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  1. I think they were sucked into a " lifestyle"; Nice house, 3 children, 20 million foreign holidays to the far east and the Caribbean and a 4 x 4 to show wealth.......................Living the dream and facing reality are two separate entities. Feeling rich is one thing, but poverty knocks around the corner. I am sad for their predicament, as their dreams are but numbers on a computer registered as debt ..
  2. Would you like some lime pickle to go with that big chapatti that seems to be on your shoulder?
  3. I guess you have just made the argument as to why we really are done for in this country.A breeding cesspit of people like yourself who actually believe that you are educated,smart,intelligent and funny.... The "poppadum" man makes up over 1/3rd of all IT workforce in the USA.What do you produce in the UK and export in order to justify your self worth?
  4. Dear People The Thick truckers are able to dictate because they are at the end of a production line that requires them to press the red button( monkey like).They will soon lose out when contracts for deliveries are given to other providers. By the way, the driver's increased wages will be paid for by our hard labour and through the consequential profits made by Shell due to our higher payments. Is anyone out there really prepared to subsidise overpaid delivery men by spending less on their own families? We in the UK are Bankrupt, and as such the CEO (GB) will soon act as a desperate man and we will all suffer, so don't for one minute think like a socialist idealist and think that you are safe.........
  5. I guess your ideals only allow the working class to whinge?
  6. Exactly! The Wilsons are at the top and the bottom of their own pyramid. There will be margin calls for the top end properties, and in order to satisfy these they will have to sell from the bottom, and first bought primary properties, which would allow them to sell at reduced prices for a quick sale. The scenario is set for their portfolio to be erroded of AAA properties, which have the highest equity, until a mid point is reached when the lender will not be able to extract any more monies. At this stage the lenders will then take over the portfolio and either sit out the slide (as they can), or sell at a market trickle with smaller losses.
  7. Usually, chips and shoulders are a dead give-away....
  8. Nothing to do with financial stress within the marriage. I would suggest that the spouse's claim to half of the wealth, saves half the wealth from other creditors, who otherwise may wipe out the couple and their family completely. Better to secure some wealth, than to lose it all, since re-marriage or co-habiting is always a possibility afterwards.
  9. True,and I really feel for a lost young generation, but sheep are not nasty, and nor do they like to eat flesh, bulls do not like flesh.Bears characteristics are defined by a sub species of brown or black.I understand, and you understand, but some do not, and they seem very dangerous and will always surface when a conflict looms. This conflict is looming and I do not want the 'chimps' on my side.....
  10. All I can see is that half the people on this thread are tertiary throwbacks from an age when the great apes were kings. Mimicking in a such a way, with little compassion, reminds me of a group of chimps hunting a monkey in a tree, or truth be known, their very own kind that simply happened to belong to another group. I pity those here who really have not thought through the true consequences of this crisis.Just wait and see if the economy in the near future, allows some posters to roam free spouting such venom and bile at a person in distress. If your desire is to be in the group of chimps, then I am quite certain that most will be in a worse position then they find themselves in today.....
  11. Finally, you have come to the conclusion of your own argument, such that employee and employer work together in a balanced equation i.e., when the company becomes unproductive or unviable or losses business then the employee losses his value...
  12. I guess us all in one way or another work for UK Plc. I feel very few people will escape the downturn in the pyramid that begins from building, and which creates the cash flow for most of us to function either through providing goods or services. The cascade will be so powerful and strong that it will rip through even the strongest of professions. I do not classify politics as a profession, thus, the mongrels of this creation will always survive. The one group that absolutely has no right to.....
  13. It's the blame culture. Deeply ingrained and destructive in public organisations, and sadly here to stay in the private sector.
  14. Thank you captain, I shall remember your lesson. Is it not the banks that lend to the PE pirates?.KKR and Alliance Boots come to mind, and is it not the banks that take home the interest on such loans rather than the chancellor, in the form of tax? I was also thinking of the ' loan notes' that effectively forced the small, and existing shareholders to lend to the PE pirates in order to buy them out.Strange paradox, in so far as feeding the wolf that wishes to eat you.As an act of rebellion, perhaps, if all the loan note holders wished to cash in their entitlement at the same time, then KKR might struggle to finance such a move and hopefully become dead in the water.Maybe, the small man does have the power to control.Just a thought.
  15. Good point.Seems like a transfer of tax revenue from the government to the banking pirates.
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