sense
  6. Installed it - very interesting for the Birmingham area! Lots of reductions of between 5-10k and a few around the 20k (my price bracket is approx 200k)
  7. Ah ok, I'll install Firefox and property bee and take a look! i take it, it's not available for iphone?
  8. Where is the option to see those history of asking prices on Rightmove? id love to check that for my area!
  9. Oh god they are the worst! Used to work with a team leader for a small dev team - if he didn't come up with the idea for the code or it was code from before his time it was automatically 'rubbish' and written by idiots. He's since moved on to another company to manage an even bigger team of 12 devs. God help them!
  10. Ok, going to sit on cash because I need to buy in next 6 months
  11. Great advice, thanks everyone. Seems to me they're not going to stop QE and that interest rates aren't going to rise
  12. I wish I had a crystal ball because everything has seemed so obvious in hindsight
  13. Gold, shares, bonds, where do I go? Or do I stay in cash?
  14. Yeah house prices keep rising while I'm saving and definitely don't want to use it on a car or tv and now this. A falling pound!
  15. For years now I've been saving and saving and saving for a house - all cash. Now all I see is the plummeting pound! Looking for advice, do I hold on and keep saving in cash until I can buy my house or what? What is the alternative? I'm so confused
  16. Good point! This makes absolutely no sense - how can they afford these bonuses?
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