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  1. It would be interesting to find out peoples opinions on how far the average house price will fall, when will it be reached and why? Is it possible to set up a poll?
  2. I'm not upset just surprised at how detached from reality some people are, including some estate agents. Of course these will be revealed over the coming months and years as buyers wise up to the stacked up pack of cards that the housing market is.
  3. Don't know the rate per sq foot but Up My Street record average price changes over the same period for a terraced house in the immediate vacinity to have changed from about £650k to £790k! So a 21.5% rise over 2 1/2 years, which sounds about right for this area. I'll sweep their cobbled street if they get anywhere near their asking price! By my calculations the maximum they should achieve is £950k, which includes a bit of good will!
  4. This absolutely stunning mews coach house is a couple of houses down from no.20 I was knocked down and completely rebuilt to a very high standard in 2004. It has been on the market for over a year now and the vendors have dropped the asking price by £200k to £1m, still no takers. Oh and it has a garage! The Coach House, 28 Rochester Mews
  5. No wonder we have a house price bubble! This house was sold on the 22nd July 2005 for £700k after being on the market for a year and being reduced by £50k. It's had virtually no renovation work carried out on it, or been extended or improved in any way. July 2005: 20 Rochester Mews,Camden, London, NW1 The present owners have now put it back on the market for a staggering £1.4 million! Feb 2008: 20 Rochester Mews, Camden, London, NW1 This property has no garden, no off street or on street parking(yellow lines) and the 'private patio' is overlooked by the neighbouring block of flats(5m away
  6. Who'da thought Shakespear woulda been a poet and a property guru! Got any other Headliners for Monday's papers?
  7. More importantly it was all over the bill boards, so even if people didn't buy the standard they would still have seen the headline! Many Millions of commuters.
  8. I'm led to believe many of the house builders and contractors are desperately trying to reduce their exposure to the forthcoming correction. Some are trying to focus on regeneration projects, whilst many are reducing the volume of house building (probably in an attempt to reduce supply and keep prices artificially high). IMHO supply wasn't really the issue as demand was skewed through various BTL schemes thought up by the builders themselves. I think most of larger companies would survive any downturn as there core business is always relatively small, it's the poor contractors and subbies that
  9. and let's not forget poor old Erinaceous, the one stop property shop down 96% YOY. Now that's gonna hurt!
  10. The energy rating is a big big government con! They signed up to a European Agreement to provide emissions data for all UK property and are getting Joe Public to pay for it! It's the Truuf!
  11. I've been watching the share price of house builders and construction related stocks over the last year or so and have noticed that in general Real Estate shares have fallen by over 30% YOY (Link) with some individual companies falling by more than 50% (Barratt). I don't recall seeing sustained falls like this since the last property crash which leads me to believe that the city and institutional investors are pricing in massive falls. There are two scenarios that jump out at me; 1. they are right and we will see a significant correction/crash in property/land values or 2. they are being over
  12. Talk about being biased! No wonder we're up to our necks in poopoo! link: Hot Property
  13. Real effects of self cert mortgages. BBC Radio - File on 4
  14. I tried to withdraw some cash this morning in central London, and I too tried at least 4 different cash point machines to no avail. Then I realised I was using my student ID card instead of my bank card, Doh! As I had a most excellent evening the night before, I quickly saw the funny side of it.
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