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  1. R-Bear: I just want to thank you for the great work you do for this site in finding relevant articles. I always look forward to your posts!
  2. The ads that appear in the forum posts are beyond annoying. They're insulting. Like Marina, I'm thinking of leaving this site. There are other forums out there, and if enough people gravitate to another one, this one will lose its draw. I can't say this strongly enough: Remove those internal ads.
  3. Let me get this straight: You make 160K a year. You've just bought a house for 416K and say you don't care if it falls to 340K. And you have had this sudden urge to tell us all about it. Hmmm... I don't believe any of it.
  4. These are extremely, extremely annoying. Where's a response from our Webmaster?
  5. Torch My Ride: Arson for Hire http://www.edmunds.com/advice/specialrepor...84/article.html
  6. The U.S. press is publishing lots of articles now about debt, the housing bubble, foreclosures, etc. I sense a great unease. Yesterday, the entire (well, almost) NYTimes Sunday Magazine was devoted to debt and the economy. (There's even an article for you internet gamblers.) Link to all the articles: http://www.nytimes.com/pages/magazine/index.html You can start with "Reasons to Worry" by Niall Ferguson Why you could be excused for feeling a little uneasy about the collapse in household savings, the rise in home-mortgage debt, a large and growing trade deficit and the fact that Asian countries hold so many U.S. treasuries. Also, I stumbled across this article (http://www.startribune.com/535/story/482605.html) from the American Midwest (Minnesota) about the rise in home foreclosures. This is not an area of the Midwest that's in economic trouble (like, say, Detroit). Nor is it one of the U.S. housing "bubble spots," such as Florida, Boston, or California. If foreclosures are on the rise in Minnesota, the entire country is in trouble. Tough times are ahead, particularly in the U.S. where we now have (thanks to the Bush administration) draconian bankruptcy laws. Many people are going to be in serious financial trouble.
  7. Here's another recent article on this gloomy topic. Generation X's Debt Headache By Laura Barcella, AlterNet. Posted May 31, 2006.
  8. Student loans - a life sentence Forget about getting married and buying a home. This generation is thinking about next month's payment. By Christian Zappone, CNNMoney.com staff writer May 2, 2006: 11:43 AM EDT ----------------------------------
  9. Why is the Monkey back at all? He was one of the most vocal bears here for a long time. I thought he finally decided he couldn't hold out any longer and bought a house. So why is he back baiting bears? Why isn't he just happy with jumping onto the ladder with all the others? The only reason I can think for him bothering to come back to this site is because he's uncomfortable with his decision to buy. Those mortgage payments must be getting to him.
  10. I've been busy today, but just noticed that the pound has dropped to $1.85. What economic news has triggered this dip? I can't seem to find anything specific. Blair's support of Bush?
  11. My apologies if this has already been discussed. America’s love affair with “irrational exuberance” By Ben Tanosborn May 24, 2006
  12. I have a friend who bought a condo in New York in the early 90s, when prices were suppressed. She sold it last fall for a huge profit and is now renting. Her realtor has told her that the NYC market has since stalled. My friend timed it perfectly. She thanks me. She was in a bit of financial trouble, and I "ran the numbers" for her to show her that she'd be better off renting than owning--at least until the market cools back down. People who think that prices will never fall in their city, neighborhood, etc., are in real denial.
  13. I would never take out a loan of any kind that had prepayment penalties. I think such penalities are outrageous. :angry: But that's just me.
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