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  1. I think you misunderstand ISIL's reference to Rome - many of Islams religious wrightings was written at a time of war and opposition by the warrior prophet's followers to the Eastern Roman Empire ( and the Sassanid Persian Empire) - with its capital at Constantinople - in the 7th century which had survived he collapse of the western half of the empire 2 centuries earlier, but the remaining half was still known as Rome. These fundamentalists are quite literally literalists. More properly Rome as mentioned in the Koran and the Hadiths, if you were to make an interpretation it could stand in as a metaphor for the West and Christianity. Yet stupidly, even ISIL fundamentalists thinks it actually means the city of Rome - which was not much more than a village in a post apocalyptic ruined city in the 630s AD, when their religion was created.
  2. He has played a blinder in many ways, putting the Greeks in a strong position to negotiate, they had to demonstrate that the people felt they had nothing to lose. But he has upset his other members of the Eurogroup, they don't want to deal with him. Someone else now with this strong hand might get a better deal. I doubt we have seen the last of him.
  3. Dumb, only a super over heated economy would produce such frivolities.
  4. Bad timing, website businesses grounded in services are rarely profitable, and this one is founded in a property boom in London.
  5. When Jon Hunt sold Foxtons to some gulible venture capitalists in April 2007, I took it as a sign and I put my flat on the market. Best desicion I ever made. Should we take this as a sign.?
  6. Last year my company moved our money purchase scheme to Aegon , but since June the date the money has been received by Aegon then subsequently allocated to units seems to have slipped by a month. For example Monies received on the 26th June 2013 were allocated on the 28th June. - this two/four day difference persisted through to October. Then monies received on the 28th November were not allocated to the 17th December. By February - the 26th deposit was not allocated to the 24th March. And the 26th of March deposit has yet to be allocated. I have sent them a message querying this - but I feel this is one of the usual legitimate scams my which Pension companies diddle their customers. Any views on this?
  7. I think that is an excellent observation. Comparing the relative advantages of SMI (made out as a loan or otherwise) over those on housing benefit, essentially are modifications to an existing system of super expensive land tenure supported by excess debt based money creation. The whole system needs radical overhaul.
  8. Yesterday I found out that my niece has racked up over £3000 on a single payday loan of about £600. ( I am not sure of the details). She is about 25 lives with her mum and dad in a two bed flat. She has a job in retail (which she works hard at) that pays minimum wage, She and her boyfriend have no hope of ever getting their own home though they have looked about for a rental they can afford. She is rather naive, but not stupid; she wanted the money to go on holiday with her boyfriend. I guess she wanted to have other things she sees others having, and loan ads are all over th TV and internet making it seem easy to get cash. Her parents are decent hardworking people, but they themselves run into hard times over the past few years, her dad having lost his job several times working in the building industry and is now earning less than he was 5 years ago. And have themselves stuggled to pay the mortgage on their tiny home - they are not spendthrifts. I have loaned their dad money before for a new ' second hand van' which was payed back which we never talk about. Her mum called up my partner in tears when she found out, the daughter kept quiet about the debts through shame, and was distraught when she told her mum, which in turn had my partner in tears. It was an awful end to an awful day.
  9. I found this to be very interesting, because I live in SE London, It is evident to me that there has been huge social change particular with regard to architecture and homes over the entire area since the 1960s. And there has been a number of recent programmes about the changes and clearences..But what is most interesting is that in all of the archive material, is that most local people were against the enforced changes at the times in the 1960s an 70s. And these sort of things took place everywhere from London to Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and Newport. Posh people dictating how ordinary people live their lives, even when they had bought their own homes --- amazing!
  10. I had a good listen to that - Steve Keens solutions I think are theoretically viable, but some how not realisable in the real world due to the inate crapness of people to follow through on a plan correctly. But I loved what he said about Bernanke- very disparaging - and his prediction for a UK credit crunch in the next 12 months.
  11. Whilst revising for my finals - I came across this line from Thucydides. "In fact, like all democracies, Once they were terrified, they were ready to put things in order" Following the total rout of the Sicilian expedition in 414 BC and decades of war the Athenians were completely vunerable and their empire effectively bust. They were in a complete panic and the people were blaming the speakers of the assembly that they did not even vote for the campaign (they did). The Athenians voted to dispense with the tribute system, and replace it with a universal port tax expected to raise much more cash accross their empire - but it required currency union to make it work - which they then enforced. Ultimately it did not work as they lost against Sparta and her allies , but they could have won on a number of occasions. There are a number of parallels in general terms to our present predicament. And I find delicious irony in the fact the country at the epicentre happens to be Greece. The Athenians had a defacto enforced polical union with their allies before 414 which was a fiction of independent states contributing to a mutual alliance - the full centralised currency union was in some ways a recognition of the fact it was an empire. So how terrified are our leaders yet? Terrified enough to something let alone the right thing - either full currency union or break up of the union? Or are they too protected from the potential fall out that they do not give a sh1t?
  12. True - she is not going to win - but it is nice to hear a prospective candidate speaking sense. I am going to vote for that alone.
  13. This is the most sensible housing policy I have seen of any candidate for London Mayor Create housing and make better use of space The London housing market is distorted by demand internationally and from across the UK. Already people are spending half their income on housing and, unless something is done now, within a generation few Londoners will be able to afford to live in the city of their birth. As Mayor I will institute a radical plan to reset London's housing market and end the era of slavery to extortionate rents and mortgage payments. My administration will use GLA owned land to create a fixed price housing market, harnessing private capital to deliver at least 20,000 £100,000-£150,000 homes to market each year. These homes will be in a regulated secondary market with nominal appreciation each year and in the event of sale would remain in the regulated market. Rents will be set at a fair proportion of the regulated value. This will open the possibility of home ownership in London to people on the average wage. Housing Benefit claims in these homes would be slashed. I will use the new housing powers of the Mayor to target unused and derelict buildings for new housing and to help owners of empty homes to bring them back into use. My mayoralty will see the introduction of a private rented sector property MOT to prevent landlords profiteering from tenants without providing a proper service. As an independent Mayor I can work more effectively with Councils to offer space in underused public buildings to charities and other public-benefit organisations.
  14. I live very near Tulse Hill - it is not a smart area. It is mixed property with a lot of council and some streets were once posh. Like a lot of South London it is very mixed socially and ethnically. But it is zone 3 within easy distance of central london.Three bed houses are a good 400 to 500k. I thought the no working class prohibition particularly odd.
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